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  1. The "new" rules are just the old rules plus rules for additional actions and special abilities that appear in expansions. But every single expansion with extra rules includes either a rules insert or cards explaining those additional rules. The new damage deck is a slightly revised version of the old one. Some of the wordings have been rewritten to be clearer and a few cards have been replaced with new cards. You can use the old deck and the new deck in the same game with no problems whatsoever.
  2. Wave 9 didn't have much for me. While I like the tactical maneuvering best in this game, I knew from playing with and against Firesprays that rear arcs were surprisingly boring. The expanded arc of the Hound's Tooth is more fun and a simple 360° firing is much simpler and fun occasionally. So I gave the Tie/Sf a play in proxy and it was only kinda fun; not worth getting. I haven't tried the Shadow Caster yet, but really it's just Rigged Cargo and Sesimic Torpedos that have my excitement. This Wave is much more exciting. I'm not a Star Wars fan, so I'd much rather have ships look cool than be familiar , and gameplay is much more important to me than aesthetics. The Epsilon shuttle, Sabine's Tie and Quadjumper all look appealing to me, unlike the hideous Shadow Caster. The designs look good too. I think the coordinate action on the shuttle is a simple addition that will work wonders as a support ship, since it seems like it will often neither attack nor defend and would rather have its action go to another ship. I like how Kylo's pilot ability discourages attacking. Kylo's condition looks like it'd be fun to play around with, and I look forward to chasing frightened foes out of my 4-dice arc. The quadjumper looks like a cheap ship that won't last too long, but would make a neat blocker, especially with Unjar as the Pilot (bumping a ship and messing with its movement sounds like fun ) But a Score to Settle not only looks like the fun of Agent Kallus, on almost any ship (as an unrestricted elite pilot talent), with a little Mangler Cannon action built in, but I'm excited to see what the condition does. The main thing that concerns me about this wave is the complexity creep. It's clear that the simple design space has been totally exhausted, hence the scum tie interceptor with tallon rolls and some bonuses for jousting last wave, and the millionith card that modifies attack and/or defense dice in way x under condition z with cost y. If Fantasy Flight Games wants to keep selling expansions, then they have no choice but to keep adding rules so they can have more special abilities that interact with those rules. Conditions are a good choice for a mechanic that's only moderately complicated with a lot of potential for designs. Still, imagine yourself as a new player who's playing in their first tournament after playing the core set. In any given game, you could have to figure out tractor beam tokens from bumping this ship but also from being in Range 1-2 of this ship's rotating firing arc (another mechanic to learn) and also have to understand dropping a debris field and the difference between debris and asteroids while they're still trying to wrap their heads around asteroids and a cloaking device thanks to an upgrade that might get discarded at the end of the round and conditions and modifications and titles and dual cards and ion tokens and how mines work. And then have to process ten different pilot abilities and upgrade cards.* It's a lot to handle all at once and I think it will seriously hurt new player acquisition. Also, we're reaching the threshold where there are so many special abilities that the game becomes more about combining special abilities than it is about flying ships. The game will be played more and more in the squad building step than in the actual game, making having the right cards more important than player skill. See Dengaroo as a list based on special ability synergies; these will become more common. I'm also miffed that faction differentiation, which is very important in promoting diversity in squad lists, is further undermined by giving a tie fighter and illicit upgrade slot to Rebels. Rebels and Scum need to play differently; they shouldn't be drawing from a very similar upgrade pool. Rebels and Imperials need to play differently; they shouldn't both have cheap, maneuverable, disposable ships. It's bad enough that most upgrades are faction-neutral. Imagine how different the factions would play if Push the Limit and Predator were Imperial only, if Connor Net and Veteran Instincts and Deadeye were Rebel only, like how Glitterstim and Inertial Dampeners and Hot Shot Blaster and Rigged Cargo are Scum only– oh wait. This needs to stop. *Easily accomplished with Unjar Plutt in Quadjumper with Connor Net and Cloaking Device, Shadow Caster with Rigged Cargo, Gyrostabilizer, Adaptability, and Shadow Caster Title, other assorted upgrades and pilot abilities.
  3. You can achieve the exact same thing by adding the pilot card as a separate card; there's no need for one card to be on another's back.
  4. Wouldn't an empty space get boring way faster than asteroids? No obstructed attacks, no having to move around asteroids, no near misses and unexpected clippings, no accidental missed opportunities to fire ... sounds a lot more boring to me.
