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  1. I pretty much said the same thing when the landspeeder was revealed and was completed flamed for it. Nevermind the fact that the mk2 emplacement has critical 2. Even Bistan and his equivalent ion gun has better value than the landspeeder counterpart.
  2. Any official word on when the B2s and Saber tank are shipping to Canada. We are being kept in the dark and Worlds is soon approaching...
  3. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one picking up on this. Yes, B1s are "weak" on the surface... But not nearly as much as most think. Action economy is still a big deal.
  4. Suppression is a big part of Legion. In a game with limited activations, being able to limit your opponents options is a huge advantage, and a effective strategy. Having a faction that bypasses this game mechanic is a massive blunder. Gaining no cover from suppression on cheap units with 6+ minis is not really much of a disadvantage, and can be compensated by terrain. Ion X is a poor substitute since it is expensive, and costs an action to untap, which pretty much nullifies it's tactical advantage. I think a rework on how Droid troopers operate should be considered.
  5. Initial design was Rebels hit slightly harder, defend slightly worse. Imperial was the opposite, coupled with some slow moving units. Last few releases have broken those rules and messed up the balance.
  6. Or better yet, Sniper/Sab mini is no longer unit leader, and is first to die.
  7. Locally we have been batting around the idea of not allowing strike teams in our games... If you want snipers or sabs, you attach them to the 60 point squad. We will see if this gains any traction.
  8. My poor choice of words. Point I am trying to make is that the Special Forces slot should make for difficult choices. As a Rebel, why would I take PFs or Wookies over snipers? PFs are not great, Wookies are pretty good, but situational... Both are expensive. Imperial has the option to take 2 snipers and potentially 2 DTs (which are too good for the points) or 2 IRG which are solid... Opening up a fourth SF slot, and allowing for free commands with Entourage. On one side you have units not really worth spending points on that really make the choice obvious. On the other, you have good options that you can spend the points on since the army composition rules are being bent.
  9. A counter is not a fix. Introducing units that make taking snipers over something "better" a difficult decision is a fix. Anything that promotes diversity in the game is beneficial.
  10. Want to reduce snipers? Give Rebels better options for Special Forces. Want to reduce snipers? Eliminate the Entourage keyword. Fixed. The game is starting to suffer from poor design choices.
  11. ATRTs would be great if DLTs were not a thing. Stormtroopers will shred the thing without breaking a sweat.
  12. Sorry about your Vader, but Luke is the only thing Rebels have going for them at the moment... ... But wait! Now you can put Vader in a tank and launch him across the table Round 1!
  13. Sad fact of life is that Empire dominates the range/suppression/armour/defence/impact aspect of the game. This leaves rebels with what?
  14. God, why would you?! 150+ points and it's gonna blow up super quick!
  15. I honestly don't know how to respond to this. Hypothetically, you are making some good points, but this is all perfect condition scenarios. The reality is that 4 units rolling 5+ hits against white dice will eat 5 man squads behind heavy cover no problem. Strict Orders is terrible against compounded stress. Wookies are pretty good, but I doubt their effectiveness against Standby/Ready 1/ Precise 2... and red melee will punch holes in crappy Wookie defence. Flamer AT-RTs will lose their effectiveness at 4 wounds (less damage, less actions, reduced movement). 1 Unit with Impact and Precise 2 will absolutely score at least 2 crits per shot with that many dice to play with, ATRTs wont have a chance to hit range 1. I'm not trying to criticize your suggestions, but I am VERY concerned that this perfect storm managed to get past play testing. And given FFGs track record of dealing with units that under/over perform, a fix could be 6 months to a year away. We are planning another game tomorrow, same Imps vs another Rebel player in our community, hopefully we are wrong and/or overreacting.
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