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  1. Are you referring to the four cards officially and intentionally handed off to the Discord by FFG employees who were acting in their capacity as such?
  2. You left off all of my arguments that were relevant to the original question. Here, I'll repost.
  3. You don't want more work? Let's see if we can work through this some. How does this picture make you feel?
  4. https://store.privateerpress.com/games/warmachine?dir=desc&order=price The above assumes neither Legion nor X-wing had intentionally long development cycles (Legion's case at launch, X-wing during 2.0 reset) to have a backlog of product that is then released faster than it is actually created initially to help keep attention on the product. The two corroborating pieces of evidence for this tactic are Legion's slowing release rate (down from a unit a month), and that Armada Clone Wars, in the interview you dismissed, is getting two waves in two subsequent quarters, which is unprecedented speed for this game. If you read a **** thing, you'd know this is always put in terms of "We'll take one good versus five bad". That's the detail you're missing, or more likely intentionally excluding, because it doesn't fit your self-serving narrative of personal superiority over the general public. No one else likes this either, dude. There are entire channels of communication between FFG and the Armada community specifically to help keep us informed about their attempts to fix this. They have gone quiet recently, because if you haven't noticed, FFG was gutted, followed by a global pandemic. The former of which was met with absolute outrage that was expressed constructively, which is to say not here. This is the thing dude. Like above, you are actually in line with the sentiments of the community. However, UNLIKE EVERYONE ELSE, you feel absolutely compelled to be an unmitigated asshat. See exhibit below: Furthermore, this is, as @BiggsIRL said, absolutely petulant bull: What's your plan? You shot down reaching out to them here: So instead, your plan is to *****, whine, moan, insult the community around you, and generally raise all **** on a public forum owned by the company who you are trying to influence, in a completely unofficial channel that has maybe in the history of the company potentially caused change exactly once, when the feedback was positive? Are you insane? Are you on some Schedule 1 drug? I know third graders less whiny than you.
  5. Now three laughing, and likely more by tomorrow. Edit: and now three confused. Like I said.
  6. Other than half of the most comprehensive blog of the game, and a 380 page self-referencing manuscript detailing all known Armada rules interactions between components and a video series on each and every one of those components, respectively? Absolutely nothing.
  7. Conversely, if the Armada expansions are still on schedule or that schedule has slipped, there's a case to be made that they should hold the announcement. Spoilers too early will have their hype die off before the actual release happens. Irritating for us in the short term, better for everyone in the long term.
  8. I would challenge two parts of your writeup. First, crits do provide damage, but that damage is contingent on getting the critical symbol. Just applying the damage to the average isn't fair if you aren't accounting for the chance the crit won't appear. You can mitigate this various ways (Screed being the most famous) but then you really want to include that in your calculations (points efficiency for example) somewhere. Second, your Leading Shots discussion assumes you are rerolling the entire pool like Veteran Gunners. I don't think I've ever Leading Shots rerolled an entire pool, even fishing for accuracies to kill flotillas. Yes the possible average damage and ceiling fall, but that comes back to points about using your upgrades well. If you only reroll the two red hits, .75x2 is 1.5 expected damage versus one spent, which is generally my benchmark for losing a blue hit (a wasted accuracy I'll toss for only one die of reroll). Incorporating this into your discussion will show why LS has the following it does.
  9. IME turn 4 is usually sufficient. You want to open palm strike on 2, break their back on 3, and finish on 4. Or at least that's how I did it for *checks notes* three 10-1s at NOVA, one of them without loss.
  10. https://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2019/09/nova-winner-guest-post-22.html
  11. Huzzah Hobbies, Play More Games, and Third Eye Comics over near Annapolis all held events at varying regularity prior to the pandemic. There is an excellent base of players here, including some very very skilled ones. Welcome to the area, and I'll try to be sure all of our future events make it on here @shark1j
  12. FFG promotional articles are not official rules documentation. I don't think we've ever had without an error, it's practically tradition at this point. No, it doesn't. If range is only determined from the token rather than from the Onager, shots cannot happen at extreme range. Therefore the FAQ is worthless under your interpretation, which is still wrong.
  13. @BiggsIRL I'll support rounds 2-4. If possible I'll play those rounds, if not I'll sit out.
  14. I got bored and did the math. At 30 billion tons of mass, if you put it as a shell around vacuum, at the calculated .22kg/m^3 computer above, with an outer surface set to 200 km in diameter and a half finished sphere generating those thirty billion tons, your shell is 2.2 meters thick. The rest of the sphere is hard vacuum. About 86 inches if you prefer that measurement system. If you assume the 15.9% of the DS-2 mentioned in @Grumbleduke's link, your shell climbs to 6.83 meters
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