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  1. The one big negative for me is how easy it is for a range character to disengage from a melee character. Maybe I'm too used to dnd, but it just seems wrong that players or NPCs can disengage without penalty.
  2. For someone in Australia who has not got the Falcon and can't find a supplier selling it, I would love for it to be re-released.
  3. Thanks for the inspiration all. Not sure if I have Pork, but have most of the rest. Think I might just copy some of these great lists, watch the suggested tube matches and just have fun with these iconic machines. It's ironic that the game is called x-wing, but the games namesakes are not top tier.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Howie, nice looking lists, unfortunately I don't have VI as yet(waiting for Houndstooth?). I will have a go with the second list though. I'm one z short for that list Shirako, but can easily pick one up. Thanks.
  5. Should have added, at my store there are lots of Brobots, horn/dash, Fel/with something's.
  6. I never see anyone playing x wings at my store or even on YouTube these days. I've tried playing them with my son, but they seem so underwhelming. Does anyone have a competitive (not op) list they could share please? Sorry for being a noob. Just want to give them a go as well as provide a challenge to my opponents.
  7. Dressy

    Sith War Sword

    Thanks all. Lots of great ideas. Particularly like Mouthymerc's above. I only want the sword to be a one off, with the party choosing to destroy or bury it out of sight. My group has a good track record of always doing the 'morally right thing', so I'm pretty confident I won't need to worry about selfish power hungry actions. One of the main reasons I asked in the first place, is because there doesn't appear to be any general rules for creating equipment or npc's. Not that confident yet with building my own. Thanks again.
  8. Dressy

    Sith War Sword

    There is a philosophy in some D&D circles that treasure should tell a story, drive a plot, or both. So since you're wandering close to this territory, I'd want to know the purpose of introducing this item to the story. Good point. Some wild ideas were going around my head, summarised below; 1. party approached by an archaeologist for security on an archaeology dig. 2. after going through several encounters and problem solving abilities, group find the sword 3. at this point the archaeologist shouts wiith glee and holds the sword aloft to reveal himself as a Sith. 4. The party, then have some decisions to make, and if combat was oneof them, I would like to know the weapons stats Many thanks for the positive responses. As a first time poster it is reassuring :-)
  9. Hello all. First time GM though experienced RPG player. Creating a future adventure for my group about locating a Sith War Sword (link below). Question, what stats or abilities would fellow GM give the sword? http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sith_sword Thanks.
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