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    01jbell got a reaction from SwampyCr in First Resistance list (vennie)   
    I really like that list I think I may give that a go. I forgot about Tallistan being I5. 
    Also it feels like vennie needs to be able to tank hits before double tapping. As the double tap is only a 2 dice attack. With traj SIM and the bombs they should help with damage as well. 
    I got a friendly tournament on Saturday so will give it a go and see what happenes. 
    It looks really fun :). Thank you 
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    01jbell got a reaction from Tharcas in First Resistance list (vennie)   
    I finaly got around to getting the resistance pack and want to try out a half decenent list. I also as a gift got the star fortress so really want to use this. 
    I current have created this list but want to see if I am missing some thing regarding the list or if other builds may be better 
    I only have the one A wing that's why I have not gone for a supporting A wing swarm with the star fortress. 
    I am also on the fence with going for bomber with traj sim and loads of bombs or the double tap version I created below any opinions on which to pick would be great. 
    Vennie (62)    
        Pattern Analyzer (5)    
        Perceptive Copilot (8)    
        Veteran Turret Gunner (6)    
        Rey (14)    
    Ship total: 95  Half Points: 48  Threshold: 6    
    L'ulo L'ampar (38)    
        Heroic (1)    
        Crack Shot (1)    
    Ship total: 40  Half Points: 20  Threshold: 2    
    Ello Asty (56)    
        Heroic (1)    
        M9-G8 (7)    
        Integrated S-Foils (0)    
    Ship total: 64  Half Points: 32  Threshold: 4    
    Total: 199    
    again any advice opinions or changes to pilots will be greatly appreciated. 
    Kind Regards 
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    01jbell got a reaction from Muppetfluffer in First Resistance list (vennie)   
    yeah that looks like a good synergy list. 
    I do think Vennie ( and star fortress as a whole) has two ways to build. Either double tap  turret or traj sim and bombs you can't do both due to the ballooning cost(unless some how I have missed some perfect blend of the two). 
    . I just keep flip flopping on which build may be better as a starter for ten. 
    I thought I would try double tap turret first as it seems better against  more types of list then the traj sim. As a traj sim may do very well against swarms and rebel beef  but only on the first pass as it is way to slow to turn.  
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    01jbell got a reaction from Greebwahn in Norra, A wookie and a kid   
    hey I am playing around with a list, hoping to get some input on things I could change/add or take away.
    I am playing around with the idea of a stress bot and I think ezra is currently the best. just in front of a arc-170.
    I am planning to take this to a local tournament and have some success at least 50% win to lose ratio
    also I am not using any turret ships as I am getting board of using tlt and Miranda that's why I am trying  using norra.  
    so here is the list I currently have any advice or changes would be great.  feel free to redo the whole list if that is some thing I am missing
    Norra Wexley — ARC-170 29 Expertise 4 Tail Gunner 2 R2-D2 4 Alliance Overhaul 0 Ship Total: 39     Lowhhrick — Auzituck Gunship 28 Predator 3 Rey 2 C-3PO 3 Ship Total: 36     Ezra Bridger (Sheathipede) — Sheathipede-class Shuttle 17 Veteran Instincts 1 Gunner 5 R3-A2 2 Ship Total: 25 thank you for any tips or advice  in advance
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