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  1. howieloader

    Apologies required from "FAQ" prophets

    You know the guy the local group doesn't really let know when they're playing and don't really have any interaction with when he's there... You probably don't because YOU are that guy...
  2. howieloader

    So I feel really dumb asking this....

    Yes, I would... I've flown swarms for a long *** time, there's not a matchup I go in thinking is an autoloss... Dash/Miranda would be close, bu I think that would ultimately come down to real world piloting skill...
  3. howieloader

    So I feel really dumb asking this....

    I went 3-1 at the Chattanooga store championship losing to the guy who finished 2nd overall... I was flying a 6 TIE swarm (Howlrunner, Mithel, Scourge, 3 Blacks, all with crack)... My main problem was MoV, which has always hurt the swarm... I just missed the cut to top 4, but would have felt really good against any matchup... Even the guy I lost to, it was my last game, and I made one huge flying mistake turning the swarm 90° into the flanking ship (Nym) to the right when I should have done a 2 straight and engaged the ship I had jousted with the previous round (Dengar)... Of course that list was a Dengar/Nym list, so make of that what you will... But I woukd have felt good against a rematch if I made the top cut... In the first round of firing he took out Howlrunner with ordnance before I got to fire a single shot which heavily neutered the damage from the other ship, and from there it was what it was...
  4. howieloader

    Gunner no longer popular?

    Kids, I can't stress the importance enough of not doing drugs...
  5. howieloader

    Is the game actually worse since the Great Nerfing?

    Rebel TIEs... If there was ever an indication that the game had jumped the shark, this is it...
  6. howieloader

    Hey FFG! Time for Bespin Cloud Cars!

    Not just no, but **** no...
  7. howieloader

    The Fel Challenge

    This was done at an Australia regional... The dude had not been playing that long and Soontir was his favorite pilot... If I remember correctly, he went 3-3 using just the standard 35 point Soontir...
  8. howieloader

    "Heavy Swarms"

    Back in my day, a heavy swarm was 7 or 8 TIEs... 5 ships... pshhh
  9. 343i can eat **** and die as far as I'm concerned... Halo has lost its soul, and they are to blame...
  10. howieloader

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Have: 5 2015 regionals shield tokens 10 dark green evade tokens Want: AA Wedge AA Luke (movie still) AA Biggs AA Vader (Worlds)
  11. howieloader

    Un-nerf the R4 agromech?

    Guy in our store, who is a member here on the forums, got 2nd at our last store championship running Kavil, R4, and Blaster Turret with Kath and 2 Binayres...
  12. howieloader

    What ships/expansions are you okay with not buying?

    I've got over 100 ships, but not a single Aggressor...
  13. howieloader


    This thread is lol....
  14. howieloader

    I did a boo boo.

    This is, like, incredibly sexist. Please don't. what? it's a joke stop being overly sensitive. Kids these days. No. You really weren't joking. You're pretending that you were joking, but if you didn't think of spouses as "ball and chain"s, you wouldn't have thought to use that phrase. If you didn't think of women as buying shoes for frivolous reasons, you wouldn't have thought to say so. You may have been laughing. You may have been trying to make other people laugh. But you weren't making a joke, you were making fun. Don't do that. Get over yourself... F*cking SJWs man... Jesus Christ...
  15. howieloader

    The Golden Rules of X-wing

    Hey, one of these threads...again...