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  1. Some quick thoughts I had: If 2 attack seems too many, and 1 attack not enough, what if it had 2 attack but the Title said "At the end of the Combat Phase, assign a Weapons Disabled token to your ship if it does not have one. Your ship gains Action: Remove one Weapons Disabled token from your ship." You could still have 2 attack, but they would be unmodified*, and you're not shooting if you're stressed, or bump, etc. You could even throw in something like "you do not get range combat bonuses when attacking" if necessary. Speaking of bumping, if there's a worry that too many of these would be a bumping, parking lot nightmare, how about something like a reverse Arvel Crynyd? "Ships touching you may declare you as the target of an attack." And maybe even "Ships touching you may perform actions as normal." All this said, I kinda agree with others that this ship doesn't fit in in the standard, competitive format. But for casual play, scenarios, epic play, it could be interesting. *Mostly. I know, Squad Leader, Fleet Officer, etc.
  2. Have one ship upgrade to an A-wing. Make it a very defensive build, Stealth Device, Autothrusters, shield upgrades, Elusiveness, etc. When the mission starts have him fly as fast as he can at a swarm of enemy ships. When he gets close enough that all the swarm AI's target him, swing around and train them all into the selfish Y-wing player, and then speed away. You can decide whether it's a better lesson to let him get destroyed, or to come rescue him with the rest of your squad.
  3. I have an idea about the TLT and XP problem. Maybe change the first line of scoring on page 42 to read: "Deal at least 1 damage to one or more enemy ships with a primary weapon." - 1XP and then under "Destroy an enemy ship or emplacement..." add a line: "...and you used a secondary weapon" - 1XP, maybe 2XP? Then the TLT ship gets a max of 2 or 3 XP per enemy TIE (same as what an x-wing averages), and it has to destroy the ship to get it. It should help even out the XP. Another idea I had was to change the AI target priority so that a turreted ship is a higher priority than most other ships. I know that if I'm playing a swarm against a squad with a TLT, I'm trying to get the swarm into the donut hole ASAP.
  4. Plenty, the key thing to remember is that with the A-Wing you neither need or want to hug an enemy up close every turn. If you are stressed flee the battlefield and come back around for another pass next turn. A-wings so this better than any other ship in the game, and even the unreasonably fast big ships have a hard time keeping up as long as you force them to turn. So if you are stressed with an A-wing use your speed to reset the battlefield. Got a ship on your tail near a corner? Turn each A-wing in a different direction (if not using wingman) and then next turn have everyone 5 straight out of there. Big ships will get stuck in the corner for s few turn usually, giving you time to reform your squad, attack other ships, and get obstacles in your opponent's way. Remember that while flying in formation is good it does give your opponent a single point of the battlefield to base their maneuvers around. If you have 4 a-wings flying in formation and they are all stressed your opponent knows you have limited options to maneuver and can exploit it. So break up your squadron into pairs throughout the game, with practice you can do this several times a match and keep your opponent off balance by dramatically increasing the number of places your ships can go next turn. Eventually they will make a mistake and misjudge your maneuvers, the key is to be ready to pounce when this happens. Most matches I play have 0 shooting for the first 6 rounds or so, I deploy so that I can fly around the board for a while forcing my opponent's initial formation to break up and denying them their plan of attack. By plan of attack I mean that most players have about 4 turns planned out at the start of a game, and if you force them to not be able to use that initial plan then they have to think on their feet, thinking on your feet lets you make mistakes and mistakes are what the A-wing is built to exploit. If you can confuse your opponent, having each of your ships flying in and out of a scrum so that there is no "obvious" good move for them to make you have probably won. I hope that answers your question. Short answer: if you are stressed and do a 5 straight green with each of your ships flying in a slightly different direction then awesome, you've probably gotten away and can come around for another pass. Do this a few times in a row, then switch things up and start doing hard 2 turns instead to clear stress. Then have each ship do a different green manuever. This will confuse the heck out of your opponent and usually lets you spread damage out across your squad. Once they are confused you pounce. It's the only way I've found to take down bro-bots and works vs pretty much everything. To this I would add: don't be afraid of a white maneuver while stressed. If a white move is going to leave you with a shot at your opponent, and leave them without a shot at you, it is the right move. If your opponent always assumes you're going to do a green move when stressed, they can become as predictable as they think you are. It's one reason I like cards like Wired and Outmaneuver on A-wings. You can still get some dice modification when stressed, and the ships make it easy to meet the conditions of the cards.
  5. 1) Outmaneuver X 3 2) Wired or Calculation X 3, Proton Torp for Tarn 3) Wingman X 3, Plasma torp for Tarn 4) Intimidation X 1, Outmaneuver X 2 5) Intimidation X 1, Wired or Calculation X 2, Proton torp for Tarn 6) Prockets X 1, Wingman X 2 I don't know. I love them all!
