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  1. In the bottom of the Toad card there are not the "objects" and "followers" voices, despite the "strength", "craft", "fate" and "life". "Gold" misses too. Coincidences?
  2. Yes. That's another turn, not the same. For the same reason, if the Wizard cast Temporal Warp, he gains his spells at every start of the extra-turns.
  3. pag 9 base rule book "Encountering a Space – Other Spaces Characters must follow the instructions on the space if their player chooses to encounter the space instead of encountering another character. However, before they do, any Enemies in the space must first be killed (see “Resolving Battles vs. Creatures” on page 10) or evaded (see “Evading” on page 14). Any Stranger or Place there must be visited and any gold, Objects, and Followers may be taken."
  4. Hey guys, the same with Assassin (City Card). She immediately reaches the target in the center of inner region and takes away 3 lifes just for 3 golds!!!
  5. I think we have something similar to Druid. Druid Q1: If the Druid draws an Event which affects alignment, can he immediately alter his alignment to gain benefit from the card? A: Yes. I think it's the same thing with other types of cards, like Enemies. I see a parallelism between these 2 characters. So, your Q is: "If the Elementalist draws an Enemy which attack is the opposite of the elemental marker, can he immediately alter his elemental marker to gain advantage?" My A is: Yes
  6. Remember this ability: "After you encounter a space and have drawn the required number of cards, you may discard an automated Follower to discard any number of cards on the space and draw new cards to replace them, which you must encounter."
  7. I use to always count 3 "end of turn", then you are no more a toad. It's irrelevant if you became a toad during your turn or not.
  8. Mmh... Spells are too much powerfull. I've already house-ruled the fate for a +/- 1 on dice
  9. Here other rules to speed up and improve my games: Fix 1 - Hourglass: 1 minute for turn. Fix 2 - Impartial Reaper/werewolf: If possible, the player who controls the Reaper/Werewolf must to encounter another character (except himself) Fix 3 - Experience points (XP): When you discard trophies, excess Strength/Craft points of the trophies above a multiple of necessary are converted to XP. XP can be counted with pen and paper or with Strength/Craft counters placed near the alignment card or the trophies. You can discard your XP to gain Strength/Craft just like trophies. Fix 3.1 - Beating creatures on the board You gain 1 XP strength when you defeat a creature on the board in a battle. You gain 1 XP craft when you defeat a creature on the board in a psychic combat. Fix 4 - Gradual level-up: A character may exchange "N" trophies and/or XP at the end of his turn to gain additional Strength/Craft, where "N" = Strength/Craft value of the character + strength/Craft counters Fix 5 - Bonus Courage: There is a Courage Token in the game. Everytime a character declares to attack another character, gains the Courage token. You DON'T gain the Courage token if you have more strength AND more craft than your opponent. The character whith the Courage Token has +1 in battle and in psychic combat Fix 6 - Unchangeable spaces: Terrain cards cannot be placed in Warlock Cave, Treasure Chamber, Meeting with Destiny, Eyrie, City Gate, Town Square, Jail, Inner Region and Deep Realms I have a lote of House Rules for City Expansion and other little things... but the most important thing is my Adventure Die: Fix 7 - Adventure Die:
  10. I appreciate a lot your fixes, they are similar to mine. Here my opinions: Very variable. Sometimes I draw 3 characters, sometimes it's just random. This is the normal rule. (Remeber: If a character gains a spell at the start of his turn, he can cast it during the same turn.) I don't like it. Talismans are too much random to obtain, It's better if players can choose when they complete a quest. In my games they are not so easy to get. De gustibus. I prefer the normal rule: more plot twist and suspence. You can change your quest if you reenter in the warlock cave. You can do this House Rule: if you have a quest, you can stop your move in the warlock cave to change your quest. I use my d20 "Adventure die", very similar to your d6 "Event die" Like you say, I prefer to speed up the game, so I don't use this house rule. But interesting. I like it Thinking about... the 3 dragon kings are just an alternative ending like the others Very interesting, It simplify the game at the expense of the feelings. I'll try it. I usually use this House rule: Day/night gives -1/+1 only to spirits and undeads. I like the aura of mysticism of your runes spaces. I've added the Nether realm in my d20 "Adventure die", similar to your Event die Here I am, bro I've tried to calculate the frequency of events in the game to trigger the Harbinger and the Day/Night card. It's not easy because we don't know how many cards we draw in a turn. I think events are 1/6 about of the adventure cards because there are 6 typologies of cards and 6 encounter numbers (events are 1 e.n.). I think the correct frequency is between 1/10 and 1/6. Here my Adventure Die: Roll the d20 Adventure Die at the start of your turn: 1) Escape from the Nether: During this turn, everytime you have to draw from the Adventure, Harbinger or Dragon decks, you draw from the Nether deck instead. 