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  1. Chewbacca officer. Discard this card to pull the opposing player’s arms off, if they are ahead on victory points. 7pts
  2. I really hope the new Victory title gives the Support Team slot to the Vic, giving it several potential uses on the battlefield - at the moment is just a terrible ISD with no SAd. Adding Support Team as a title would also prevent Vic spam if it proves very popular. Options with a Support Team slot then open up to: - Engine Techs, speed 3 and better turning. Or Nav Team for better yaw on a token. An instant fix to make the Vic an effective medium size battleship. - Projection Experts, to spam shields across the rest of the fleet. Engineering Team to be even more tanky. Viable alternative to the Interdictor. - Fighter Coordination Team, to make it a better battle carrier and compete with the Quasar. Here’s hoping, would love to get my Vic on the table again!
  3. The humble TIE fighter. Only 8pts for 3 blue dice with a swarm re-roll, on a speed 4 chassis. Most cost efficient generic squad in the fighter game! If they die gloriously while defending the Star Destroyers then they have done their job. Terrible at bombing, but that’s what my TIE bombers are for. (Number 2 on the list) They need BCC for consistency.
  4. Great write up, thanks @Tokra. Sounds like some good games. I love your trick with Squall to move and attack a target in cover, then run. Never thought of that. Congratulations on the win, well deserved!
  5. Great work on your performance, and thanks for the write up. Sounds like a fun few days playing Armada!
  6. I am loving the Cymoon at the moment, after an initial preference for the Kuat. - Kuat for me is great in a first player list, and comes stapled with ECMs, ExRax, Leading Shots, Boarding Troopers and Avenger. In a large ship brawl, it cannot be beaten. It has killed an MC75 in a single shot from full health. - If you end up as second player (or hate wasting points on bidding like me) then the Cymoon is best. It has a massive threat range in front which is difficult to avoid, and the side arcs are also great for nibbling small fast ships to death. - I also feel like the Cymoon works in a cheaper build e.g. I just run mine with Thrawn, IF!, Strategic Advisor, and Quad Battery Turrets. A great sniper. Leaving more points for squadrons and other ships!
  7. Hmm, I googled this name and it doesn’t seem to be a Rebel squadron... Pro-tip: don’t google it at work.
  8. 21 Imperial players, 23 ISDs - that is a lot of big ships!
  9. What’s the faction and Admiral breakdown? Ship or squad heavy meta?
  10. Thanks for the article, and reminding us of Armada! Been so quiet on here recently... I think using the ability to combo ships AND drop a Maarek double tap (other squads are available) all with IO can be very nasty. The combo/order of defence tokens would probably change depending on your opponent’s fleet. vs. Big Heavy ships (no evades, few squads) - Redirect (drill through shields) - Brace (big hitter turn) - Contain (when shooting into the hull) vs. bomber aces (few combat ships, lots of brace squads) - Brace (on alpha strike turn, to hit harder) - Redirect (vs. ships) - Evade (as they try to escape) etc. Question - would Jan Ors’ brace be affected by Palps’ ability?
  11. I am kind of fine with the fact that Konstantine’s ability sucks. So does the character in Rebels. If I were inclined to fix it, maybe it would be better to make it work from small base ships also and/or affect squads.
  12. Is that... a Mandalorian Gauntlet fighter in the final?? Bravo, sir.
  13. Looking like a great result in the 3 rounds of Swiss final... go Truthiness! Interesting to see how you are adapting quickly to lessons learned from Swiss. I always learn more from a loss than a win.
  14. Great news. Good luck for today! Here’s hoping some Bothan spies can keep us updated with intel.
  15. Indeed - and perhaps those special rules only kick in for Epic (i.e. >400pt) play. E.g. a new range of armament on a new range ruler would be nice to represent the powerful armament and offset the lack of navigation.
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