  6. I work in the Parts Department of a Toyota dealership.
  7. The Crazy Strikes Back Ticking Time Bomb er, Mine Action: drop this mine token, yada yada. When a ship's base or maneuver template touches this mine, assign a Ticking Time Bomb Token to the ship. Remove the mine token from the field, yada yada. At the end of the Activation Phase, a ship with a Ticking Time Bomb Token rolls an attack die. On a [hit] result, every ship within Range 1 rolls 3 attack dice and suffers all damage rolled. The ship with the bomb is destroyed and removed from play.
  8. As long as we're talking crazy, Temporal Flux bomb: (Yeah, I know. Wrong franchise.) Drop as a normal bomb. This bomb detonates at the end of the activation phase. All ships within Range 1 of the bomb undo the maneuver they just did.
  9. Wired really pays off when you are being attacked multiple times in a round and have Evade and/or Focus tokens to supplement it and your Green Squads will almost always want to use their focus tokens on Defense since Wired is as good as a Target Lock offensively (assuming you don't have a focus to backup the Target Lock). Oops, yeah, never mind my post. I was confusing and mixing together Wired with Poe Dameron's ability. I need caffeine.
  10. I agree Wired is a fantastic card for the A wings. I can't wait to try it. I also need to get Wired in the mornings before posting. Never mind.
  11. I played last night with Psycho Tycho, Procket Jake, and Gemmer Sojan with Stealth Device. I was against a kind of strange classic Soontir, naked Rexlar Brath build. I won the game, only losing Gemmer in the next to last round. Jake's prockets one-shot an Interceptor. It was a lot of fun flying the little guys around. I definitely need more practice with Tycho because of all his post-movement manuever possibilities.
  12. I have to wait until I buy Rebel Aces to do a 4 A-wing list, I've only got 3 now. The next time I fly (hopefully Wednesday) I'm going to try: Psycho Tycho: PTL, Daredevil, Prockets, Experimental Interface (38) Jumpin' Jake: PTL, Outmaneuver, Prockets, Autothrusters (35) and no-nickname-yet Gemmer: PTL, Chaardan, Stealth Device (26) The plan is to send Gemmer in close. If I arc-dodge, great; if I bump, good; and if I miss, well, at least he's rolling 5 greens with a focus + evade, good luck!
  13. Yeah, that's a good idea for guys that are better pilots than me, lol. I always had trouble keeping enemies in arc with the title and Unhinged. I always seem to pick the wrong direction to 3-turn and then I have no shots for a couple rounds. Ah, well. Practice, practice.
  14. With regards to your Scum Warthog list, I like to leave the title off of 2 of them, and switch those 2 to Unhinged Astromech. Having all the green 3s really opens up the dial, and it's fun to go racing around the board throwing ion. It also helps when facing Rebel Captive to be able to shoot with a ship that can easily shed the stress. And yes, being able to shoot 360 degrees can sometimes make up for bad maneuvering, but more importantly, it really helps against arc-dodgers. If you expect to see lots of Soontir Fel or Phantoms, you'll appreciate the turret. As for the Rebel list, I agree with KomS0Mol. drop Seismic charges on one Warthog to upgrade the other two to Proximity Mines. At PS 2 you're moving first against a lot of lists, so you have a chance to drop one right on someone's head. But if it were me, I would probably skip bombs altogether and put Astromechs in. The generic R2 'mechs are decent on ships with the title, they let you use your K-turn more without being completely predictable. As for complementary lists for your wingman, you could go with heavy-hitters, like a squad of B-wings (you concentrate on ionizing, they crush the ion victims). Or you could go with an A-wing or Z-95 squad for some maneuverability and blocking. Exception: If this tournament lets yours and your wingman's squad synergize with each other, then forget all the above and run the named pilots of the Rebel and Scum HWKs and Y-wings. Jan Ors + Kyle Katarn + Palob + Kavil w/ Opportunist and R4 agromech = 6 red dice blaster turret shots with TL and focus each round.
  15. Yes! 2 pages in, and somebody suggested Porkins! Let me say this: if you want to have fun with an X-wing, this is the pilot of choice! There are lots of ways to kit him out, but my favorite is Jek Porkins (26) Push the Limit (3) R5-D8 (3) Hull Upgrade (3) At 35 points he takes up a good chunk of your squad, but he is hilarious! He can Push the Limit off a K-turn, heal his damage, and he's PS7. If you ever have a casual game, I urge you to give him a try. One thing's for sure: whether he can or can't hold it, you will have a blast! Thanks for that build, I haven't seen it before. I can't wait to try it!
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