2-3-4) Impending Death: Reaper activates. 5-6-7) Bloodmoon: Werewolf activates. 8-9) A message from the Harbinger: If at the end of your turn, you are not in the Inner Region and in the Jail, the Harbinger moves in your space. 10-11) Sunset/Sunrise: Flip the Time card. 12) Good luck! 13) Magic Interference: Spells cannot be casted or drawn during this turn, including the Command Spell. 14-15-16-17) Dragons Advance: Draw a Dragon Token. 18) Random meeting (only for normal board): If at the end of your next movement you are not in the Inner Region and in the Dungeon, if you decide to encounter the space, place a Denizen on your space. Encounter the denizen after adventure cards. Discard it at the end of turn. 19) Rare discovery: If at the end of your next movement you are not in the City and in the Crown of Command, place a Remnant on your space. 20) Adventurous Spirit: Gain a Life and a Fate. I can change my Adventure Die if I want a more minimal game. Original board with all the little expansion except the Harbinger. No Reaper, No werewolf, No dark fate, No day/night, No Ifrit. If you draw something about day/night, Ifrit, excetera, just discard it for another card. If you want to accelerate the game: just 1 life - survival is funny in 2/3 players My Adventure Die is similar to an ultimate Talisman GENIAL. a little suggestion: City and Woodland for the original board because Woodlands are devastated in the Cataclysm (it's written in some cards), highland and Dungeon in Cataclysm. Firelands are better in the normal board because there are references to the Valley of Fire. LOVE NOPE, HIGH RISK OF ERRORS BETWEEN WORLDS
  11. Yes. Cursed objects just cannot be ditched.
  12. There are some ways to know other characters' spells. For example, Prophetess may always look at the Spells held by other characters. Can Prophetess reveal the spells to other players? "Hey guys, Wizard holds Mesmerism"
  13. What's your opinion about Mutant? Please, talk me about your experience... My friends think this is a broken character and they want to fix it. Mutant has the most singular abilities in the game: She begins with random status. She just roll 2 dice at the start of the turn losing 1 life. The only certain ability is to avoid to be turned into a Toad LOSING 1 LIFE instead; I think it's a very good ability, because to become a toad really sucks. Mutant's values are 2strength/2craft/3fate/5life Estimation of starting status: Strength: 3,16 Craft: 3,66 Fate: 3,55 Life: 5,5 -> Note: this is a character who spend life to activate her principal ability Spells: 0,33 Mutation ability: LOSE 1 LIFE to roll 2 dice 2,77% 2) -1s and -1c 5,55% 3) -1s or -1c 8,33% 4) -1life !Danger! 11,11% 5) -1fate 27,76% Bad things 30,54% 6-7) heal 1 life and replenish 1 fate 30,54% Pretty good things in the most of cases If you have more than 5 lives and more than 3 fates it's a bad thing because you have just lose a life. If you have less than 5 lives and more than 3 fates, nothing happen. If you have more than 5 lives and less than 3 fates, now you have a fate instead a life. If you have less than 5 lives and less than 3 fates, you get a fate 13,88% 8) +2fates 11,11% 9) +2lives 25% Very Good things 8,33% 10) +1s 5,55% 11) +1c 2,77% 12) +1s and +1c 16,65% Very ignorant level-up! Now, think about light fate and dark fate. Mutant is an evil character, so the Graveyard is a pretty choice to represtinate fate. Mutant will probably use light fate for bad things (27,7%) [2-5]. In the best of the hypothesis we have 1+4 = 5. Light fate to 1. Reroll 1 in a 6. 6+4 = 10 = gain a strength. Mutant's opponents will probably use dark fate for ignorant level up (16,65%) [10-12]. In the best of the hypothesis we have 5+5=10. Dark fate to 5. Reroll 5 in 1. 5+1 = 6 = heal 1 life, repristinate 1 fate. If Mutant rolls 1+6=7 (16,66%), there is a chance she uses a light fate to 1. = 16 Otherwise, there is a chance for mutant's opponents to use a dark fate to 6. = 16 But, keep in mind: we don't know if mutant's opponents have dark fate to use against mutant during the game. Notes: - It's better if Mutant mutates with at least 3 lives (or 1 light fate) - Fates and Lives are the fuel for his ability... 8 and 9 roll in the 25% of cases. - Dark fate isn't a guarantee - If mutant turn alignment in good it can be easily broken (good mutant+chapel+poltergeist = omg) - No Toad is a great thing
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