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  1. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    @satkaz @Tesoe I've been mulling over how to handle Newtype Shenanigans and their generic brand psychic nonsense equivalents, and I haven't decided on anything solid. But for Funnels, maybe their use is maneuver? Representing how quickly they move and fire? This may very well end up costing the pilot Strain, but since they're psychic in the first place they'd better have a good Strain Threshold. . . . . perhaps the attack rolls would use Discipline? @Fumblemunky I am digging this stuff. The first ruling I like straight out of the gate, no questions asked. I think I was mentally house-ruling things the same way without realizing it. The hex stuff is nice and crunchy, and while you're right that the level of detail won't work for everyone, it all looks very serviceable. I think people looking for a less abstract, more tactical style would find it very useful. I also really like the Sidearm quality. While I like what I did with the Ogo's Load-Outs, the cases where their weapon gets destroyed have been bugging me lately, and this provides an alternative. Plus, more 1 HP weapons are very good. On passing glance the weapons themselves look good. I'll need to throw them up next to the existing weapons to see how everything compares to see if the math works, but nothing jumps out as problematic. One thought: the Ogo Cannon. With the Ogo Bazooka already in the mix, do you think the Cannon might be better as a shoulder-mounted, Built-In weapon? A weaker version of the CHM-03 Peren's big gun, maybe?
  2. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    First, thanks for your kind words! Really glad you've enjoyed the System Hack so far. Now on to the questions! 1) Oooo, this is a really good question, and well-timed because I've actually been mulling over movement myself for a little while now. First, you can definitely treat the mecha like a person and have movement be abstract, there's nothing wrong with that. But if you've got the continuous movement in play, I think the most important thing is the change they made to the Accelerate/Decelerate Maneuvers: you can adjust your Speed as much as you want, you just take System Strain equal to the change minus 1. This is why the CHX-05 Ardent got the Scramjet Boosters that lets it Accelerate/Decelerate without taking S.Strain, meaning it can go from Speed 0 to Speed 6 without cost. Picture, if you will, a Bombardier Ogo racing through a city at Speed 3. About to reach a T-intersection, the mecha skids to a stop, chunks of the street being torn up and sent flying into the building the Ogo would have slammed into if it hadn't stopped, its legs groaning from the abuse (the pilot used the Decelerate maneuver, dropping Speed to 0 to bring his machine to a halt in the intersection, and the Ogo suffers 2 System Strain). Target sighted down one branch of the intersection, the pilot aims and fires their Ogo Bazooka! Since Accelerate and Decelerate are capable of much greater adjustments, I think keeping the vehicle movement rules as written could be useful to create some really dynamic action. 2) We're making a general push to put out more stuff for CHG's Patreon in general, so you're in luck: aside from the CHM-01A Aqua Ogo, which is now available for all to see, we just posted a Nemesis-grade Adversary and their custom machine: the ace known as Sablestar, and the CHM-02C Custom Dacar! Genesys Mecha patron bonuses will either be like the Aqua Ogo, where the patrons get to see them at least a week before everyone else, or permanently exclusive like Sablestar. I really want to do more of them, too, both to thank everyone who has been generous enough to support us and bring more people into the fold. Plus they're fun. 3) This is why, for most things, I'm creating hard point costs for every item created as they go into the Genesys Mecha Armory. My basic metric is that one-handed weapons usually cost a single hard point, two handed ones cost two, and most weapons and gear with the Built-In trait (which can't be dropped and don't require a free hand(s) to use) cost two hard points as well. One point of potential tweaking is how many hard points a mecha actually has. Most Genesys Mecha machines have 5 at the moment, but that may be low. There's also the idea, raised earlier in this thread, of using a variation on the encumbrance rules instead of hard points for things like handheld weaponry. After the Support Craft and Ships article in August, September is probably going to focus on Alternate Rules, and something to that tune may show up then. Other things to tweak via gear: I don't have prices, nor rarities, and at some point I'd like to add that in. Weapons and gear also don't have hard points of their own, and honestly that at least will probably remain the case.
  3. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    Energy weapons, Breach-proof armor, and experimental tech: the Super Prototypes have arrived! I’ve felt pretty sure about the CHM Models, but the CHX-01 Paladin, CHX-02 Warlord, CHX-03 Avenger, CHX-04 Ardent, CHX-05 Warden, and CHX-06 Seeker all push things a bit, so i’m eager to hear what people think. Too much? Not enough? Areas to improve? At the bottom of the article you can find a link to the CHM-01A Aqua Ogo, originally given an early release for our Patrons. Thanks for reading!
  4. Cannibal Halfling

