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  1. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    Nice! I assume Pilot [Titan] uses Agility? I think the parts-equal-the-whole design idea is perfectly viable. It's more fiddly than I wanted to do as the base design for my own mecha, but I think you're on the right track with HT/ST being determined by the body and so on. While I didn't go for it in the base I've been reading the crafting sections of Special Modifications and Fully Operational. It's not an article that's 100% going to happen, but the parts-equal-the-whole idea might show up by adapting those crafting rules for Custom Genesys Mecha Construction rules. As to your not-quite-sure bit. There might be some play with the Encumbrance rules. Perhaps instead of or in addition to Hard Point Costs weapons, armor, reloads, etc. have an Encumbrance rating? If I did something like that I'd have the mecha's Encumbrance limit be equal to its Brawn + 5, just like characters, but if your machines don't have a Brawn characteristic a common-sense limit on its own would work fine (in theory, of course).
  2. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    Good ol' FF-S3. Pretty decent baseline to use! Transforming mecha in general are definitely on the drawing board. The trick there will be to make both (or however many there are) forms viable without being redundant or one being universally better than the other. Robotech/Macross machines and many other series' transforming mechs have one form be a flight type, so that's almost certainly going to be a part of it.
  3. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    An untapped market! Thanks for the idea. . . . . this is a chance to build a harpoon gun. Excellent.
  4. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    We've got pilots, we've got a basic machine they can fight one another with . . . but variety is the spice of life, and improving pilot skill is only one way to better take the fight to the enemy. So for this slightly-ahead-of-schedule System Hack for Genesys Mecha we have some Advanced Models: the general-purpose CHM-02 Dacar, the artillery-firing CHM-03 Peren, the high flying CHM-04 Capax, and the 'salvage expert' CHM-05 Verdeloth. Included is a fine and elegantly crafted link to the Genesys Mecha Armory where you can find all of the hand-held mecha weaponry and attachments created for Genesys Mecha so far. It's a relatively straightforward one, but what do we think? Solid entries? Need some tweaks? Got an idea I missed that would make for a good CHM-06?
  5. Cannibal Halfling

    A Realms of Terrinoth CHG Review

    Well after we had such a good time reviewing the core book back in December we were definitely going to give Terrinoth a look. Our Realms of Terrinoth Review by Aaron Marks takes the book chapter by chapter to examine the setting, the rules changes from character creation to gear to skills and Talents to of course the magic system, and the gazetteer of the lands of Terrinoth that includes the bestiary. Aaron wraps up by considering what Realms of Terrinoth does for Genesys as a whole, and what the future of other supplements might look like. Check it out, let us know what you think yourselves, and happy gaming!
  6. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    1) Just a few so far! Clash is a new skill to represent mecha-scale melee combat, and in this version of things uses the Brawn of the mecha as its base. In this particular article Knowledge got broadened a little bit: Knowledge (Warfare) ported over from Age of Rebellion and Knowledge (Mecha) made from scratch. 2a) Interesting idea. Probably taken care of by having players, with GM guidance, pick their 8 career skills a la Dice for Brains, but a viable alternative. I wouldn't see a problem with them getting a few extra skills, either. Genesys characters are a little light on Career Skills and free ranks compared to their Star Wars brethren, after all. 2b) Elder Scrolls hack? That I've got to check out. Ooooo, or for another example, G Gundam's mobile fighters with their 1:1 (quite skintight) control system. The giant mecha and jaeger/mobile fighter types operate on some different genre assumptions than what I've defaulted to so far with Genesys Mecha (cockpits, control sticks, decidedly 'real robot' feel, etc) but they're perfectly viable, and while they create a different 'feel' the game design implications are interesting. I've been mulling over a 'super robot' article or two down the line; this gives me a few more ideas for different 'genres' of mecha/alternate rules that could be explored.
  7. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    Alright, so we have ourselves a giant robot. Still can't have it smash another giant robot to pieces without someone to pilot the darn things. This month's System Hack is all about Archetypes and Careers, with the Archetypes based on character types common to the genre and the Careers based off of the roles they play. Along the way I explain a few design choices, mull over a different way to create Careers, tip my hat to the Genesys Talents Expanded list on this very forum, talk about the problem with Brawn when you've got giant robots on the field, and make a point to spend some time out of the cockpit. I'm curious to see what people think, particularly about the Archetypes and their Special Abilities!
  8. Meet the Party heads for the dark times to create ready-to-play characters for both use and inspiration, complete with backstories and relationships, using the new Universal Specializations from Dawn of Rebellion. We've actually got several different ideas about what to create with these options, but first up we're starting with a band of misfits brought together on the not-so-good ship Convor. Zedesk La'livo, Bothan Spy Scout/Ship Captain, an agent of the nascent Rebel Alliance gathering intel for the rebellion and picking up strays along the way. CT-2362, Patcher, Colonist Doctor/Retired Clone Trooper, a healer who has tried to atone for Order 66 on his own, now getting back into the fight. Kriel Sorotai, Togruta Smuggler Thief/Padawan Survivor, a scrappy survivor of Order 66 who has been stealing to survive while still clinging to his lightsaber. Aeshi Sekel, Human Sentintel Artisan/Imperial Academy Cadet, a former star of the Academy forced to run for her life when the Inquisitorius came for her. So give Meet the Party: Dawn of Rebellion a read, and see how our crew has come together, what they can do, and whether or not they can survive the dark times! P.S. For CHG Patrons, something a little extra: a Hired Gun Mercenary Solider/Pirate and a Bounty Hunter Assassin/Force Adherent, sometimes-allies-sometimes-rivals of the Convor crew, the Tognath Terix Brothers!
  9. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    Well, one does need to have a giant robot or two if they're going to have giant robots smashing one another to pieces. This month's System Hack presents the CHM-01 Ogo, the base line machine for my version of Mecha in Genesys, including the Load-Out system it uses. Also included in the article are some new rules, the answers to some of the questions raised in the Design Goals article, Mecha-as-Minions-and-Rivals, and some thoughts on how to deal with non-mecha vehicles in a mecha world. Let me know what you think (and keep your own Genesys Mecha ideas coming, it's really cool to see how others are doing it)!
  10. Cannibal Halfling

