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  1. Every campaign needs a place for weary adventurers to sit down for a while, enjoy a drink, and maybe find some new work, and that’s no different a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Looking for a cantina for your spacers to visit that’s not on that dust-ball called Tatooine? Need some staff and patrons to interact with? Hooks to kick off your next adventure? Then fire up your hyperdrive and make the jump: we’re heading to the Smuggler’s Moon of Nar Shaddaa to grab a drink and some work at the curiously-themed cantina known as The Astrogation Glitch! We've got a quintet of the Glitch's staff and patrons, such as: Quorsil, Givin Owner and Bartender with a fascination with hyperspace disaster art and a grudge against the Body Calculus. Thriask Fey'lya, no relation, an arms dealer who contracts work out to other crews - and secretly a Commander in Alliance SpecOps. Louye, Quarren fixer who knows people, products, and places and brings them all together in profitable ways - for a fair cut, of course. For a total of thirteen different adventure hooks and jobs between them and the cantina itself. Give this system-agnostic locale a visit, and see what job your own crew might find next. Thanks for reading!
  2. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    What Genesys Mecha has consisted of up to this point has been theorycrafting, thought processes, and building blocks. I’ve mulled over what I wanted this particular series to do, built some giant robots, designed some pilots, tweaked some rules here and there, and went back and altered things as other ideas developed. While different pieces have built off of one another, and even influenced changes in the ones that came before, they haven’t quite been properly tied together yet, until now. In this month’s System Hack for Genesys Mecha we’re talking character creation XP, starting mecha, tone, and logistics with some Campaign Setup! Thanks for reading!
  3. Cannibal Halfling

    Questions regarding Topaz Championship

    Seconding what Kanetake said, but I’ll throw another coin into the ‘be prepared for alternate player ideas’ pot. First time I ran the adventure the players, who had been very active in trying to help Hitoshi, immediately copped to the fact that he’d been skipped in the gift giving when I described the other Great Clan gifts but not his, and actually preempted the outburst. Togashi kept Hitoshi in his seat and quiet while Doji quickly passed messages that actually got the Grey Crane to apologize for ‘getting carried away in the celebration of everyone’s success’ and accidentally offending the honored guest from the Mantis. There was a lot of glaring, but both sides remained polite, and nobody lost face. Players will be players. Let them pleasantly surprise you.
  4. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    Time to change things up a bit with some Transforming Mecha! We have: The CHM-06TF Oden, the testbed for the frame shift technology capable of shifting between a humanoid and a jet-like form. The CHM-06TT Codrus, the answer to the question "How do we get MORE strategic-range firepower than a Peren?", transforming from two-legged to tank-like tracks. The CHM-06TA Vendrick, the scourge of the seas, with a humanoid amphibious form and an aquatic mode with deadly claws and heavy torpedoes. New Mecha Traits, the first machines to use the Encumbrance rules rather than strictly hard points (which is slowly but surely spreading to the other mecha), and an interesting place between the rest of the CHM line and the CHX super prototypes. Let me know what you think, especially when it comes to both forms of each machine being useful/balanced. Thanks for reading!
  5. I ran the adventure at a con once. The players sabotaged the shuttle but spent a triumph so that they (and only they) could restart it. That escaping AT-ST didn’t get far. ANYWAYS, you could improve the difficulty quite a bit by giving the players back a lot of the starting work. The module as written starts after they’ve gotten on-world, hiked through the jungle, and cut the com line without getting caught. Rewind it so the players actually have to figure out how to do all those things, and you’ve made it more complicated before they even step into the hangar.
  6. Trying something a little different this time: rather than a wandering group of samurai, our ready-to-play characters have received an invitation to the Winter Court! There'll be intrigues and challenges aplenty, so who are our guests? Soshi Nao, an Illusionist of the Scorpion Clan collecting secrets and telling truths, longing for honest connections. Ikoma Soh, a mute Bard of the Lion Clan tasked with (ahem) lionizing his Clan and working to do so with true stories. Kakita Mariko, a one-armed Duelist of the Crane Clan who nevertheless fights to serve her Clan, struggling to contain her own anger. Rumiko, a Wordly Rōnin formerly of the Crab Clan trying to live honorably despite her status while concealing the Taint that sent her to the roads. Shinjo Bataar, an Outrider of the Unicorn Clan working to increase acceptance of his Clan throughout the Emerald Empire, wanting to prove the Unicorn's superiority. Give Meet the Party: L5R: Winter Court a look, and enjoy your time at the Winter Court (watch out for any assassins)! Thanks for reading!
  7. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive! Well, it's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry about that, the wee lad picked up the Crawling skill that requires me to chase him, work went crazy, and I put myself into a feedback loop because the latest System Hack required more thinking than number crunching. It's all paid off, however, because I finally got Genesys Mecha Alternate Rules out of my head and on to the screen! A lot of the stuff in this one is going to be familiar to you folks here, because this is similar to the original Design Goals article in that it's more ideas and thinking things through than crunchy mechanical bits, and a lot of those ideas got their start right here in this thread. I've pointed readers here so they can see what everyone here has cooked up yourselves, and given what is hopefully the right level of credit where it's due. Thanks to all of you, and thanks for reading, and look forward to a return to schedule with some Transforming Mecha next month.
  8. Cannibal Halfling

