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  1. Am I the only one that thinks the "Armourer" is Sabine? Possibly Bo Katan, but I think Sabine would make the most sense and develop a link to Ahsoka.
  2. Here's more of the same in case we miss some in this posting. MTFBWY
  3. Could be. I have no doubts the HWK is small, but with 5 hardpoints I'm not sure it's super small. Also, The Aka'jor shuttle is kinda big if you consider ENC and how it looked in the Clone Wars. Another point for sil 3 is the KST having 4 individual cabins.
  4. I'm not sure you would need to lower the hyperdrive stat. I can see the HTT and Armor going up as you suggest. I wouldn't add the bomb chute, though. I see the Y-Wing as being more like the WWII dive bombers and an actual bomb chute sort of kills that notion (at least for me). I would give all Y-wings a "pass" and allow the Ion Torpedoes to simply swap out with the proton torpedoes normally given to "keep up with" what we saw in Rouge 1 (Ion Torpedoes are normally sil 4 and up). I'm not even convinced that you should take a hit in Handling. If you are looking at Clone Wars Era, they had excellent maintenance all the time. The Y's the Rebellion managed to get their hands on were either already stripped down or they "had" to strip them down to keep them functioning for the war effort. Or, you can just be unimaginative and lazy by simply saying that the cowling used during the Clone Wars was purely cosmetic.....
  5. Whatever it is, I like it. I kinda thought it might be a sil 3 like the HWK-290 or Aka'jor shuttle or KST-100. The visible cannons, look (to me) like they would be twin heavy laser cannons due to length and thickness. I also think (total guess) the sensors are more likely short or medium due to it's supposed mission profile. You could call the Carbonite Freezer that 3 hardpoint prison lockup maxed out with double the occupancy? In any case, I like this ship. Just looking for other points of view about it, or if someone stumbles on new/more info about it, I would love to hear them.
  6. 100 views and nothing but crickets..... Baby Yoda do the magic hands thing!
  7. Has anyone taken a stab at stating out the Razor Crest (at least as far as we've seen so far)? Inquiring minds want to know.
  8. FA-18F SuperHornet (2 seater) could be an example to emulate. Maybe cross that with the EA-6B Prowler for a ship crew compliment of: Pilot, Co-pilot/Weapons Operator (payload specialist), Radio Operator/ECM/Navigator, Engineer. Would this satisfy the crew requirement and get the absolute most out the starship. Big side of Sil 3 or small side of Sil4? If you go Sil 3, add astromech socket and base it off the HWK-290, Aka'jor Class Shuttle or the KST-100 and go crazy. If you go Sil 4, Oversize external weapons for Turbolasers! YMMV, MTFBWY
  9. Interesting. Can’t argue with any of these. However, I thought the Dantari crystal would be in there somewhere for dealing with strain? The Etaan crystal wasn’t in there for reflect/parry? Nishalorite stone to know where you are? Seeker crystal to find those pesky hidden adversaries? The Barab ingot and Varpeline crystal don’t appeal to the more sadistic minded lightsaber swingers?
  10. I'm not really a fan of a "crappy ship". In ANH, the Falcon was referred to as a piece of junk but it worked flawlessly. In ESB, it only had issues for thematic purposes. Back to no problems in RotJ! I don’t see a problem with giving the PC’s a good (doesn’t have to be maxed or most expensive) tricked out ship. They (the PC’s) will break/damage it anyway. Having a list of quirks is nice to pick from to use when thematically appropriate, but shouldn’t be on the level of “crappy”. Humorous effect: Great! Mishap to set up an encounter: Cool. Hard wiring bad stuff into a ship to make it an NPC nemesis: Bad. YMMV
  11. +1 for Athletics. Brawl could work as a secondary choice, I think. Nobody tosses a dwarf!
  12. Thanks. Up until now, I have mostly overlooked Soresu Defender. I'll have to keep it on my radar for future characters.
  13. Just what it says. I'm looking for everyone's favorite lightsaber build and why. Edit: Sorry if I used the wrong terminology, I'm looking for what crystals/hilt style/modifications that best serve your character.
  14. Ok everybody, thanks for the perspective. Still not sure I get why something I'm spending XP to acquire should essentially be neutralized. At least adding blues or blacks you have the randomness of the roll. Just seems odd.
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