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  1. I'll admit, season 1's tone really turned me off, but the bits and pieces of S2 and S3 I've seen have led me to believe I should get around to viewing it (at some point). It does have one of my favorite music cues going for it.
  2. Yeah, I promised him a game against my tourney Sloane list just to give it a try. I might need to take a Cymoon against that nonsense.
  3. Isn't his version CR90A's with ET and TRC?
  4. On the one hand, more games. On the other hand, more games.
  5. Is that the thing he proposed where the top eight go into basically a sub-tournament where they round-robin and winners are based on those, new tournament points?
  6. I too was under the impression this was this way, but wasn't planning to make any presumptions and simply let @Green Knight announce it. Hopefully I can redeem myself from those latter two games of mine. (I intend in no way to detract from @mhd's and @Roquax's wins. Both earned their victories.)
  7. They must sacrifice a Hammerhead to you to do it though. So there's that. And you can drop Devastator in afterwards and destroy everything but Tantive IV
  8. JJ can describe better than I (and the forum won't let me tag him), but essentially the difference is that you have to choose between the token or the dial when the dial is revealed. You aren't revealing Thrawn's dial, you're issued it, so it has to remain a dial.
  9. I'll take that rematch. It can help me start working out if either a Kuat or a Cymoon are a good fit for the list.
  10. See, I would expect something more along these lines, except without the positive bits: Side note: on rewatching videos, I have learned that I need to replay this game, and that I really didn't remember the line I was looking for, but the conglomeration is buried in this video (I think).
  11. Fox wouldn't know what a fan base is if it got a movie made after the cancellation and beat them over the head with the DVD royalties.
  12. This. He'd clash with Starfleet Command for the same reasons the Expeditionary Force wasn't sad to see him switch uniforms, but if you choose the right part of the timeline (Dominion War, anything in the STO era), Starfleet will overlook it to have him on their ships instead of someone else's. Over time Starfleet probably has a better chance of softening him (by which I mean learning to control his aggressive tendencies) than either the Chiss or the Empire did (not that the latter bothered to try; it was a feature there). I'd pay good money to see how he would have fought the Dominion War (either with or instead of Sisko) and how he'd handle the Borg. No art, whatcha gonna do now, Admiral?
  13. Seems more like an inverse of Kallus to me. Also, I clearly need to reread the Rogue Squadron books because I had to look up that reference. Put Grodin Tierce in front of me (or worse, a Flim) and I'll call you on it.
  14. It's almost like, I don't know, he built the card. What do you think @Ardaedhel? On topic, he looks like an excellent commander with an extremely steep learning curve, but almost no skill ceiling. Time will tell how he hashes out.
  15. And just like that it is over, my second 2-9 this tournament, 423-196 in @mhd's favor. We played my Most Wanted, and against my better judgment (though it ended up being moot since neither ended up in exceptional danger) I selected a R-2 that I thought would end up near the ISD instead of his flagship (and my Gozanti, obviously). I deployed poorly, came in worse, and while the Raiders were mopped up by my squadrons, they did their job. @mhd knows what he's doing with those corvettes, so stay sharp, whoever flies against this list next. The early Raider dice rolls (triple accs on a DCap shot at one point) were offset by later ones, particularly whichever R-1 got within one or two damage of perfect output over four shots, all burying their missiles into Samothrace (Relentless)'s side. Logfile below.