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  1. It is on the front page news. Under "News" it has scrolled down due to other news items posted since. Under the FF logo is on the left-and-right scrolling banner.
  2. Descent is part of the Runebound universe, and is featured alongside the other Runebound titles on the Runebound products page (see Products --> Runebound).
  3. And since my last post I've contacted them through another channel. Like you, just a receipt of my e-mail.
  4. @iluvrath you're welcome. And I own the boxes, too. The PDF format is just so convenient for me.
  5. Good call! I remember when I purchased Descent, and thought some goblins were missing. But they were stuck in one of the larger monsters.
  6. Not a peep. Links still not working.
  7. I e-mailed their Web administrator about this last week. No reply.
  8. That is extremely annoying.
  9. Appears to be fixed now.
  10. I thought it would be fixed by now, but I'm sure they'll get to it a some point. The other game pages that I visit show only the news for those games.
  11. Thanks for the direct link!
  12. The are now available in PDF format.
  13. Is the Dunwich Legacy expansion box the same size as the AH Core Set box or the size of the LotR LCG Deluxe/Saga expansion boxes? I'm guessing the latter.