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  1. About what was the Interdictor with their gravity generators come into conception? ABY or BBY? I would think BBY but about when in BBY?
  2. It depends on your players where do they want to go? I am just about to start GMing myself and I have gotten and written quite a few stories for the campaign (if it ever gets off the ground ). Anyway ask questions like how do they view the empire? rebels? or are they just trying to get by in this galaxy? A few ideas that I had - they crash on/sent to investigate a moon where an early experiment of Project I71A has taken place (Death troopers, just have weaker and slower storm troopers who don't die) where they have to team up with Imperial survivors to escape who is just a few scientists, some storm troopers and a lieutenant who is open minded of others. - Altering the AoR GM kit mission (for the opener it might help to make the things a little easier) - A quest were the characters meet a heavily pregnant woman (whose husband is no longer there) and is having troubles with things moving around her house. It will turn out that her unborn child is heavily force sensitive which then leads the party on a quest to find something to null the force (there are some things in legends that I know of and it is a galaxy maybe there is something out there)
  3. As it currently stands I will give the players a choice, if they want to remain neutral they will be a mercenary group and have a corvette. However if they decide to join the empire or rebels they will get a Nebulon B (Under-crewed). I like the idea of each player having a small group under them. What I'm thinking is that if the player is in charge of a number of guns they will role for themselves and then for the number of guns they are in charge of when firing. So for example say the captain orders "Concentrated Barrage" it's up to the player and all under him to roll for the guns. Then you may have a pilot instead of it just being them they will have wing under their command. After seeing this might give them a little more xp to start to represent that they should be in the position that they are in.
  4. I have been tossing up a few ideas. One is where the group in charge of a corvette sized ship however I can't see how it would be fun for those who aren't the captain. Any ideas?
  5. I am looking for some opinion on my list. Guri (30) Virago (1) Accuracy Corrector (3) Stealth device (3) Serissu (20) Tansarii point veteran (17) 2X Black Sun Soldier (26 total) 100 Any advice is welcome to the list.
  6. Hey all, I am somewhat new to this game and I am wondering if anyone knows of any places that you can play in Adelaide. Any help would be appreciated.
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