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  1. Did you do it for both versions of the rifle? You have the "Explosive Rounds" option as a separate weapon so they both need updated.
  2. It might be important depending on what happens in your game. I wish I did not have an example.
  3. That was added to the page on April 17 2015. The last post before yours was on March 27 2015. It was not there when they checked. Maybe you should have checked that before getting so wound up about it.
  4. I sent one yesterday. No I idea how long it takes to get an answer though.
  5. It is available to Enemies though so clarifying it in the rules for combat would be expected. Edit: One of the example enemies the "FORSAKEN JEDI [NEMESIS]" on page 412 of the EoE Core Rulebook has a Lightsaber and 4 Ranks in the Lightsaber skill. I don't have access to Force and Destiny here (my GM has it but I don't) so I can't check if there are any differences there that might address the Lightsaber skill.
  6. Thats not how I read that as I already said. I read that as "If you have a higher Melee Defense than your General Defense (how you got this is not specified in this very brief section) you use that instead of your General Defense against "Close Combat Attacks" (Brawl, Melee,( and Lightsaber ?, it is not mentioned in that section))". Ranged Defense is treated the same way. I see nothing in this sentence that indicates that General, Melee, and Ranged Defense are entierly separate of each other and interact in no way at all with each other. All I see is the indication that it is possible to have a different Ranged and Melee defense. This question and answer from the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook FAQ document seems to support my interpretation (note the bold part). I belive our lack agreement stems from the extreme brevity of this section (2 Paragraphs, one 4 Sentences Long, one 3 Sentences Long) along with the complete lack of any examples of how different sources of Defense interact with each other (In the Book itself anyway, some questions have been answered about multiple sources of the defensive quality). The section does not even mention "Lightsaber" skill type attacks at all, that does not really speak well for the comprehensive and clear nature of the rest of the section. The fact that we are having this discussion at all indicates that clarification is needed. We have mutually exclusive interpertations of the same section of the rules. Asking for a rules clarification seems to be the only way to resolve that.
  7. I agree with you there. What little time I spent with Java made me never want to see it again. The code is available? Where? I did not see anything about that anywhere. Looks like the practice paid off then.
  8. Well there's Melee Defense and Ranged Defense (the Defensive & Deflection qualities can add to these), and then there's General Defense. General Defense does not stack with Melee or Ranged Defense. . Armor increases General Defense, meaning that it doesn't stack with Defensive or Deflection qualities. The talents Superior Reflexes and and Sixth Sense offer +1 Melee Defense and +1 Ranged Defense (not the Defensive or Deflection qualities), so those don't stack with armor either. The way I read them, though, is that they would stack with the defense offered by the Defensive & Deflection weapon qualities because of their "+" symbol. Thats not how I would read it. I see it as General giving you a base rating in both Melee Defense and Ranged Defense which may be modified by equipment or talents if they modify the vaule ("increases by", "+1 X Defense") instead of setting it to set number (Static Cover Bonuses). Someone should send it to the developers for clarification since there seem to be several conflicting interpertations of the rules about defense.
  9. That would be nice. That way you don't have to be careful and rename files if you do something like send the file to your GM.
  10. He would basically have to rewrite the whole thing to do that. Lack of code portability is the price you pay for using .NET in your program.
  11. The best all around defense to me looks like Hutt Shell Armor: 2 Soak, 2 Defense Armor Master (Improved): Increase Defense by 1 when wearing an armor with a soak rating of 2 or higher Riot Shield: Defensive:2 (+2 Melee Defense), Deflection:2 (+2 Ranged Defense) This comes out to 5 Ranged and 5 Melee Defense. Superior Reflexes would push that to 6 Melee Defense. If you make the Shell Armor Superior it also gives you a Soak of "Brawn + 5" since you will get "Armor Master" on the way to "Armor Master (Improved)" and Hutts have 1 Racial Rank of Enduring. Of course you are only a 3 Advantage Sunder away from someone disabling your Hutt Shell Armor with you inside it which might leave you imobilized. Now I want to play a Hutt who beats people with a Riot Shield.....
