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  1. Yeah, well, but who should have be more suitable than you to have seen it from afar...
  2. You think it Obi-Wan's card, right? Is it because it's the only one that doesn't yet have an alt art promo?
  3. That is a rather vicious and asinine way to interpret BrianFFG's sharing of upcoming upgrade cards. Noone claimed that these cards were final. It only makes sense that cards that are a work-in-progress don't have the proper font size and alignment of the text. At least that doesn't make these cards "hastily produced" over night because of some negative backlash from the community as you imply. Perhaps this is how all cards during the development cycle look. Also, there are quite a number of explanations for the lack of commander icons on Kraken's and Obi-Wan's cards. Perhaps Separatist/Droid Fleets don't necessarily need a commander. Perhaps Obi-Wan is not the commander, but a new concept of advisor. As opposed to a commander like Wulff Yularen, a few Jedi like Obi-Wan and Joda may have a fleet-wide effect just like a commander, but could take up any slot of any ship of the fleet. 28 points would be a steep cost for that, I guess, but who knows. The lack of a commander icon on the cards is at least no proof that these cards make no sense at all as you seem to imply. Moreover, the notion that these cards are just "hastily produced" (i.e. shoddily thrown together) because of negative backlash from the community is kind of off. Apart from a few comments about the lack of new/old information, I rather had a feeling of the usual resignation from the community. Perhaps the development team who is working from home and try out new ways of communicating with each other during the Covid lockdown had the idea of trying out new ways of communicating with the community by sharing a work-in-progress. If so, I totally welcome it. In short, I have the feeling you just pointed out the most negative way of looking at this sharing of upcoming cards... like a troll would do. I really appreciate this preview of a handful of cards and would love to see more of these.
  4. Obi-Wan's ability will work quite alright with the Venators, which will probably have 2 redirect tokens just like the VSD and ISD. Btw, how will we abbreviate Venator Star Destroyers?
  5. An MSU fleet of the new Separatist faction is, not surprisingly, a big incentive to buy many new small ships to make Kraken's ability work. 😉 For the Galactic Republic, I guess, we all anticipate several reskin versions of ships, e.g. CR90, Pelta/MedicalFrigate, Hammerheads. For the Separatists, small base ships are more likely going to be completely new ones.
  6. #24 Instead of just cancelling OP events, FFG could really do its part to help prevent the spreading of the virus by pre-releasing the Galactic Republic faction Pelta reskin, you know, the Medical Frigate. 😉
  7. #22 Ships with pre-existing conditions, such as MARS (Missing-Antenna/Receiver-Syndrom) and SAMS (Slightly-Angled-Miniatures-Syndrom) should self-isolate for at least eight weeks.
  8. Wow... just wow... 🤣 However... more than a dozen guys and gals were trying to come up with light-hearted puns, and it took one of us 24 hours to come up with this obvious gem. I hope we're all fine...
  9. #13 Less visiting each other's ships, regardless of whether or not you wear health procedure face masks or respirators.
  10. So no ships with a crew of more than 1,000? No VSDs, nor anything bigger?
  11. https://www.the-postillon.com/2020/03/self-isolation-for-foodies-our-top-10.html?m=1
  12. #10 Now, I know, this is a little controversial... but the close proximity of all kinds of vertibrates, be they avian, mammals, pangolins, and whatever the green one in the back is, doesn't seem overly circumspect...
  13. #7 The use of CR90 Blockade Runner (especially those with Engine Techs) - which are too often used to undermine well-intentioned quarantine zones set up for public safety reasons - ought to be reprimanded...
  14. Most ships at least have the decency of only giving a little cough at short to longe range and you give a shoutout to one who inconsiderately sneezes at extreme range?
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