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  1. Thank's for explanation. One more question. It's mean that non-flying units during retreat does not stop on hex with this marker ?
  2. In rulebook is written: "When a non-Flying unit moves into a hex containing an inferno marker, that unit must immediately end its movement and suffer 1 damage. The inferno marker is then removed from the game board." A unit that retreats into a hex containing an inferno marker cannot retreat further during combat; any additional retreats cause damage to the unit. The unit may retreat out of the hex if forced to retreat during a different combat later during the turn" It's meaning that Inferno marker can be remove only when player move on hex containing this marker ? During retreat this marker still remain on game board and not suffer any additional damage (obviously one damege per each flag on dice during retreat). Confirm if I understand someething wrong.
  3. I order Yeoman Archers - if i did not move i have double shot (unit ability). My question is what happen when I play Darken the Skies card and do not move my archer units ? My archers have 3 attack ?
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