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  1. Not a nerf herder fan. I think changing the way the tourney scene is scored would make a big difference. The run out the clock strategy is not fun and I would suggest counting damaged ships differently to account for this. In terms of the Ghost, if you were to 'nerf' it I'd suggest forcing the docked shuttle to fire with one of its own weapons instead of the Ghost's weapons - thus with the attack shuttle it would need to equip its own TLT to fire a TLT on the second shot. Other builds don't need nerf herding imo.
  2. Not sure where to put suggestions for new cards and abilities, or even if FFG is open to taking these suggestions. But here is one: EPT ability called 'Drift' (2pts) After receiving a stress token as the result of performing a K-turn maneuver you may assign your ship a 'drift' token. During the activation phase a ship with a drift token may reveal the same K-turn maneuver as the previous round and move the ship backwards that distance, then remove all stress tokens. Discard the drift token after performing a maneuver. The intent would be a few fold: k-turns aren't as attractive an option as many other red maneuvers now in the game. Ships with only K-turn options (which tend to be older ships) would get a revival. Cards not currently being plates (like Hera crew of Tycho A-wing) might see a revival. This might help battle stress-meta builds. I'd suggest adding to a Resistance A-wing pack.
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