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  1. Page 47, paragraphs 2 to 5, Astra Militarum Codex.
  2. It's really good. Some terrific work has been done on the Legion mod, and I am continually impressed by it when playing. It can be a little fiddly at first, but worth the effort of learning.
  3. It's a bit late to claim an exclusive scoop
  4. And still nothing happened, so I pressed again, harder.
  5. Nothing happened when I pressed submit, so I pressed again.
  6. I just had a very busy few months, and had to put Armada and most other hobbies on the backburner to give 'Real Life' precedence. However, I recently realised while RL has its charms, I like Armada better
  7. I have two large Star Wars themed 40k Armies (Rebel and imperial). If I was to do it now, I'd definitely use these models instead and just put them on 28mm bases with conversions to lasguns and autocannons etc. The FFG models are great. But then, so is the game, so I'll be using my models for Legion.
  8. Really? I've used something very similar twice this week (MC75, AFB AFB, Tch/Shar) and found it steamrollered opponents without losing anything but Shara. It does require a lot of arc dodging with the ships, but if you manage to dance around at red range and avoid getting trapped it should be a decent fleet.
  9. Threadcrimancy!! if you are looking for article ideas, I heard a rumour that FFG have released an imperial star destroyer model. Can’t confirm anything, but that’s the word on the street
  10. 10/10 the Death Star. A beachball of doom, and FFG’s first inflatable model.
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