    Less iconic Imperial starfighters

    There's the A-7 Hunter Interceptor, which you can find stats for in Dangerous Covenants. It was expressly beaten out by the TIEs, but remained in use with fringe and local units. If you want a picture they're visually probably a lot like the A-9 Vigilance Interceptor.
  5. Meet the Party takes a walk on the Dark Side! When I was reviewing and making characters with Dawn of Rebellion I noticed that a lot of the flavor text that you might find in a theoretical 'Imperial Sourcebook' could be found in DoR. Then Aki went and created Vena's Imperial Garrison. That sent me right back to the drawing board to create a team of the Inquisitorius, the Imperial Security Bureau, and the special agents they've recruited (willingly or otherwise) using the Dawn of Rebellion Universal Specializations. They are: Second Brother, Anx Seeker Executioner/Padawan Survivor, a broken man who finds solace in breaking others Agent Mya Fallwen, ISB-658, Human Spy Slicer/Imperial Academy Cadet, a true believer in the order and peace the Empire brings to the galaxy. Ommal Maru, Clawdite Bounter Hunter Operator/Pirate, a scoundrel with a blaster to the back of his head, looking for a way out. Snare, Mando Soldier Trailblazer/Retired Clone Trooper, an old soldier who has returned to the battlefield for a sense of belonging. So check out Meet the Party: Dawn of Empire to see what our Imperial agents can do, how well (or not) they get along, and whether or not they'll succeed for their Emperor. As always, thanks for reading!
  6. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    1) Whoo, Zoids! 2) Very, VERY interesting to see Genesys and X-Wing/Armada mechanics getting blended together. Only thing I need like a mecha RPG is a proper mecha minis game. Keep at it, and keep us updated, yeah? I agree with Tesoe, it's definitely doable. You just have to really lean on the fact that Genesys is a narrative system. Honestly, I'm reminded of something Brendan Conway said when we talked about Masks. To paraphrase, as with real robots vs. super robots, with superheroes you've got wildly different power levels - Hawkeye vs. The Hulk - where if getting hit just involved taking damage then poor Hawkeye would be a smear. But he noticed what really happens in those types of fights, most of the time, is that the 'hits' traded have an emotional impact. There's a near-miss and Hawkeye becomes Afraid, Hulk gets hit between the eyes with an exploding arrow and becomes Angry(er). Hence Masks' Conditions. Now, off the top of my head I'm not sure how I'd do something similar with Genesys (maybe the pilot's Strain Threshold becomes super important/the main target), or even if doing anything mechanical along those lines would be worthwhile in the first place. But I believe it's a thought worth keeping in mind, if only to keep your eye towards the narrative instead of worrying about a Zaku getting pancaked on the TTGL's kneecap. Of course this could also depend on who the players are; you only need to think about it if they're piloting different mecha types. But if they're only piloting real robots and the bad guys have the supers, see Aldnoah Zero. If they're only piloting the supers and the bad guys (mostly) only have real, see TTGL or maybe even just Gundam Wing/00 season 1.
  7. A good while back I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Dice for Brains Season 4 pregame. GM Ross likes to run these things before every season of the podcast to randomize the setting a bit, create a few memorable NPCs to either work in the background or interact with the main PCs, and to build a few story hooks. Season 4 was a particularly heady time; the Kido Rebellion Trilogy had just ended, and nobody knew what the eventually-dubbed Worlds and Orders Trilogy would look like, aside from being more Force and Destiny. Flash forward a bit, and I started to write a bit of fiction about the crew of the Lost and Found, the band of data pirates we created during the pregame that ended up much friendlier than we expected. Just like the crew surprised all of us (and the main characters of Season 4), the story got away from me a bit. Originally it was going to be a gift that Dice for Brains could put on their Patreon. Instead it ended up as a five-part Table Fiction for Cannibal Halfling Gaming. Of course I wouldn't post about it here if it was just the story. Each Table Fiction entry comes with a bit of mechanical material inspired by the narrative contents, so for Lost and Found I created sheets for each member of the pregame and another one for the ship itself. For those who've dropped by CHG before, think of it as an extended Meet the Party. The story parts and their accompanying material are as follows: Part One: A former Alliance privateer down on his luck gets a job offer from a data pirate with an . . . eclectic crew. - Character Sheet: Carga Endel, Klatooinian Smuggler/Thief Part Two: Ugnaught mechanics make for curmudgeonly welcoming parties, and a thief cleans up nicely. - Character Sheet: Thraga, Ugnaught Technician/Modder Part Three: Former Rebels and Former Imperials don't always get along, but when they do they make one heck of a team. - Character Sheet: Elessa Thannick, Human Commander/Instructor Part Four: A new crewmember comes aboard via the airlock, and then jumps out the same way for a job. Space suit not required. - Character Sheet: Sil'vana "Sil" Derlek, Givin Explorer/Archaeologist Part Five: The crew notice something's up with Captain Zaja, head for Centares, and add some very special members. DfB Season 4 Spoilers within! - Vehicle Sheet: The Lost and Found, Modified Loronar E-9 Explorer First, I hope you enjoy the story! Second, I hope the characters are interesting! But most importantly, I hope you go and give Dice for Brains a listen. Not every 'cast or GM can make someone want to write a story about them, but Ross and the crew certainly managed. Thanks for reading!
  8. Cannibal Halfling