    Meet the Party: Mahō Hunters

    That’s awesome! Hope they serve you well. Glad to hear it! I think a certain amount of planing does have to go in to how multi-clan parties get together and interact, especially if they’re from clans with historical .... conflicts. You can slap the Emerald Magistrate title on everyone and call it a day, which is perfectly fine, but if that’s not what you want to do you need to think about it a bit.
  9. Cannibal Halfling

    Clan Choices at Winter Court 2018

    Well I’M not going to be the one to call him out on it. Not being crushed like a bug is an ideal state imo.
  10. The chance of me not trying my hand at making L5R characters for a Meet the Party was basically zero. For MtP's L5R debut we've got a band of samurai who, one way or another, have come together to hunt Mahō-tsukai, kansen, Shadowlands beasts, and anything else of Jigoku! Kuni Otoya, a Purifier of the Crab Clan hunting Mahō-tsukai and looking to force the other Great Clans to respect the sacrifices made by his. Kaito Jorihime, a Shrine Keeper of the Phoenix Clan protecting her charges and looking to overcome the criticism of her resentful father. Yogo Chen, a Wardmaster of the Scorpion Clan keeping dark artifacts from use and scoffing at the curse of his family. Kitsuki Geriel, an Investigator of the Dragon Clan working to keep the Empire's peace and bring her clan out of isolation. Kasuga Rikyu, a Smuggler of the Tortoise Clan tasked to track dark artifacts on the black market, yearning for the respect of others. Give Meet the Party: L5R: Mahō Hunters a read! Maybe they can find a home at your table, hopefully they at least plant a few useful ideas/morsels of inspiration. Thanks for reading!
  11. The Beta Adventure has the PCs as junior EMs, so that would work out nicely enough as a follow up.
  12. Ran the Beginner Game with seven people and got through with the one set just fine (there was one explosion chain that used all ten dice), so I’d say you could comfortably max out at two sets just to be able to share more easily.
  13. Cannibal Halfling

    You Know You're Playing Age Of Rebellion When...

    . . . when your squad has a bucket list of Imperial rank tabs they're trying to collect via kidnapping/capturing their owners, and everyone is miffed that they've got an Admiral and a Rear Admiral but not a Vice Admiral. Yet. . . . your droid's default solution to literally every problem, encounter, and passing conversation is 'flame projector', and you have to keep ordering him to not burn everyone you run into on stealth/undercover missions. . . . your sharpshooter's relationship with his heavy blaster rifle is more devoted than most marriages, to the point that he gets irritated if you accuse him of cheating on 'Zippy' when he has to use the ship's cannons. . . . your Bothan quartermaster's only skill in social situations involves lying, and instead of checking into hotels he just lands himself in prison on every planet the squad visits. . . . you use your squad's force sensitives as canaries when around force-y nonsense. If they're ever not nervous/terrified of the guy in the dark cloak who's talking about unlimited power, you scream for the non-sensitives to open fire and light the place up like a Nar Shaddaa nightclub. . . . your pilot's callsign is 'Naptime' because he Hotshot'd himself into passing out via Strain mid-flight, forcing you to run through the ship to reach the cockpit to regain control before you all crash and die.
  14. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    Get the mecha to the catapult system, seal all the bulkheads, and charge up the energy cannons: it's time to launch the Genesys Mecha Support Craft and Ships! We've got flight systems for atmosphere and space, and a patrol craft, cruiser, and assault carrier to fight in your fleets and carry your mecha into battle (or get hunted by your mecha, if on the other side). As part of the package there's a new use for Despair, some new Traits for large ships, and even a new Talent for your ship gunners! In addition, at the end of the article there's a link to something our Patrons got a peek at earlier this week: Anti-Mecha Infantry, Tanks, and Fighter Craft! I tried to balance things so that the ships would be useful, yet still have trouble dealing with a mecha attack run. Let me know what you think, and as always thanks for reading! P.S. @Tesoe I like your funnel/bit ideas! I think I'd use Willpower for the psychic side of things, but that's just my personal preference. I really like them giving a single mecha access to the Barrage actions. @Fumblemunky More really cool weapons and gear. And thanks for your help so far with the Genesys Mecha Armory! Really good work there.
  15. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    @satkaz @Tesoe I've been mulling over how to handle Newtype Shenanigans and their generic brand psychic nonsense equivalents, and I haven't decided on anything solid. But for Funnels, maybe their use is maneuver? Representing how quickly they move and fire? This may very well end up costing the pilot Strain, but since they're psychic in the first place they'd better have a good Strain Threshold. . . . . perhaps the attack rolls would use Discipline? @Fumblemunky I am digging this stuff. The first ruling I like straight out of the gate, no questions asked. I think I was mentally house-ruling things the same way without realizing it. The hex stuff is nice and crunchy, and while you're right that the level of detail won't work for everyone, it all looks very serviceable. I think people looking for a less abstract, more tactical style would find it very useful. I also really like the Sidearm quality. While I like what I did with the Ogo's Load-Outs, the cases where their weapon gets destroyed have been bugging me lately, and this provides an alternative. Plus, more 1 HP weapons are very good. On passing glance the weapons themselves look good. I'll need to throw them up next to the existing weapons to see how everything compares to see if the math works, but nothing jumps out as problematic. One thought: the Ogo Cannon. With the Ogo Bazooka already in the mix, do you think the Cannon might be better as a shoulder-mounted, Built-In weapon? A weaker version of the CHM-03 Peren's big gun, maybe?