    [SPOILERS]: Star Wars: Rebels - Thoughts?

    I'm all for strange new mystical examples of the Force, so the world between worlds was right up my alley. Watching the crew talking about it on Rebels Recon, it's also interesting how previous adventures in the Lothal temple were an extension of or an off-shoot of the power there. Folks who don't like it, I can get that, but I really don't get the fear some people have that time travel and teleportation are somehow going to run rampant and rip the Star Wars universe apart. Aside from the powers that be keeping a handle on things, it's not easy to access in the first place and it's been taken out of play anyways. I do think that it's probably huge fan fic fodder, though. I'm sure lots of folks will grab ahold of the wbw and run with it.
  11. Cannibal Halfling

    Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    After reviewing the book chapter by chapter . . . I'd say they've definitely succeeded at creating a book usable by all three game lines, and if this was the thing they needed to prop open the door for future Era Sourcebooks then we're definitely going to see more of them. I'd consider the best part to be the Universal Specializations, though, in no small part because they really are universal. While they're pretty iconic of the era, they'll also work just fine elsewhere (granted the Retired Clone Trooper might need a hoverchair at some point, but then again if Rex really did make it to Endor maybe not).
  12. Cannibal Halfling

    The Iron Blockade

    The first three seasons, the Kido Rebellion Trilogy, of Dice for Brains had the Uprising as the backdrop, and our heroes worked with the Trade Spine League at times while fighting the Imperials. At one point that gave me the idea to make a few high-level characters for the era, although they didn't have anything Uprising-specific, seeing as how there wasn't anything Uprising-specific to use. Basically, this could be really awesome, and I'll be keeping an eye on it. Honestly the story of Uprising and the Anoat Sector is really interesting (kind of obvious, given the interest in this topic), and it's kind of a shame it was caught up in a mobile game that, while fun, apparently didn't have much staying power. Hopefully we get something else that's canon for the sector/era somewhere down the line.
  13. Cannibal Halfling

    Another Eberron game

    Are you looking for ideas for a campaign, or things on the mechanical side? If you're looking for ideas I'd suggest getting yourself a copy of Seekers of the Ashen Crown from 4e, really fun adventure that should be easy to adapt. If you grab it do yourself a favor and find Backdrop: Greywall from Dragon #368. Rewrite the McGuffin-finding artifact so it takes a few days, ditch the random encounter dragon fight, and use the Backdrop to treat your players to some time in the city of 'monsters'.
  14. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    Yeah, definitely something along those lines. I can say that the Willpower one will probably include something bonus for Scathing Tirade because, let's be honest, anime mecha pilots are always yelling at one another.
  15. Cannibal Halfling

    Genesys Mecha

    Yeah, with mecha combat at the forefront of whatever campaign these things would be used in, they're going to need to be able to take more than a pair of hits before going down. I'm thinking to include the AD-1S's rules for switching out load-outs just for mid-battle changes; this ties into weapons/gear being lost/damaged getting added in to either the Critical Hit tables, narrative result uses, or both. Showboat immediately comes to mind, but that might be residual trauma from what our pilot put us through in that last Age game. But yes! Past Archetypes and Careers, pilots are going to need Talents to stick out from the crowd.