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  1. Again with the fixing. Wonder why people like the Fett and not the Chrome dome?
  2. one my second viewing onward in the threater, I also raised my arm with the Stormtroopers. what does that make me?
  3. hahahaha, That is not ........ al·ge·bra ˈaljəbrə/ noun the part of mathematics in which letters and other general symbols are used to represent numbers and quantities in formulae and equations.
  4. what is the debate about Norra vs Miranda? I just use both!
  5. starkiller base pilot with FCS, Tactician, Weapons guidance, & pattern analyzer. 38 points. You get anoth beast 4 dice attack. Some stress control, Can red stop and still focus (one time at a time), and loads of hp to soak up some damge!
  6. so I have been rattling this idea in my head all night. starkiller base pilot w/ FCS x3 = 96 points (what to use these last 4 points on? 2x tacticion? fleet officer and inspiring recruit?) the plan is to set up on one edge and fortress with the most arc coverage possible. make them come to me until the time is right, then disengage for 12+ red dice with TL and focus. ideally! if they stay away I am content to go to a final salvo with my 12 dice. Amazingly fun? NO Effective? IDK Am I going to try it at the next local store tounament? Abso Fing lutely! I apoligize in advance for the boring games!
  7. My crazy idea.... Grand Admiral Thrawn 6 When this ship preforms an action, every friendly ship within range 2 may preform the same action EDIT: add once per round? Amazing!!!! since it give the same action stress stops it and you still wouldn't be able to do the same action twice.
  8. How about this..... Kagi Collision dectector rebel captive whisper VI, ACD, Hot shot co pilot, Sensor jammer pure sabacc AA, Light weight frame, Crackshot 100 points you have Kagi for forced TL & stress, Whisper for Forced focus spending, and Sabacc for offence.
  9. The thing with "net listing" And "my own list" is if you know how to play the game, they seem to be one in the same. My last list build session was with Norra. After about 20 minutes of looking at every possible combo to get her ability to work, I came up with.......the net list! Because it just works! Now if I take this to play against you, will you think I am a "net lister"? Now I cant take my Norra because I dont want to be "that guy" at the LGS. Even tho I spent a decent amount of time considering a lot of possibilities.
  10. Well Before I read this thread my list for a local tournament was going to be... Whisper 32 VI 1 Sensor Jammer 4 Hotshot co -pilot 4 ACD 4 Carnor26 PTL 3 AT 2 Zeta Leader 20 Juke 2 I will let you know how it goes!
  11. So it is redundant. Redundntcy isn't always bad. Also helps Sensor Jammer from whoever Whisper didn't shoot
  12. Yeah, I agree with everything you said. I just thought of the list while at work. so Whisper VI, ACD, HC, SJ Jax PTL , AT, then what? Sabacc 24 Adaptibility, Lightweight Frame, Adaptive Ailerons what else for 24 points? No Int bid?
  13. so with all of this MindLink stuff going on, here is my idea..... It centers around Whisper... Whisper 32 Veteran Instincts 1 Sensor Jammer 4 Advanced Cloackind Device 4 Hotshot Co-pilot 4 total 45 Carnor Jax 26 Adaptability 0 Autothrusters 2 total 28 Omega Leader 21 Juke 2 Comm Relay 3 total 26 all togther 99 The Idea is ...... Obvious. token denial with jax and hotco, Sensor Jammer. Does it Hit Hard enough, survive long enough? What to drop and or add to make it better?
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