    Who exemplifies a 6 in each characteristic?

    Funny that you use Chadra Fan as an example. Few years ago, on this forum actually iirc, there was a thread on that exact topic, re: how do we explain a character whose species starts at Brawn 1 but manages to get it to 6 when you've got wookiees running around. Someone commented to the effect that, the Brawn 6 Chadra Fan? That's not simply a Chadra Fan. That's Tiki the Headripper, notorious all around the Outer Rim for, well, popping off heads like bottle caps, and even your average Wookiee has a good long think before taking on the little monster. Maybe Tiki's really buff. Maybe Tiki is just really good at applying force to the necks of sentient beings at exactly the right angle to enable headripping. Point is that the character went down a very specific path, and that probably gets noticed (and notorious). I mentioned Tiki the Headripper during Age character creation once, as an example to encourage a player who was feeling pigeonholed by starting characteristics. That's how I ended up having to build threats that could actually cause harm to and survive more than two seconds against the vibroaxe of the Chadra Fan Commando known only as The Wookiee. ANYWAYS, as a GM I've run into a handful of Characteristic 6 folk. With the exception of one Slicer and The Wookiee, the other 3-4 were all Agility addicts (some piloting in there, but mostly for the shooting). Success isn't guaranteed, but it's pretty close. Player satisfaction was . . . okay, to be honest. People tended to start to diversify after too long because being too good at their one thing started to be boring for them, changed up gear in an attempt to spice things up a bit, or shuffled the character off this mortal coil.
  9. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    Hmm, interesting. I'd have to try a couple of formulas to see what feels best, but I think you're onto something there! As to beam weapons @satkaz, @Tesoe, you've both got some solid thoughts. How common they are definitely effects things. If they're plentiful or have become the main type of weapon featured, than you don't have to design around them being 'better' or 'special'. For my hack I'm operating under the idea that energy weapons are pretty rare, which colors the design choices a fair bit. At the moment I'm thinking that they will require a machine to have a specific trait; certain mecha will have that trait built in, and others all the way down to the Ogo will be able to attain it with an attachment. I will say that the idea for something like SEED's Phase Shift armor, a la a gradually drained defense or ablative armor sort of situation, has sparked a thought or two that will probably end up incorporated in the next batch of Gundam-esque mecha.
  10. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    Alright, so Genesys Mecha has a decent spread of machines and the pilots to smash them together, but I really wanted to make that smashing part a bit more interesting. So this month we have Genesys Mecha Critical Hits! This involved splicing together the table from the Genesys Core Rulebook, the Critical Injury table, the Vehicle Critical Hits table from Age of Rebellion, and a few new things that can go wrong when someone shoots your machine with an Ogo Bazooka. I think this will make the combat more varied and interesting, but let me know what you think! As always, thanks for reading.
  11. Cannibal Halfling

