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  1. Is there a way to rotate the screen during attacks? I'm having trouble using abilities during attacks such as but not limited to: with special forces gunner I can't turn the screen to perform the attack behind.
  2. The stream is online and we will be starting soon. Join us at twitch.tv/scifighter1 to find out who will reign over the Vassal League as the Champion of the Deep Core for Season 6. Ryan Fleming (rinehart) vs Paul Heaver (pheaver).
  3. Ladies and gentlemen, pilots of all ages! The Vassal League Championship match will be at 5pm PST (8pm EST) today August 1st. Rinehart vs Pheaver! Scum vs Imperial. Will the skies be run by the crime syndicates or will order through domination prevail. Asajj, Thweek and N'dru take on Vader, Quickdraw, and Vermeil. The match will be live streamed and commentated on twitch.tv/scifighter1 so come join the chat and cheer on your chosen hero in what looks to be a climactic finale of Season 6 of the Vassal League. Be sure to catch up on both of the Top 4 matches on YouTube at SciFighter1 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyuYFQeJ17kwjnSgB5WB4jQ
  4. Due to scheduling issues, we will be streaming and commentating the log file of the second semi final match between vanderlegion and pheaver at August 1st 12:15am pst. Trying to have an EU friendly time for this one but any night owls are welcome. twitch.tv/scifighter1 Two imperial lists enter but there can be only one. Come see how the best of the best fly reapers. Bring some toast because there is about to be a surplus of jam.
  5. Definitely plan on doing more in the future. I appreciate the feedback as I'm always striving to do my best. Limited to Vassal games but you can still get good games out of it, I think it's undervalued for practice and what you can learn from watching matches. The scale may be smaller but the potential knowledge gain is just as large as tabletop. Next match is between pheaver and vanderlegion. Just waiting to see when they schedule it.
  6. Here’s the first match with commentary.
  7. In approximately one hour, watch sycho11 and rinehart compete in the first match of the top 4 of the Deep Core in the Vassal League. Imperial vs Scum. Twitch.tv/scifighter1
  8. Question on the donations. The 10$ tier says focus tokens on the Season 6 announcment and the sign up sheet says shield tokens. Which is it? Already donated but I'm just curious.
  9. Interdivision match between AsGThor and myself. Only 1 of us can go 8-0 as we battle for lead of the Outer Rim. It will be streamed live at 9:00pm PST. https://www.twitch.tv/scifighter1
  10. He's not doing Ruthless 3 times, but it can trigger off either TLT or his second attack. Ion is nice, I don't discount that. It depends on if your meta needs it or not. It's mostly a matter of consistency for me. TLT hits more consistently. I do understand the use of ion, you might even try targeting synchronizer on Quickdraw so Double Edge can fully mod if needed.
  11. I have run a similar list a few times with pretty strong outcomes. I like fitting expertise in, as well as TLT. Double Edge then has 3 chances to dish out that ruthlessness. The Unguided Rockets are definitely able to be cut for a bid. While nice, it's your third shot and they shouldn't have tokens left. Not to mention at PS4, you may need that focus for defense. =========== Double Draw =========== 100 points Pilots ------ “Quickdraw” (39) Special Forces TIE (29), Expertise (4), Fire-Control System (2), Pattern Analyzer (2), Special Ops Training (0), Lightweight Frame (2) “Double Edge” (32) TIE Aggressor (19), Ruthlessness (3), Unguided Rockets (2), Twin Laser Turret (6), Lightweight Frame (2) Omicron Group Pilot (29) Lambda-Class Shuttle (21), Collision Detector (0), Emperor Palpatine (8)
  12. I understand the pre nerf Phantoms were too strong. What they also forget is the are nearly half of your squad points for Echo and Whisper. They can go down in a single round from a 360 arc, simple PS outclass, initiative loss, or a single mistake. The hyper aggression in the current meta makes them evaporate even when cloaked as green dice always betray you even when you have 6 of them. A friend of mine had an idea, granted it's not practical for FFG, but it seemed fair. If the phantom dial had a secondary spinning section. You still preselect the decloak as it is now, however, it isn't revealed until the ship activates. It's a bit of both worlds. Definitely more of an X-Wing 2.0 fix as they'd have to make new dials. You could also treat decloak as a maneuver like the Striker so it can be performed even if blocked or hit asteroids. A title revert would be the change to make for FFG as it's simpler. My idea for that is to change the timing back but make it a maneuver and if you overlap, skip the Perform Action step.
  13. We're back. My second season is starting....NOW! Drop in and see how it goes and catch up on YouTube. http://www.twitch.tv/scifighter1 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyuYFQeJ17kwjnSgB5WB4jQ
  14. My final match for the season is in progress http://www.twitch.tv/scifighter1
  15. Match Number 5 is finally happening tonight at 11 PM PST. Flying against the 1st place player in my division. Tune in and wish me luck!
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