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  1. Hello @tomcruise, Wow, I just learned the existence of all of this and the Genesys, and I am blown away. It looks cool, fun and very well done (Not like that abominable requisition system in DH2e). I've just started to GM a new group with DH2e rules + homebrew but I am really thinking of moving on with yours. Couple of questions / remarks though: Untouchable completely immune to psychic powers seems way too OP. I liked the way you had to gain XP to be better, and even at the end you're not completely immune. Any return from any players on that ? A party with an untouchable will just melt all daemons and alike. Battle sisters seems to be missing. Was it in the todo list and got caught up with real life ? I would be happy to propose something if interested. Last, I still have to go through everything, as well as the Genesys core book, but DH was lethal and a portion of that came from all weapons doing 1D10+somthing. How has it been transfered in here ? Again, great work, can't wait to test it. 😈
  2. See, for instance, I would not have bought the App if in-app purchases were available. For me, it is just annoying to buy once, and to buy again for new contents. This commercial model irritates me a lot, like, a lot. So basically, we have 2 different types of customer. My rating is 4 (5 with the pdf export) because people worked hard on it, and it brings "a lot" even if it could be improved. But not having them is not a hindrance (IMO).
  3. I'll do that Hyper faithful is totally in the concept, just concepts of what/who's expendable could be maybe different.
  4. Hey Claw, I am creating my first character for the adventure. Before investing too much time in it, would you be interested by: - Feudal Mutant Warrior - Master in close combat, unarmed, dodge / stealth and a bit of deceive - BG: Raised by the eclesiarchy as a fellow "son" of the emperor, unfortunately having some issues (sociopath). When his "father" died, was handled over to the inquisition were some interrogator / inquisitor thought he would be more useful alive (if he manage to stay) instead of dead. - Trained for recon / infiltration / silent work - Mutation : Sonar / Wings / other stuff If not, I'll find an another concept
  5. I think I didn't expressed myself clearly enough then, and sorry for that. What I meant: something complex to program does not always imply that the rules are complex. especially when you deal with computer processing vs brain processing. We are capable of very complex stuff where a computer would have lots of trouble, and the inverse is true. So, for me, there is not a 100% correlation between program complexity and ruleset complexity for a human to process. We are digressing from the topic subject a lot here, all because of CPS ! Thanks man . (joke inside)
  6. ****, your website is blocked here ... for the next few hours I am pretty interested and will propose something this evening ! Thanks
  7. Helo Nimsim, As a developer, I understand your opinion but completely disagree. Implementing rules (or financial rules in a company for instance) is always a challenge, expect for those who do not have any exceptions or "complex" mechanics. Like bingo, or dominos ... A computer, by default, knows nothing. Developers have to implement everything. So it can take time, and be difficult even for apparently simple things. Keep in mind that the app has been developed with "The user can do whatever he wants to", i.e. adding skills for free ... So, with that in mind, is it so simple tu calculate "negative" experience ? (it is a rhetoric question btw).
  8. If I had to vote for a feature in particular ... I would love to have the PDF export Is that ... orks / orkish ... in the new image background you posted ? Nevermind. A book, someone in POV ... I don't know.
  9. One of my PC created a Admech obsessed with going to the beach and feel "natural" warmth. It is a bit strange ... But i think some circuits may have fried a part of his brain (or read something he shouldn't ...)
  10. If Sum([Rolls]) < 110 Then RerollAll() Else Allow one reroll (Keep Last) and 1/2 switches. Switches exception (Optional): Only between + to +, Normal to normal. If Normal Char > - Char, then Allow switch between the 2 (Meaning - char will be less than others, which is ok). If it does not suit the PC, just because of the numbers (and not the totals being almost 220 ... ), you could propose to reroll as well. Since I dislike the min/max with the manual allocation, I tend to prefer rolling and getting fair results. If you like manual allocation, you could also impose to put at least 1/2 points in each characteristic. It tends to disturb the min/maxing a bit
  11. You're totally right, and I forgot that ... I've played some games and planned to GM one as well. I should totally warn my future players about that ... Oooooorrr not.
  12. We're Inquisition, we don't need diplomacy ! We need the LAW ! Actually, about a diplomate, only the specific talent is missing ... doesn't it ?
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