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  1. The Monty Hall scenario only applies if crits are dealt right? You don't know if the overkill damage cards are "cars" or "goats" and therefore cannot draw any conclusions about probably of drawing specific remaining crits. Since the face up cards are open information, both players benefit. Whether one player benefits more is situational.
  2. I thought this was a nice observation. There is of course the exception when you "overkill" a ship with extra hits. In that case the extra hits are wasted.
  3. Can you use Dauntless title, then trigger push the limit? Or do you receive the stress from Dauntless before you can PTL, thus preventing you from taking a free action?
  4. Thanks! Follow up question: If the snap shot player has initiative, could he theoretically kill Nym before he has the opportunity to drop a bomb?
  5. Which of these cards would trigger first? Example, if Captain Nym w/ Genius moves into R1 of a ship with snap shot, does the snap shot fire first or does Captain Nym get to drop a bomb first?
  6. We had a nice tournament at Destiny games on 4/8. It turned out they did have the spring kit. Had 8 players show up, and the organizer did a nice job, even giving us X-wing battle music for ambience. Thanks to anyone who came out for it! They are planning on holding a monthly tournament, so maybe see more of you next time!
  7. Looks like a cool event! Thanks for posting. Unfortunately I live in Michigan so won't have an opportunity to whip any Gamecocks as us Clemson graduates typically do Congrats to your school on advancing so far in the NCAA though. Would have been cool to have too SC schools claiming the football and basketball championships.
  8. radon86

    Buff Stress!

    Personally I find stress can be fun and thematic (providing it doesn't get silly, for example with pre-nerf Zuckuss) Star Wars battles in the movies (and in fact real life combat) don't always come down to just shooting and flying, but battles are often won by innovative tactics. Stressbot, rebel captive, tactician, etc. represent tactics that make it harder for your opponent to fly and engage in battle. Two quick examples come to mind, but I'm sure there are others: buzz droids, harpoons & tow cables
  9. The problem I see with Rex as a flanker is his low pilot skill. It will be easy for the opponent to see where you place him and just focus down on him right away. Agree with the posts above. Kill Biggs first. Or if you have enough of an ordinance alpha strike that you can focus down on another ship and kill it in 1 round.
  10. I'm game. What about a crew card that gives all of your TIEs a small buff? Or a combined card with TIE Mark II Engines + Lightweight frame (3 pts) so you don't need two mod slots?
  11. I called the store to ask. He said no official FFG kit this time (although they'll be doing kits in the future).
  12. Jorklind, I don't think the list at the start of the thread is 100% up to date. Fun4All games in Ypsilanti and Destiny Games (see my post above about their tournament on 4/8) are fairly close to you. I've attended several tournaments at Fun4All, and they have a regular group meeting to play Heroes of the Atari Cluster. Both stores will be very receptive to new players. If you don't get a chance to practice, I'd suggest maybe watching a game or two on-line then joining the tournament at Destiny games just to get some experience. You can also use the Ynot Squad benchmark site for some practice.
  13. Here's the link to the Destiny games event. https://www.facebook.com/events/190137184819162/?acontext={"ref"%3A"4"%2C"feed_story_type"%3A"308"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}&sharer_id=100000055473539 Come meet up and test your skill in a one day X-wing Miniatures Tournament. 100 Point swiss tournament, number of rounds will be decided by how many people are playing. $10 buy in with giveaways and a store credit prize to the winner. Come in to sign up or call the store for more details.
  14. Destiny Games started out as video games, but in the past year or two they've expanded into table top gaming. Their new space in Westland gives them a lot more space for table top events.
  15. Destiny Games is holding a 100 point tournament on 4/8 starting at @4pm. This will be in their new location in Westland. Hope to see you there! 37828 Ford Rd, Westland MI 48185
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