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  1. Yeah, like @Nooshimplied, almost any playstyle can be optimized enough to be workable. What are your tastes? Angry space triangles (my favorite)? Ackbar slashes? Wave after wave of squadrons?
  2. Especially irritating for a carrier like a Quasar that has no real onboard firepower to take out the Slicers is placing said irritation on the opposite side of the carrier from the target it would rather attack, which can force some awkward decisions and leave large amounts of squadron firepower either stranded from commands or badly out of place.
  3. You're ok, that's why I asked. That also seems like much more reasonable figures then, in addition to be infinitely more irritating.
  4. Can you elaborate a little more in your methodology? 15 is far below Armada's lifetime total.
  5. I'm personally a fan of the theory it was Tycho Celchu taking one of the new RZ-2s out for a joyride but I'm open to other ideas.
  6. I'm happy everyone is enjoying it, because at this point I probably won't get it. Too many reviews to the effect of this one from Ars, my conscience won't let me support these business practices.
  7. Congratulations, and have fun. We'll all be here when you want an escape.
  8. If it had a copy function it would be perfect. You can can only save to cookies on that computer, but I really like the clean, uncluttered interface.
  9. There's not a text export option. Closest is printing the form to PDF then posting that as an image. Which is a shame, because I prefer it as a builder.
  10. Couple extra notes. FT Raiders really need first player to not go bang before ever firing, and really do best with light squad cover to eat a couple critical shots. The other thing that's really useful, as I'm sure you've already discovered, is eye-watering speed. Most truly good squadron heavy builds are a bit of a flying circus, and when you add trying to chase a fast fleet to the chaos of a Slicer attack things get entertaining fast. It's not a complete solution, but I don't think you can get much farther just on building.
  11. You need to have a way to mitigate their ability to do damage. Squadrons have a couple weaknesses there. If you are playing Imps Flechette Raiders can lay down walls of fire and prevent squadrons from having entire turns. This goes well with dedicated anti-squad fire from the fleet. If you're a Rebel using anything other than a Liberty, use Toryn. This will require patience. The second thing I find that works is having first player. Most squadron builds will usually be able set up two rounds of concentrated fire if you give them first player. Luckily most can't or won't seriously bid. It's also much more difficult to set up a fork with squads that say with a GT ISD. The last thing that's effective is preventing squad commands. The only sure fire way to do that is to blow the carrier(s) out of space, but there is an alternative initially. Double Slicers. They're cheap, they add ASq, and they cause pure havoc. This does NOT absolve you of the need to crack the carriers, but it can buy a lot of time and pain for the enemy. Hope this helps.
  12. I had the log open and hadn't come up with that maneuver combo yet. I will remember it for the future when I need the corner of my large base jutting out an extra few millimeters. I also think I gave up the game/my chance at killing Admo a couple turns earlier when I was insufficiently aggressive with Repulse's final maneuver before Madine died, but you definitely didn't let me make up any of the ground. Good game.
  13. Not that I need something else to obsess over, but did you check to see if I could have rammed Admo for the kill?
  14. Renown: rerolls a blank red and two red accs into blanks, and rerolls a blank into an blank, leaving me with three damage after an evade (that rolled a double into another blank) in a situation where five kills (really dooms but same difference) Admonition. Also Renown on her next shot: Yeah, I'll just casually roll that ten you need to kill Yavaris through her braces and have a blue acc left over for shiggles. I'm so confused. The ship is dead, but I can't decide to strike her name from the record or give her a statue. @Ardaedhel
  15. There were three more rams, five more reds, and three more blues waiting if he had continued to make a pain of himself. I'll accept that I understated it mildly, and Broba fought well, but in the end the outcome was all but predetermined.