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  1. Flew Kylo today with Primed Thrusters, and I'm never switching to another tech. This upgrade seems like it was made for Kylo, who sometimes has to carry over the stress from Adv Sen/PTL, but still needs Adv Sen options in the following turn. As for my list, I've hooked up Kylo with Inquisitor and an Alpha-Class Star Wing. We've got Regionals in a couple weeks, and I'm hoping to get good enough with these guys to make a decent showing.
  2. Hehe my list did better than I did. Fly, my pretties, FLY!!! Congrats @Dorrin314, and thanks @CaribbeanNinjafor an awesome tournament.
  3. Ahaa, doobleg is in fact "Gregg". ... but as I'm not playing in the qualifier, @Doppelgangerdefinitely ain't talkin' about me.
  4. This tournament was a new format for everyone, and many of these lists were created in the spirit of experimentation, with no real idea as to how they would play. For myself, I really enjoyed playing a one-ship MC80 list in the first round (my only win for the tournament ). Of course, mileage is bound to vary based on your opponent's list and your own play style/preferences.
  5. @Blingvarrhas the right of it - twas an awesome match, with fortunes shifting back and forth like so many asteroids. The decisive shot Blingvarr described had his MC30 fire a broadside of 2 ACC, three Hit/Crit against a naked hull zone. Can't be mad when the dice favour your opponent in spots like this - Blingvarr had set himself up for the double-arc by parking on some debris, shedding precious shields for the chance to win. The gamble paid off, and the victory was well earned. Congrats Blingvarr, and I hope to play you again down the line (vengeance shall be mine!!!). Logfile can be found here.
  6. Doobleg v @Blingvarr is kicking off 0100 GMT TODAY!!! (like, 90 minutes from now)
  7. Yeah, I should have done better JJ, but after flying against it in round one, I made the exact same mistake as my first opponent and charged straight in, getting arc-dodged in the process.
  8. In a one-ship list, Engine Tech Interdictor is the new Demolisher!
  9. Tokra defeats Doobleg 225-0 (well, there would be more points coz of objective tokens, but I conceded when the result was certain).
  10. Haven't played Thrawn myself, but I've got him this round. If I reveal a Thrawn dial and it's the same as the ship dial, does the ship get two dials? (i.e. add two dice with CF, etc) (figured I'd ask the pros rather than wading into the rules section)
  11. Doobleg vs @Tokra is set for Saturday 21st October at 0700 GMT. Should be a good one.
  12. @CaribbeanNinja I see how you've put the better performing lists with the players who scored least points, etc. Issue here is that Brobafett is facing my list for a second time in round two. Do any other players have a similar situation?
  13. @comatose vs Doobleg concludes with a 225-0 win to me. Coma went second, and I chose his Minefields objective. Coma placed most of the obstacles and mines in the setup areas so they wouldn't get in the way. We were firing by round two, with my Doom Pickle throwing our broadsides while Coma's Cyamoon ISD was bombarding me with an endless stream of red dice. The Arq helped from a distance, but failed to roll accuracies so I could send the brace that the ISD so cruelly denied me every shot. I managed to slip around the front arc of the ISD using engine techs, and then proceeded to hunt the Arquitens. Having been stripped of shields, Coma turned the Arquitens north - it was a bold play, as he was sure to run out of space real fast, but this ensured he would get at least two more rounds of firing in while the ISD was turning back around. Cornered, the Arquitens put up one **** of a fight, but was finished off in the final round. The ISD had returned, however, and launched a devastating salvo that would have all but destroyed my Doom Pickle, were it not for Coma's generosity in allowing me earlier in the round to close the Blast Doors that I had carelessly left open at the start of the round. Without this noble act, we would have joined each other in a fiery embrace of death, as the ISD would have rammed my ship to death even as it was forced by the collision to overlap the board edge. With the blast doors down, however, my Doom Pickle survived on three hull. This is a really solid list that @Dupy has put together. At this points level a single ship list is actually pretty solid. Also, I had thought Garm a useless commander, but in this format and with this ship, he's the man! The nav and repair tokens were a real boon. From this entry, you probably didn't know that I had squadrons. I left them out because they were USELESS!!! A really fun game against an awesome, courageous opponent. Cheers, Coma! Logfile is here.
  14. 10 hours and counting to @comatosevs doobleg. Ahaaa, and my fleet is being used in the second game. Go, @Visovics!!!
  15. Doobleg vs @comatose is set for Tuesday October 17th 0001 GMT!
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