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  1. Who's up for a petition to get it started back into production?
  2. Who do I contact to purchase the rights to produce new books for the game and the game itself.
  3. johnny5

    Finding a game

    The cam would be looking down on the table for dice rolls in a square container (I did this back in the day when I was dming D&D games). I would handle combat as if it was done face-to-face
  4. johnny5

    Finding a game

    I'm in Central Time Zone in the US. Never used Skype but worth the try. Combat shouldn't be too tricky if you use a usb cam. It'll be my first at GMing a Fireborn game (or even playing in one).
  5. johnny5

    Finding a game

    I'm seriously thinking on starting a game over a messenger service if I can find enough people to join in. If interested just leave a post with what ever im service you want to use and your info.
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