    Mobile Suit Genesys

    The most obvious thing to do with Luna Titanium and its cousins is to come up with a renamed version of the Cortosis quality from Star Wars and make machines that have it immune (or at least resistant in the case of the coating) to the Breach quality. You have hit upon something with the in-universe relative invulnerability of LT to regular old machine gun fire, though, and I'm not quite sure how to muddle past that. Make Breach more common, and thus LT more dramatically useful? Give mecha with the Luna Titanium quality extra Armor against non-breach weapons? Just give them more Armor, straight up? That'll take some fiddling. I think you've definitely got the right idea with the beam weapons. High damage, high breach, low crit rating. Maybe Limited Ammo as a balancing tool?
  12. Cannibal Halfling

    Mobile Suit Genesys

    Solid stuff! The Zaku II having a different speed and handling depending on whether or not it's dirtside or in space, I like that a fair bit. Its stats overall look pretty good! Things I think could get tweaked: The non-mobile suit vehicles are a little too good compared to the Zaku, particularly with the Type 61 and its survivability. If a Zaku II pilot succeeds on an attack roll using the 120mm with a single Success against a Type 61, they'll have to do that 9 more times in order to mission-kill the tank. A Type 61 rolling the same way will knock out the Zaku in four hits. Honestly I'd just drop the 61's Armor a fair bit, and it'll probably fit what we see in the show(s) just fine. The ranges seem a little long on some of the non-Zaku weapons, but that's probably just me quibbling. Spotting the Guided property does raise another question: What are you going to do for rules pertaining to Minovsky physics? That could be some interesting stuff, right there.
  13. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    Ahhhh, sorry for the slow response! Infants, I'm telling you. This looks like solid stuff! You also really seem to be thinking about all the fiddly bits that come from different parts getting wrecked, and I'm really interested in what you can cook up with the variety (weapon/tool arms, wheeled/tracked legs, etc.). One thing that will need to be straightened out is exactly how much harder it is to target specific parts, but that's what Setback dice and upgraded difficulty is for. There might also be some room for having an attack hit a part randomly a la Dark Heresy, but that would take a tch extra bit of design effort.
  14. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    Nice! I assume Pilot [Titan] uses Agility? I think the parts-equal-the-whole design idea is perfectly viable. It's more fiddly than I wanted to do as the base design for my own mecha, but I think you're on the right track with HT/ST being determined by the body and so on. While I didn't go for it in the base I've been reading the crafting sections of Special Modifications and Fully Operational. It's not an article that's 100% going to happen, but the parts-equal-the-whole idea might show up by adapting those crafting rules for Custom Genesys Mecha Construction rules. As to your not-quite-sure bit. There might be some play with the Encumbrance rules. Perhaps instead of or in addition to Hard Point Costs weapons, armor, reloads, etc. have an Encumbrance rating? If I did something like that I'd have the mecha's Encumbrance limit be equal to its Brawn + 5, just like characters, but if your machines don't have a Brawn characteristic a common-sense limit on its own would work fine (in theory, of course).
  15. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    Good ol' FF-S3. Pretty decent baseline to use! Transforming mecha in general are definitely on the drawing board. The trick there will be to make both (or however many there are) forms viable without being redundant or one being universally better than the other. Robotech/Macross machines and many other series' transforming mechs have one form be a flight type, so that's almost certainly going to be a part of it.