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  1. Star Wars Armada: Vassal module version 3.0.0

    We've had multiple updates over the last couple weeks. I thought we addressed that but I can go check real quick for you. EDIT: Version 3.8.5 has that fixed, so I would imagine the absolute latest 3.8.6 has that as well.
  2. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

  3. Giga-Bytes OP Kit Tournament January 20 2018

    If it weren't for the wedding I'd say show up, we can scrounge you a list, that's not an issue. I might have even just lent you my Imps and warmed @scipio83's heart by playing Rebels (if only Madine).
  4. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    Pretty sure it's the identical baby brother of the regular Cup but @BiggsIRL is welcome to contradict me.
  5. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    I'll make a note of this and we'll see what we can do. Thanks for the idea.
  6. Giga-Bytes OP Kit Tournament January 20 2018

    Only if we pre-game at Cafe Du Monde.
  7. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    You mean you're joining the Fleet Patrol tournament? D*****, there goes my auto-qualification for next year's Cup. EDIT: Confirmed the new censor software is way more lenient
  8. A few thoughts on the current value of Imperial ships

    Oh, fifty points to soak eight damage that would have otherwise crippled my ISD? Where do you want me to park it?
  9. So this is way later than when I told @jamie nasmyth I would put it up, but Giga-Bytes in Marietta, GA, is holding an Organized Play kit tournament on this Saturday, January 20. Doors open at 9am, cost TBA (but $10 I believe. Jamie?) @Megatronrex @ThatSlyBandit @CaribbeanNinja @moodswing5537 @Boston1809 @Space_Cowboy17 Event link on Facebook:
  10. Strategic Advisor

    That is much closer to what I expect, though I would like to know how fast the I-1 came in. Knowing that you're facing Cymoons with Vader, you need to close fast, and speed 1+speed 3=speed 4=the entirety of weapons range. It's not necessarily easy to arrange, but that is definitely my play there.
  11. Strategic Advisor

    It's exceedingly unlikely. That ISD has to blunder into range, and you have to hit nearly perfect shots both times. Consider it another way, that is two Ackbar Assault Cruisers with QBT and LS procs. Do I want to get caught in that zone of death? Of course not. Is it likely it will kill me? Also no. I won't survive the third shot very probably, but you don't have a third shot. Also requires a definition of close enough, because anyone dumb enough to wander into two Cymoons with Vader with his single ISD better have a plan.
  12. Early Warning System

    Not necessarily. Exodus can piggyback off a token if you want it to.
  13. I would probably step down to a Star Cruiser if you really want it to work. That way you have four blues, so you should with decent frequency get the blue crit anyway (48% says my mental guesstimations) and you have even better chances with the reroll, If you add C&S you should be all set. I'd drop MK, they'll only ever brace or scatter, so that sidelong shield damage is inefficient and that forward shield you can get with ICB and four points less, but I would keep Spinals for the long range fire as you laid out. XI7 is definitely my default second turbo normally, but I see your concerns. Another possibility is the H9s to block the brace and MK so it's either redirect or DCO Contain (on those ships that's relevant for), but that seems a little expensive. In this scenario, maybe you could use DTTs as a secondary red reroll when you need the Bros for the ion cannon? Saves a point over XI7. More generally speaking, I do think HIE on Star Cruisers and the odd Battle Cruiser (needs the rerolls from the Bros, I agree) will work very well. I don't often have a free officer slot for Strategic Advisor, but I may go fix that now that I know it exists. What the Lib really wants is Hardened Bulkheads, too bad there isn't a Offensive Retrofit slot on the ship.
  14. Will Raid ruin Armada?

    Or we could all act like reasonable adults discussing a plastic miniatures game that the developer has not seriously unbalanced to date, instead of unwarranted and ridiculous panic.
  15. 3rd Annual Armada Vassal World Cup

    @BiggsIRL you have every right to be angry. I think most of us are probably angry/frustrated on your behalf. That said, I think it speaks to your professionalism how you've handled this entire scenario.