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  1. Nah, just the best thing since the Descent RtL app We just played the tutorial for now, I can't wait to try the real missions
  2. I see it on Steam but not on mobile, and even on Steam the Frostgate DLC is not purchasable yet. I wonder if it was released on PC too early by mistake. Hopefully not!
  3. We did very well on the base campaign with Zoey and Daisy. Can't wait to start Dunwich, we'll probably keep them.
  4. I finally had the chance to play this scenario. 3 investigators, we failed but it was great. I don't have the Beyond the Threshold expansion (not yet available in my language) but this one so far is my favourite. Thanks FFG, please keep them coming
  5. Really excited about this. Descent with the app is easily my favourite game right now. Thanks FFG!
  6. This (well, kind of) already happens, I'm pretty sure I received 2 relic items on my last Delve run and I think it was from search tokens. Not regular items though.
  7. I haven't been able to play the Delve much yet (one run failed on the 3rd stage, another in progress) but I'm already impressed by it, very fun and often surprising! Hopefully new content will keep coming
  8. The article suggests that it uses only the base game tiles, but what about the monsters? Maybe it can use some from the other expansions?
  9. I don't think it's clearly stated anywhere but we decided to play the same way. Hasn't happened to us yet but I'd play that you can't. This too is not clearly stated but I'd find it weird for a hero to begin a new stage knocked out
  10. After the audio hotfix patch I now experience a similar bug on my iPad 3rd gen with iOS 8. Played the Innsmouth scenario yesterday and there was no voiceover on the intro.
  11. Well, it's tied to your iTunes/Google/Steam account, so as long as you use the same account you can play on multiple devices of the same type
  12. Yes, on the character with the Renown keyword. Yes, when you win on defense the character with Renown gets a power. That power is lost.
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