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  1. Wow, incredible. I may attempt to reproduce your skills. Sadly, likely to far lesser results.
  2. To have a commander that doesn't cost 1/4 of your army, something CIS players have been wanting for a long time.
  3. How does your solution cover all permutations? Each side can resupply from any of the 6 boxes so you can't assign blur/red colors to 3 boxes. Are you using orientation of the Box to represent whether or not it's tapped once or twice?
  4. I like giving them Scale. At their current bloated price I'd also like to see their melee weapon get Pierce 1. That would give a full unit of Wookies Pierce 4 in melee. A full unit of Wookies should be feared in melee and, for their price, this would do it.
  5. Excellent flowchart. Is there a higher resolution version? O saved the above pic and it isn't as hi-res as I was expecting.
  6. Incredible work. I definitely look forward to future issues. Is there a main page or source to track when new issues are out? Possibly a RSS feed?
  7. Cad preview isn't a leak, it's an official preview allowed by ffg, as far as I know.
  8. Here's what I just made for desert light cover terrain. There are some hard cover pieces in some of these pics but for the most part the light cover pieces are crates and brush hedges and brush scatter.
  9. Very nice, and I like the light scatter tree terrain also.
  10. The hedges were probly the simplest thing I've ever made. They are sponges coated with flocking glued to tongue depressors painted brown.
  11. Light cover is a pet peeve of mine. Too many boards now have very little or no light cover, mostly due to the recent influx of 3d printers. I generally make light cover terrain in 2 forms: Area that units can move into, and "strips" that units move through, like a hedge row. With that said, my boards have these types for light cover: Desert (Tatooine, etc): Dry Shrubbery, that looks like straw. Could make clumps of tumbleweed Forest (Endor, etc.): Bushes, Hedges, Streams, Small copses of trees Hoth: Haven't tackled this ... yet General (use on all boards): Boxes, crates, Cargo Pods, Signage, Bridges, Fencing (wood or any material is good) When it's done, I'll upload pictures of my desert board. I'm hoping to complete the area and "strips" tonight! Here are pics of my old-world village board and Forest board. We used the hedges, fencing, streams, bridges, smaller tree scatter as light terrain.
  12. I've always wanted Gary to write the Sequels, and now, any new sequels. Been following his Nerdom for years.
  13. Thraug

    Final coat??

    I've been using Vallejo matte and gloss brush-on varnish for years. The majority of my minis have a slightly tacky feel. I apply it as is, no diluting. I've had too many issues with spray sealers, and I live in an area that is often frozen or has very high humidity so sprays aren't ideal.
  14. Yea, I wasn't too clear on those numbers, hah. You get the idea. 😛
  15. I've always felt the movement off of the Speeder keyword was goofy. These units move just slightly more than a trooper unit if both take 2 move actions. Maybe Speeder keyword should be: Get X free moves on your turn, where X is your Speeder X. Yes,bikes and t47 get 3 free moves. THAT would make all the really bad Speeders (all of them in the game) worth playing, and they would be more thematic and plausible.
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