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  1. Aurelus

    Grenade errata

    Stormtroopers also benefit from heavier armour and bonus to aim... Which can further benefit their hit chances with grenades. The playing field should be level on costed upgrades... 62% chance to hit vs 50% chance makes a difference.
  2. Aurelus

    Grenade errata

    Although I'm not a fan of changing released content for balance, is there a case for modifying how grenade surge conversion works? Currently all Imperial corps units benefit from surge to hit on grenade attacks, while only rebel fleeties can benefit from this. Impact grenades crush atrts (esp flamers)... While atsts are pretty much untouchable without Luke. We have seen a few cards (proton charge) that have specific surge conversions on them. I would suggest all grenades surge to hit, or don't convert surges at all. Your thoughts?
  3. Aurelus

    Son of Skywalker interaction with Free Actions...

    Thanks, that was the interaction that was missing... It would have been possible then to shoot, then pull the enemy unit into melee?
  4. Recently we had a scenario happen in which Luke was in movement range of a group of Speeder Bikes and a unit of Snow Troopers. Son of Skywalker was the active command at the time. With Luke's first action he took a Dodge. With his second action, he moved into melee with the Bikes, activated charge, and was able to destroy the damaged units. At that point, the Rebel player wanted to activate Force Push to move the Snow Troopers into melee, then Luke would use his second attack provided by Son of Skywalker. It was argued that this was not allowed due to the second attack must immediately follow the first. Is there somewhere in the rules that specifies this? Or is it a timing issue to when a free action (Force Push) can be activated?
  5. Aurelus

    Mortars and range

    Just wanted to confirm this weapon's range is the 4 range band to infinity, not beyond range 4 to infinity... ATST player last night was convinced he couldnt shoot a mortar at my troops within range 4. Thanks
  6. Aurelus

    Organized Play

    Looks like they are adopting a campaign structure to OP. Each kit will contain 3 months worth of content. Wow!
  7. One reason is that, at least for now, trooper units can only interact with objectives... Also, Im sure they want to promote the fact that its tactical combat... Imperials only running Vader and an army of speeder bikes would be ridiculous... Although you can do whatever you want in a casual game lol.
  8. Aurelus

    28mm terrain, 35mm minis

    That's exactly the info I was looking for, thanks!
  9. Aurelus

    28mm terrain, 35mm minis

    I have been looking at buying terrain from terrains4games.com... specifically a few forest, hills, and burnt out buildings. However, their designs are built for up to 28mm scale minis. With the larger sizes in Legion, should I be looking somewhere else?
  10. Aurelus

    Crossbowmen unboxing/impressions

    Been out for awhile...
  11. Aurelus

    Feed on Fear (Uthuk Command Article)

    Daqan seems super boring right now...
  12. Does anyone know if Legion will follow the Xwing/Armada model of having to buy everything to get access to all upgrades... or the Runewars model of everything will (eventually) be available to all factions without having to buy units you will never use?
  13. Sorry, just hate that term, and any NPE that tends to follow it... ahem, Xwing, ahem
  14. Here we go with the "meta"...
  15. From what I understand, if you roll 2 surges, tempered steel can only convert 1 surge to a hit before the card is exhausted. Is this correct?