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  1. Game-breaking? I guess nothing really breaks the game. Just play it the way you and your opponent like. Balance-breaking? Alright, here we go. SSD "Harrow" with Commander Kyrsta Agate, Officer Kyrsta Agate and Minister Tua.
  2. I always thought Wave III was the one that looked the coolest.
  3. Oh my, those swindling rakes snuckered me into using Sensor Teams and NK-7s.
  4. Here's the ship card corner rounder I used. It worked quite nicely.
  5. Eval Knievel's list is not supposed to be working well. It just supposed to break the previous speed record of a squadron in one round, which I think was previously held by this list. Name: Untitled Fleet Faction: Rebel Commander: General Dodonna CR90 Corvette B (39) • General Dodonna (20) • Fighter Coordination Team (3) = 62 Points CR90 Corvette B (39) • Adar Tallon (10) • Fighter Coordination Team (3) = 52 Points CR90 Corvette B (39) • Fighter Coordination Team (3) = 42 Points CR90 Corvette B (39) • Fighter Coordination Team (3) = 42 Points CR90 Corvette B (39) • Fighter Coordination Team (3) = 42 Points CR90 Corvette B (39) • Fighter Coordination Team (3) = 42 Points CR90 Corvette B (39) • Fighter Coordination Team (3) = 42 Points GR-75 Medium Transports (18) • Rapid Launch Bays (6) = 24 Points Squadrons: • A-wing Squadron (11) = 11 Points Total Points: 359
  6. But who are we kidding? This is gonna be the fleet people will want to take to the campaign. Name: This is gonna be the one! Faction: Rebel Commander: - Assault: Station Assault Defense: Fighter Ambush Navigation: Superior Positions CR90 Corvette B (39) • Liberator (2) • All fighters, Follow Me! (5) = 46 Points Squadrons: • 22 x YT-2400 (352) = 352 Points Total Points: 39 https://armada.ryankingston.com/fleet/55532/
  7. Grumbleduke 413 Posted Friday at 07:41 PM Has anyone seen the rules for overlapping exogorth and purrgil posted, or otherwise know what they are? And here they are - thanks to TallGiraffe. From the "Rebellion in the Rim cards spoiled!" thread (If you follow Grumbledike's link, the image is less pixelated)
  8. "Players must have at least 1 non-flotilla ship in each fleet and can have a maximum of two flotilla ships, but can otherwise spend any amount of fleet points on squadrons." The way I read the Rebellion in the Rim rules of Task force building is that you may take as many squadrons as you like, as long as there is 1 proper ship in your task force. So the first mental game for me to try out in Ryan Johnson's fleet builder is this one; assuming it's a campaign with a larger fleet size. Name: Eval Knievel's Speed Record Faction: Imperial Commander: - Assault: Targeting Beacons Defense: Fire Lanes Navigation: Minefields Raider I (44) • Director Isard (3) • Sensor Team (5) = 52 Points Squadrons: • Moralo Eval (22) • 20 x Lambda Shuttle (300) • Hondo Ohnaka (24) = 346 Points Total Points: 398 How far can Eval move in 1 round? https://armada.ryankingston.com/fleet/55424/ Edit: https://armada.ryankingston.com/fleet/55433/ This version even adds quite some distance, at least the distance Eval spends in the Rapid Launch Bay of the Raider, which in this scenario should have a custom commander with Master Natigator III, a navigate command (both for the double click of yaw at the last joint at speed-4) and of course a squadron command token.
  9. Ryan Kingston's Armada Fleet Builder is updated with the cards of Rebellion in the Rim. 😀 https://armada.ryankingston.com/
  10. Just to be clear. There are quite a number of ways to express that a ship gains an additional click on one of the joints of the movement tool. If the way this is phrased changes over the years, so be it. Obviously, the priorities of the FFG Armada team in the last year or so was to introduce and playtest new rules and loads of novel and nifty ideas. Raid tokens, self-inflicted raid tokens for suicidal berserk ships (Cmdr. Beck), proximity mines, obstacle movement, zombie SWARM squadrons, custom commanders, gravity rifts, Exogorths, Purrgils, Defectors, Allies, a Prototype. And most importantly, SALVO. If this is the priority, I'm all for it. I can't wait to play Surprise Attack, Doomed Station and Double Agent just to name three of them...
