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  1. I scored my second copy of twin shadows and general weiss from there. Wish they did also for some others that I need to get.
  2. If you can get a hold of super clean it does a great job of removing the paint all the way to the plastic. Does not hurt it at all. I use it all the time on mine when I make a major mistake and need to strip them. I posted a link below to show you what it looks like. You do have to wear either rubber or vinyl gloves or your skin will dry out.
  3. Well there are six wing guard in bespin gambit so that is a possibility as well. Six death troopers could be possible.
  4. I am also going with four death troopers and four loth cats plus two rebel heroes. That will total ten figures like in twin shadows or maybe eleven if they decide to do six and three like bespin gambit. So it just depends on what FFG wants to do.
  5. I use a visor from harbor freight. Works really well and is comfortable. https://www.harborfreight.com/magnifier-head-strap-with-lights-38896.html
  6. I buy two of the non-unique packs to have both elite and non-elite for campaign. For skirmish it depends on what you want to run. Plus that state of the current meta. Casual skirmish play one of each pack would work.
  7. If you could get a copy of windows. You can use virtualbox to create a windows vm and run it that way on your mac.
  8. The group I play with does not want to do a long campaign which I feel has more of a challenge to it. Plus now the group is up to six players so I don't think that we will be playing it any more. It will be just the wife and I playing it.
  9. I agree with you on the more content. It just depends on the higher ups in FFG/Asmodee. At least we shall see what happens on May 1st. By "Close the book" I mean no more physical content just digital content like they did with descent.
  10. I am feeling like that at this report. We will get "Here is a new wave for IA and we will be closing the book on it." That is just my gut feeling on it based on 6 months with nothing at all. I will be fine if that happens because I can't get people to play the campaign with me. Skirmish I really suck at it so it is just for fun when I play it with the group from facebook.
  11. They are used in some of the campaign missions. Once a rebel claims it they take it and keep it next to them. At the end of the mission they get an extra 50 credits to spend on upgrades from tiers 1, 2, and 3. I have not encountered where it is flipped in campaign to the colored side. FFG may have thought that there could be a mission that would need to do that but they have not released one mission that works that way.
  12. If you need one for campaign. You can give these a try. I use them and they work great for it. Might even for skirmish if you have a big enough surface for them. IA Imperial player campaign
  13. I am planning on purchasing the general veers pack of legion just to have that figure plus a set of snowtroopers to make a diorama which would be awesome to do. Something different for myself. I am going to test them on some 25mm bases to see if it would work. If it does and not cause a close quarter problem. It might be of interest for alterative poses for them. If it won't work then they will be used for the dioramas I have planned. I won't be purchasing the core set because I have no interest in playing legion.
  14. It just depends on if I can fit them on smaller bases. If it won't be a problem I might use them for alternate IA figures. It just depends but I won't be playing legion.
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