  5. Space Garbage Upgrade Action: Discard this card to deploy one garbage token. Treat the garbage token as an asteroid obstacle. Bomb type 1 point Token: Three different choices: a long horizontal token, a long vertical token, or a big circular token, unevenly shaped all with guide nubs. Repulser Missile Upgrade Range 2-3 3 dice Attack (target lock): Discard this card to attack 1 ship. If this attack hits, cancel all dice results, then, if the defender is a small ship, it performs a white [1 backwards] maneuver and you may have it suffer 1 damage. Missile type 1 point Reference card: To perform a 1 backwards, place the 1 straight template on the rear nubs of the ship, then lift it up and insert its forward nubs into the other end of the template. Relay Torpedo Upgrade Range - 4 dice Attack (target lock): Spend your target lock and discard this card to attack 1 ship at Range 1-3 in arc of another friendly ship at Range 3 in your arc. 3 points torpedo type And less inspired: Freeze Bomb After you reveal your maneuver dial, you may discard this card to deploy one Freeze Bomb token. That token detonates at the end of the activation phase. 2 points Bomb type Rules reference card for Freeze Bomb tokens: When this token detonates, assign to each ship at Range 1 of it 1 freeze token. The freeze token has the following rules: Planning phase Do not assign this ship a maneuver dial. Activation phase When this ship activates, it performs a white [0 stop] maneuver. Then remove all freeze tokens from it. Edit: As long as I'm in a dream world with no component limitations, I can use the epic ship rulers. Long-Range Missile Upgrade Range 4-5 4 dice Attack (target lock): Discard this card to attack 1 ship. 7 points Missile type
  6. It's kind of like that sweet combo with Eaden Vrill! Eaden's pilot ability reads "When performing a primary weapon attack against a stressed ship, roll 1 additional attack die." All you have to do is stress a ship (with Flechette Torpedoes, Tactician, etc.) then attack. Roll an extra die using Eaden's ability. Roll another die using Eaden's ability. Roll another die using Eaden's ability. Roll another die using Eaden's ability. Roll another die using Eaden's ability. Roll another die using Eaden's ability. Roll another die using Eaden's ability. Roll another die using Eaden's ability. Roll another die using Eaden's ability. Roll another die using Eaden's ability. Roll another die using Eaden's ability. Roll another die using Eaden's ability. Roll another die using Eaden's ability. Roll another die using Eaden's ability. Keep rolling extra dice until you roll a hundred hits. You can instantly kill any stressed ship! You probably assumed that you couldn't add infinite dice with Eaden's ability, even though the ability doesn't say "once per attack". You probably assumed if it worked that way, it would say "roll infinite additional dice". And you'd be right. There's a once-per-opportunity rule that prevents you from triggering the same ability infinite times off a single event. With Electronic Baffle + Opportunist, you essentially turn Opportunist into "When attacking a ship, if it has no focus or evade token, you may take 1 stress to roll 1 additional attack die." It's just like Eaden Vrill, except it triggers off the lack of a focus or evade token instead of the presence of a stress token. That's why this combo doesn't work.
  7. Guys, It's hard to memorize all the minutia of possible rules interactions for this game. It's easy to come up with a solution for something that accidentally contradicts another solution. I'm sure once Frank realizes the contradiction he'll retract either his message or the FAQ to reconcile them. Yes, designers have much better things to do than to try to think up a way to handle every single situation that could ever come up in the game. You know that the special rules aren't even finalized until it hits the presses, right? Why spend days trying to work out Rudor's ability in complete detail when you swap it for another more fun ability halfway through? This is just a game. Relax. It'll be fun regardless of how tactician and Rudor interact. If it's really that important to you, just flip a coin at the start of the game to decide how you'll play it that time. If you're at a tournament get the organizer to tell you the ruling for that event, if it's so important to you. This really doesn't matter.
  8. I played a game against a ghost. It tipped over about 3 or 4 times. It's even more prone to falling off the base than Hound's Teeth are, but nothing broke and the base remained in place so it was just a minor annoyance.
  9. George Orwell is turning in his grave. I'm not sure Orwell would believe there was any particular problem with keeping a record of a pseudonymous person's public speech acts. There's no compulsion for anyone to post here, after all: if you object to that record, don't use the forum. (I do think he'd be alarmed as hell about a lot of developments in modern politics, in the UK and in Europe let alone in the USA, but that's not particularly relevant to his feelings about moderator privileges on private message board.) I think if you asked Orwell about moderators looking at forum poster's records, he'd say "What's an internet forum? What's an internet? What am I doing here I thought I was dead?"