  11. I get where you're coming from. Nav Teams [Navigate]: Your [navigate] tokens can either change your speed or increase your yaw value by 1. This cards doesn't care about the possibility of a speed-0 maneuver at all. It just states that your yaw value increases by 1 / you gain a yaw value of 1. So your question why they even mention the possibility of a 0-speed maneuver now, is certainly valid. I guess the way upgrade cards are written and proof-read have changed over time. Perhaps someone else's in charge of writing the upgrade cards in the first place. There are several slight variations in how the upgrade cards and objective cards are written and worded in Rebellion in the Rim. One example. In the Core set and old expansions, a card would read an [accuracy] icon and an [evade] token. These following cards are new. These maybe typos. Or maybe someone else writes and proof-reads the rules now.
  12. Well, I think it makes quite some sense. The normal term is "speed-1-maneuver". Admiral Ozzel - At the start of the first round, you may execute a speed-1 maneuver. Engine Techs - [navigate]: After you execute a maneuver, you may exhaust this card to execute a speed-1 maneuver. Infiltrator III (RITT custom Commander ability)- [...] At the start of the first round, up to 2 friendly ships may perform a speed-1 maneuver. Harrow - [...] When you execute a speed-1 maneuver, during your Determine Course step, you may change your first yaw value to “II” until the end of your activation. Rift Attack Objective card - [...] End of Round: Each ship at distance 1-2 of the gravity rift that is at speed-1 or lower suffers 1 facedown damage card. [...] Rift Ambush Objective card - [...] That ship must execute a speed-1 maneuver with a yaw of “–“. [...] Special Rule: Once per activation, after a ship executes a maneuver, if it is at distance 1-2 of the gravity rift, it must execute a speed-1 maneuver with a yaw of “–“. If that ship belongs to the second player, it may use its speed-1 yaw value. [...] There are quite a number of examples of calling it a speed-X maneuver. The only exception so far is Quantum Storm. Quantum Storm - M: After you execute a maneuver, you may exhaust this card to execute a 1-speed maneuver with a yaw of “-”. For whatever reason that was done, I frankly don't know. Anyway, I really doubt that the Onager Expansion will introduce movement rules for spinning a ship at speed-0. "Executing a speed-0 maneuver" basicly means not-moving, so you can't gain any yaw at any joint. I think the card only makes sense if it refers to a speed, really any speed, but above 0. So how do you call it? A non-speed-0 maneuver or a non-0-speed maneuver? I think the latter is simply just less ambigious and doens't call for an FAQ clarification right away. Edit: In addition, there is a linguistic reason. "While executing a non-0-speed maneuver, you may exhaust this card to gain a yaw value of 1 during that maneuver." If the card only refered to a "0-speed maneuver" there would be no reason to specify anything about "that maneuver". In this case the card would just read "During a 0-speed maneuver you gain a yaw value of 1." "... that maneuver" only makes sense in a sentence with more possible maneuvers. Ergo, all speeds apart from the 0-speed maneuver. All non-0-speed maneuvers.
  13. I just realized another mistake. The second paragraph of Kyrsta Agate's officer card clearly starts with "you can spend", and not "you can resolve" as I originally thought. For reference: A critical effect, denoted by the [crit] header, can resolve if there is at least one [crit] icon in the attack pool. - The attacker can resolve only one critical effect per attack. - The attacker does not spend a die icon to resolve a critical effect unless the effect says otherwise. [...] (https://starwars-armada.fandom.com/wiki/Critical_Effects) The wording that would line up perfectly, is the following: • Kyrsta Agate RED or BLUE O: You may exhaust this card to ready 1 of your exhausted defense tokens. You can spend O for critical effects during SALVO attacks. In other words, you can resolve 1 critical effect, but only if you spend 1 crit icon. The wording is weird and perhaps wrong. It usually would be something along the lines of "you may spend 1 die with a O icon to resolve..." or "you may spend 1 O icon to resolve...". This wording would be a bit ambiguous. What about a black die with a crit/hit? Do you spend the crit symbol, but still have the hit count towards the total damage or not? What do you think?
  14. Magnite Crystal From wookieepedia: "The tractor beam of the Starhawk was equipped with magnite crystals which gave it ten times the strength of a Star Destroyer's one. The Starhawk's tractor beam enabled it to trap and move a ship many times its size." (https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Starhawk-class_battleship)
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