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  1. 3x Arc 170s plus 1 jedi (51) "Wolffe" [ARC-170 Starfighter] (4) Veteran Tail Gunner Points: 55 (44) Luminara Unduli [Delta-7 Aethersprite] Points: 44 (49) "Jag" [ARC-170 Starfighter] (4) Veteran Tail Gunner Points: 53 (42) 104th Battalion Pilot [ARC-170 Starfighter] (4) Veteran Tail Gunner Points: 46 Total points: 198 Considering this for a list. Luminara as a defensive support ship will help keep the bulky arc170s alive longer. The other arc170 are relatively self sufficient, (except jag of course) but jag ability is pretty easy to pull off. If the enemy shoots another friendly, he gets free lock. Otherwise, he acts like a Biggs-like ship. I'm not super sold on the 3x veteran turret gunners, those points can be changed out for a different upgrade. 7th fleet gunner? Upgrade for luminara? I need to run the list through the different upgrades to test. Thoughts?
  2. I have a slightly different question regarding the timing on nien's ability and admiral sloan. Nien shoots and destroys a ship in arc at range 1 (opponent has sloan on table within range to trigger ability). When does the stress get applied to nien and when does the ship get removed from the table? Option 1: Sloan assign stress first before ship is removed, nien's ability triggers to remove stress Option 2: Ship is destroyed first, removed from table, and then apply the stress. Nien no longer has any ship in arc at range 0-1 and therefore takes the stress. Thoughts ?
  3. Shara bey with saw Guerrera crew is 61 points of "deal with me or I will murder you". You can potentially combo her with ships like Biggs or lowhhrick and that gives your opponent a very tough firing priority choice. Keep shara cheap make her into something of a suicide fighter. She will be very similar to how RAC with vader & gunner played in 1.0. Force your opponent to deal with shara and leave your end game ship alone to clean up later.
  4. Can sabine in the attack shuttle perform 3 actions per round by herself? -dial in blue maneuver -before she activates perform barrel roll, link into red evade -perform blue maneuver to clear stress, then focus / other action of choice. Sabine pilot ability: Pilot AbilityBefore you activate, you may perform a barrel roll or boost action linked action rules per rules reference posted today: A linked action can be performed after performing the action it is attached to even if that action was granted by a card effect or other game effect.
  5. Even if the fang fighter ship is "worse" in 2.0. The developers could simply change the costs of ships to better match the overall performance. For example, how many fang fighters did you have against the BTL y wings? 4 vs 4? What if the costs of initiative 1 fang fighters was lowered to 40 points or taken to the etreme of 25 points each. How would 4 BTL y wings hold up against 5 or even 8 fang fighters.? At that point cost, I would say the fang fighters got a huge buff. Until we get a hold of the new x wing app with point costs, any ship comparison will be meaningless.
  6. Agreed. Can't wait for the day ffg releases a torp that doesn't spend it's targetlock when firing.
  7. How many games get played today? I know they are doing something different than the standard Swiss matchups. Anyone have any more info?
  8. A-Wing: · Jake Farrell (24) Veteran Instincts (1) Chardaan Refit (-2) Autothrusters (2) A-Wing Test Pilot (0) · A score to settle (0) -- TOTAL ------- 25p. -- Jake makes for a great score to settle chassis. He uses score to settle for offense mod, while saving his focus for defense. Just point him at his score target and scream CHARGE!!!! He is a great rebel flanker pocket ace. Just 25 points.
  9. I played against a dengaroo in last year regionals. He had both counter measure and engine upgrade on dengar. It wasn't caught until the 3rd round. I just figured dengar can equip anything he wants. He is dengar afterall.
  10. Name: alternate fire mode- stutter fire Back side: Alternate fire mode- quad fire Type: dual card title Restrictions: (X-wing only) Text: stutter fire- when attacking with your primary weapon, you may roll 1 additional dice. If you do, you must cancel 1 die result during the modify dice step. You may flip this card over during the end phase. quad fire- when attacking with your primary weapon during the compare results phase, if your attack hits, you may then add 1 hit result to your roll. You may flip this card over during the end phase. Cost: 0 References: Note: i did not come up with these ideas myself. I believe I read them somewhere else on the forums before, but I thought I would share them here because I really liked those ideas. The x wing was famous in the old video games for being able to change the mode of laser fire. Stutter fire made the lasers more accurate, while quad fire linked all the lasers together onto a single target. If all 4 of those lasers hit their mark, they did quite a bit more damage. The idea behind this upgrade was to make the xwing a stronger jouster, being able to change their fire based on the type of enemy, like a multipurpose superiority fighter should be able. Stutter fire makes the shots more accurate without making them more damaging. You roll more dice, but then you can cancel a blank result afterwards. This will give you a higher hit percent rate. I don't know the numbers because I am not a math person. Sorry. Quad fire doesn't change the standard hit rate, but if the shot does hit, then you get a free hit result. This can help the x wing push damage through those tanks with low agi, but high hull and shields. It will not help you push damage through those high agi small craft if they manage to dodge the shot in the first place. Lastly, this upgrade does not help biggs. so that's a bonus. It just makes the x wing better at shooting different targets, letting it adapt to different types of enemy ships and changing modes to get the best results. Hope you like it. Edit: if someone would be so kind to help me out and put this into card format, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  11. Just remember that comm relay limits you to 1 evade token max. So step 3 would be restricted to just a focus, unless the evade token was spent in a previous round.
  12. From the article: "You can even go the opposite route and lower Viktor Hel's agility with Expose. ....." Expose will never be a good card. Please stop trying so hard to make it sound appealing. we still love you ffg.
  13. Harpooned condition : When you are hit by an attack. If there is an uncanceled crit result, each other ship at range 1 suffers 1 damage. Then discard this card and receive 1 facedown damage card. Rest of text is blocked. Ion discharge: Too much text is blocked but my guess is when you receive an ion token, choose an enemy ship at ?? Range. If you do...something with the token happens. Either pass the ion token off or both ships get the ion token. Either way it looks to combo nicely with the pulsed Ray shield.
  14. Wait, so they gave him the auto loss for his next match? I thought they changed the results of the game he played where he did cheat? (Im at work right now, so I don't have access to the stream.) I'm just reading the info here. Very surprised he tried to pull something like that at world's AND on camera. Idiot...?
  15. This is what I am running on my double arcs at the moment : ARC-170: · Norra Wexley (29) Expertise (4) · R5-P9 (3) · Rey (2) Alliance Overhaul (0) ARC-170: · Shara Bey (28) Adaptability (Increase) (0) · R2-D2 (4) · C-3PO (3) Alliance Overhaul (0) -- TOTAL ------- 73p. -- Last bunch of points can be used to put biggs or perhaps stress droid plus jess pava. Using expertise plus r5p9 and rey combo has one benefit over r2d2 and ptl, norra is no longer restricted to green moves. That 2 hard white turn is so valuable to keep certain hyper maneuverable ships in arc. Additionally, even if you bump, norra can still get off her super combo as long as shara is nearby to supply the target lock; and ray's focus bank still let's you regen at the end of the turn. Shara's Crew is flexible as well. Want more stress control? Switch c3p0 out for tactician. I've had a lot of fun flying arcs.
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