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  1. Chrissr09

    New expansion?

    I mean they could pull an imperial assault deal, release a small expansion with the demons they missed and a mini campaign to tide us over. Then when doom eternal comes out, drop a medium expansion with new content, possibly new demons and what not.
  2. Chrissr09

    Ablative Plating and "Damage"

    What about against enemy seismic bombs? Would you be able to negate the damage dealt by the destroyed obstacle?
  3. Chrissr09

    The SSD counter...

    You just gotta make sure they're overzealous with their ISD backup.
  4. Chrissr09

    The SSD counter...

    Or an A-wing.
  5. Chrissr09

    Customized cards and new 3d printed weapons

    I was actually thinking about something similar, except use it as terrain piece. You can "claim" them by placing your leader in base contact and keep the other minis in your unit group basically in cohesion. I was also thinking 2 of each for attack and making the range 2-4+. I like the idea though.
  6. Chrissr09

    Veers and Vader sharing courage values

    That's what we were thinking since it just says "unit" and does not specify whether it is unique or not. Thanks for the clarification.
  7. Chrissr09

    Veers and Vader sharing courage values

    Can commanders share courage value? I.e. if Veers is within 1-3 of Vader, can he use Vader's courage? Or are they just independent values?
  8. Chrissr09

    Hyperspace Assault question

    Another quick Raddus question while we're here. Bail organa is on the set aside ship, does his ability trigger when he deploys or at all?
  9. Chrissr09

    Out of the loop...

    Another question... on nal hutta swamps, the mission with the crate throwing. How does that work exactly? Do you have to take control of the crates first and then toss them at the end of the round? Or do you set them aside and then toss them out?
  10. Chrissr09

    The new wave is in stores now!!!!!

    I ended up exchanging it in store. Kinda curious if they weren't packed or if someone may have grabbed them by accident.
  11. Chrissr09

    The new wave is in stores now!!!!!

    anyone else get shorted the gauntlet fighters?
  12. Chrissr09

    Out of the loop...

    so pretty much the same bones as the Jabba swarm, but no Jabba or swarm really.
  13. Chrissr09

    Out of the loop...

    Thanks for the info. I played a little refresher game with some of the new stuff last night on nal hutta. Han, Leia, Lando, Jyn, Gideon, and 3P0. Loved the idea of han getting 3 shots in one round. So what else is typically paired with Iggy? I've never had much luck with him in the past but haven't played him with the attachment.
  14. Chrissr09

    Out of the loop...

    So I've been more invested with armada lately and have not been paying attention to IA as much. So what is this Ugnaught sham list and why is it so good? Also IG Hunters, what's that all about? I've tried doing a little research but everything gets convoluted with comments it's hard to read them all. Thanks in advance.
  15. That's what I was afraid of. I'm still seriously considering it though. Bought a 4th VSD from a friend selling his small collection, so was thinking about tinkering with it. That's the most solid mod build I've seen of the actual FFG model. Thanks.