  12. The difficulty for all Melee and Brawl checks is 2 purple not one. The 1 Purple difficulty for Engaged range is the base diffuculty that you apply modifers to find the actual difficulty when using weapon skills other than Melee or Brawl at Enganged range. Those modiferes are found on page 210 in the "Making Ranged Attacks While Engaged" section. Why they thought putting the modifers in a different section from the base value they modify was a good idea I don't know. "Superior Reflexes" (+1 Melee Defense, Not Ranked) and "Armor Master (Improved)" (Increase Defense by 1 when wearing an armor with a soak rating of 2 or higher, Not Ranked) would likely also stack in this situation. If you mean the "Personal Deflector Shield" it is classified as armor and would not stack with the "Hutt Shell Armor" unless there is a rules exception for it I am not aware of.
  13. Blaster + Blade Breaker should work fine. Your charcater would attack with the Blaster and defend with the Blade Breaker and still have the option of using the Blade Breakers "Sunder" if you want. A character I am playing uses a "X-30 Lancer" + "Blade Breaker" for defensive melee ranged combat. He switches to a "Vibrorapier" + "Blade Breaker" if blasters are not an option (some places we go to have a "No Guns" policy). He gets the same melee defense bonus (assuming they don't stack) but the "Pierce:5" on the "Vibrorapier" means even with low Brawn he can deal some decent damage when the blaster is not available. The "Vibrorapier" also has this going for it "Unlike other vibroblades, which emit an audible hum, vibrorapiers are completely silent" which is good for stealth characters.
  14. Looking at the "Model 38 Sharpshooter's Rifle" it is classified as a "Rifle" type weapon and not a "Ranged" weapon. This means that weapon attachments restricted to "Ranged" weapons cannot be applied to this weapon. One such attachment is the "Telescopic Optical Sight" which is restricted to "Ranged" type weapons. I noticed this while making a example character to show how bad the "E-11S Sniper Rifle" really is. I tried to put the attachment on a "Model 38 Sharpshooter's Rifle" I put in the characters inventory to do a side by side comparison with the E-11S but it was not on the list. @OddballE8 Try "Filter by Type:" -> "Slugthrower"
  15. This is the Light Ion Cannon entry copied straight from "A-36 Pathfinder-class Force Recon Vessel.xml" found in the 6/27/2015 (v1.4.6.0) release manual install zip file (not my install directory). <VehicleWeapon> <FiringArcs> <Fore>true</Fore> <Aft>true</Aft> <Port>true</Port> <Starboard>true</Starboard> <Dorsal>true</Dorsal> <Ventral>false</Ventral> </FiringArcs> <Turret>true</Turret> <Location>Dorsal</Location> <Retractable>false</Retractable> <Qualities /> <Key>IONLT</Key> <Count>1</Count> </VehicleWeapon> Note the lack of a override on the weapon damage to set it to "8" as written in the book instead of the default "5" for a light ion cannon.A printout of the Pathfinder made using this file results in a Damage of 5 for the light ion cannon. I think the "8" is a typo and "5" is the correct value, this (which was hard to find) seems to confirm that. I have made no changes to the original "A-36 Pathfinder-class Force Recon Vessel.xml" file in my install directory. I made all my changes to a copy made in the data editor, originaly so I could change the "<crew>" string and passenger capacity to reflect the fact that we added a "Ventral Turret Mounted Retractable Heavy Laser Cannon" to the ship. There does not seem to be a way to edit those values in the Character Creator so I did it that way. I can't seem to find a way to set the ships current encumbrance (we had a bacta tank installed) either. Excellent, I will be able to retire the custom weapon when the next version is released then. It might not be since the ship only has One Missile Tube (without "Slow Firing") instead of the standard Two with "Linked 1, Slow Firing 1".You end up being able to fire the same number of missiles every (multiple of two) rounds, the pathfinder just fires one every round instead of two every other round like most ships do. Thats good.We actually finally agreed on the A-36 Pathfinder because the tracking computer gave players whose characters could not fly the ship, repair it, or fire the weapons accurately something to do in combat. You could reorder the list at least when printing them anyway, it looks weird (but usable) as it is now.Since you know it is a built in attachment when adding it to the list you could just make the list longer at that point then move the player added attachments down the list however many built-in attachments the ship has, then add the built in attachments to the now empty spot open to it at the start of the list.
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