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  1. Also, everything in X-wing is pre-painted and I know numerous X-Wing players that have stated they wouldn't play X-Wing if they had to paint the ships. Having/Desiring to paint Armada squads is intimidating to many.
  2. Thraug

    New Legion Web Builder - Legion HQ

    the responsiveness is now much better on my phone, but it is still slower than the previous update. But, it is still very good in the best builder I've used.
  3. Thraug

    New Legion Web Builder - Legion HQ

    Excellent work. One issue i'm having since this last update is that the app responds a LOT slower now. i would say it's about 5-10x slower responding to clicks than it was a few days ago. On Android only, seems just as responsive on desktop PC browser.
  4. Thraug

    Is Key Positions slowly killing the game?

    Is the simple fix solution for this objective just to increase the tokens from 3 to 4? Seems it would address all the problems.
  5. Thraug

    New Legion Web Builder - Legion HQ

    FWIW, the android problem I mentioned above is no longer happening, as of today. Great tool!
  6. Thraug

    New Legion Web Builder - Legion HQ

    Firefox, Galaxy 5. Portrait.
  7. Thraug

    Is Key Positions slowly killing the game?

    Key Positions IS BROKEN and needs addendum. Why isn't FFG addressing this?
  8. Thraug

    New Legion Web Builder - Legion HQ

    Weird behavior on android phones. Bar showing army name and points partially occludes the unit talleys.
  9. Thraug

    Best 6’x3’ Play Mats?!

    Deep Cut Studio mats are great and cut to almost perfect dimensions, unlike every other mat I bought.
  10. Specifying this rss link worked: https://podcast.notoriousscoundrels.com/feed.xml
  11. Not coming up in my podcast app search, which I think hits all the major pod servers. Sometimes it takes a few days. Ill try agaim later.
  12. As always, great episode! I see my mat in the top-right pic!!! 🤗
  13. Thraug

    How would you fix the Airspeeder?

    The Airspeeder is much better on boards with terrain pieces of height between 1-2. I rarely see these pieces, if ever. We had 6 boards in a tourney last weekend and I think maybe 2 out of about 50+ terrain pieces were height 1-2. Makes Speeder 2 (and grappling hooks) dead points. Build taller terrain folks.
  14. Thraug

    Your opinion about Rhymer

    I would have preferred the nerf to be giving squads activated with Rhymer the ability to shoot at ships at close-medium. Would give carriers (anything with high squad #) a boost too. He's just not worth it now. Waste of 16 points.
  15. Runewars exists because FFG wants a super popular minis game that doesn't have a (HIGH) royalties fee like all of their very popular Star Wars games.