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  1. thank you, you guys are awesome it was the harbor freight one. just grabbed it today...... thanks so much, i knew someone would have an idea
  2. tried, i even ordered one form home depot but it was a half size one, i had to take it back i honestly dont even remember if i was directed to a foreign ebay seller or amazon it's been so long
  3. nope, inside and out no labels no plastic etching, only thing on it was the basic plastic code that all plastics have
  4. So i've spent like an hour looking and can't find what it was....i was recommended a toolbox to carry my x-wing in and the thing does not have any labels on it and I have no idea where i had bought it since it was like 5 years ago..... i figured if i posted here someone would maybe recognize it and steer me in the right direction ....attached is a pic.... it opens on top with nice storage, 4 full size plastic trays (tackle box trays).
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