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  1. Amazing work I wish mine looked so good. Just as an added touch you should take a black sharpie to the sides of the cardboard pieces give a really finished look to the stands.
  2. if you still need the box i still have mine minus the plastic clear inserts. i don't use it anymore you can have it.
  3. Sorry Truthiness this needs to be on page one LOL
  4. BUMP!!!! I love your post Truthiness. I laughed so hard. Still laughing.
  5. BUMP!! LOL just thought this should be on page one ALWAYS!!
  6. I was told it could make the plastic soft or damage it that was why I was worried Thanks for the tips tho
  7. I have some ships I wish to remove the paint I put on them and I am not sure how to use this I am worried that I will ruin my ships or something. I am fairly new to painting miniatures and just want to change up the scheme on a few of them. Any tips would much appreciated as I have never used it before. Thanks
  8. My brother-in-law and I play huge games 600pts to 800pts and to make it extra challenging we shuffle our ship cards and roll a 1d6 to decide how many capital ships we are going to use and then deal out that many. We sometimes go as far as separating the upgrade cards into their categories and shuffle and deal out the max each ship can take. Then just to decide on how many unique squadrons to take and how many normal squadrons to take. Makes it really interesting.
  9. I personally love this game but unfortunately the community here has not embraced it as well as I have. My brother-in-law got me into this game because he wanted more people to play it. He and friend started playing together and thought I would be nice addition since they are terrorist lovers(rebels players) and I really love the Empire. After the Sullust tournament his friend dropped the game entirely and a few that played in the tournament just stopped playing. The community is basically just me and my brother-in-law. I wish there were more people in my area.
  10. My brother in law and I are going to attempt to play this and see how it goes. I like this idea.
  11. I am currently working on a similar list and would drop Screed for Motti the extra hull will do you well. It all depends on what you are going against. I tried an all ship list against a Whale and 2 corvettes 4 Y-wing 2 A-wings and a X-wing and only managed to scrape out a win 6-4. The fighters were just picking at me the whole time and my 1 blue against them was doing very little. I ended up just running away at speed one with the vic2 and a glad but he finished off the glad on round five and by the end of round six my vic only had 2 hull left.(I hardly ever use repair anymore)
  12. I have 2 core sets of imperials a gladiator and a fighter pack(I don't have flight controllers). Having trouble beating my brother-in-law he has two core sets of rebels the whale, and two fighter packs. Any help here would be much appreciated.
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