  10. Yes! Yes! Someone else who gets it! Twin Laser Turrets bear all the warning signs of an overpowered card. I've seen it before: the controversial discussions, the way it worms its way into the metagame discussion, how everybody agrees it's strong just not whether it's too strong, the way it becomes more and more common in the highest level of tournament play, the way people argue that if you can't beat it you just need to get better at the game because apparently it's only strong against unskilled players even though all the pros are using it against other pros. That people can't agree whether Twin Laser Turrets counter high-agility ships by delivering more hits than they can cancel (even if the damage is capped at 1), or low-agility ships by chewing through their hull and shields too fast is a huge warning sign. Twin Laser Turrets are supposed to be good against fat large ships by dealing enough damage through their mitigation and onto their massive hull and shields to destroy them faster than an equivalent points value of Twin laser Turret bearers dies. In other words, they counter fat ships by being more efficient at dealing damage. Think about that. And what counters Twin Laser Turrets? Enough evade results to completely wipe out three attack dice twice in the same turn. Without range 3 bonuses. That doesn't sound like a counter to Twin Laser Turrets which is in turn weak to its own counters, that sounds like a ship with overpowered defense that will shrug off all but the most broken attacks. There was a store championship won with 4 HWKs, all bearing Twin Laser Turrets. Pretty much anything can win, as long as it has Twin Laser Turrets. It's exactly like what happened with Jace the Mind Sculptor and Stoneforge Mystic in Magic: The Gathering. At first glance, it looked like the Caw-Blade deck was the problem, but maybe not such a serious problem because there are several other viable archetypes. But the other decks either had Jace, or Mystic, or both, and Caw Blade was merely the strongest version of a deck that had both. In the format where you can play any card ever printed, Jace and Mystic are still powerful enough to build decks around and show up all the time. We have MajorJuggler, the person who obsessively calculates offense and defense efficiencies and tracks tournament results livid with anger and bitter that Twin Laser Turret Y-Wings are so much more efficient than jousting than any other ship, even before you account for the ability to attack out of arc. In theory Twin Laser Turret Y-Wings should outclass all other ships that rely on points-efficient jousting, like B-Wings, and leave only ships that try to combine synergistic upgrades and pilot abilities, or outmaneuver the enemy ships to avoid shots. In practice B-wings and all other jousters are vanishing from tournament play, to the point that people are searching for a B-Wing fix. The previous poster child for jousting efficiency is no longer good enough . Twin Laser Turrets are undercosted and will only continue to become more and more dominant until they are banned, erratted, or outclassed by something even more powerful.
  11. Having played in both tournaments and casually: yes. The experience is pretty much the same. Although some ships and upgrades become less popular in tournaments, the ships and upgrades I face in tournaments I also face in casual games and vice versa. Even when the ships are different, the basic feel of maneuvering and shooting remains the same. It doesn't break into something like "whose insta-win upgrade combo goes off first?" Maybe your local place is some sort of hardcore crowd who only plays whatever they are convinced is the absolutely most optimal lists. Even then, I would be surprised it it feels like a different game.
  12. Why do you need to focus for defense? Focusing increases your odds of rolling evades. Cloaking increases the number of defense dice you roll, increasing your odds of rolling evades. With 3 defense dice, a focus token adds an an extra 3/4 evades, on average. Two additional defense dice add an extra 3/4 evades, on average. There are tactical considerations to make, such as the fact that if you get a bonus defense die (from range for instance), you get an additional 1/4 evades from the focus that you wouldn't have gotten from the cloak. But cloaking is a defensive action overall just as potent as focusing or evading.
  13. In my dreams: When you reveal a red maneuver you may perform a free focus action. I could finally use the sharp 1 and 2 turns effectively!
  14. Coming soon to a table near you, Earth's greatest heroes! http://imgur.com/a/4tVr1 Edit: Use tie fighter dials.
  15. This seems like it would destroy the most fun, safest mode of barrel rolling and boosting: the default mode, when you can choose to boost or barrel roll by forfeiting your ability to focus that round. I think the real problem is being able to boost and barrel roll in the same turn, which greatly increases your ability to move after moving, as well as being able to boost or barrel roll and still get a focus token. So let's start with "You can't perform a barrel roll action (even a free one) if you performed a boost action this round and vice versa. If you perform a boost or barrel roll, lose all focus and evade tokens and you can't gain focus or evade tokens for the remainder of the round" and see how that works. The pilot skill problem is a much deeper issue. As long as players can choose how to reposition after seeing how other ships finalized movement, provided their ships have higher pilot skill, then there will be a pilot skill war. The only question is "how bad will it get?" Some way of changing pilot skill from round to round, perhaps randomly, would actually start to address the problem.
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