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  1. Thraug

    Looking to play in Buffalo, NY

    WigTii, thought you were moving back to Buffalo?
  2. Thraug

    Looking to play in Buffalo, NY

    Harte, join our Buffalo Armada Facebook group. We have plans to run a tourney when the Super Star Destroyer is released. I'll play a game any time though. What days and times are best for you?
  3. Thraug

    New vehicles!

    Good catch. Maybe the 2 hidden pilots are killer. Surge > crit hopefully!
  4. Thraug

    New vehicles!

    I'm also unsure I'd bother putting high value units (leaders) into these vehicles, since they will almost always suffer damage in addition to the vehicle suffering damage which is a bonus for the attacker!! Doesn't sound too useful even though speed 1 Empire units will move a little further in the tank. Was also expecting some serious boosts to ATST and T47, in some upgrade cards that work on both, both I don't see anything impactful. The new rebel pilot helps the T47 a little bit but not as much as Wedge does. Odd, seems like this expansion could have a hard point upgrade for both speeder and T47 that boosts the T47s value. Hmmm?
  5. Thraug

    Wich glue do you use?

    This is what I use for gluimg the minis to their base. It's super duper extra strong! http://www.loctiteproducts.com/img/products/big/sg_bottle_pro.png
  6. Thraug

    Royal guard fitting

    Worse than the fittings are the warpy staffs!!! They needed to be harder plastic. Grrrr, I spent a lot of time trying to get them straight.
  7. Thraug

    A minis base may not overhang off a ledge.

    What about a small box, 5mm in (real) height? Why can't a bike end its move over that? Not enough Midichlorians??
  8. Thraug

    SSD best guess of release date?

    I'll believe it's shipping when I'm blowing up Rebels with it on my table.
  9. Thraug

    Standby rule change suggestion

    This would be a very good change. Especially with turrets having 2 courage.
  10. Thraug

    Standby action

    Standby would be much more usable with the removal of the token from gaining a suppression token,
  11. Thraug

    Standby action

    The main reason Standby is a weak action (very weak) is due to losing the Standby token when you gains a suppression token. This was made infinitely worse when snipers were released. Standby, even with range 1-3 on turrets and the upcoming Overwatch upgrade, was bad before snipers. Now, with snipers, and most players using 1-3 units of them, Standby is useless.
  12. Thraug

    At-rt vs 1.4fd turret

    Their forward deployment will only get better over time when new deployment cards come out. We will eventually see high bid FD turret lists that Pick 3 deployment cards that really benefit the turret.
  13. Thraug

    Krennic and Deathtrooper article up

    Until we see all of their weapons we cant accurately evaluate them. We can safely assume they excel at, and their strength is, all purpose warfare, near and far. I hope the flip weapon isnt just a DLT copy.
  14. Thraug

    Unique squadron updates

    They are the most impressive, and persistent, squads in my showcase!