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  1. Managarmr

    Are you buying republic, separatists or neither?

    Scum main, occasionally Rebels and Empire. (Too) many ships bought for repaints and HotAc. 2 of 4 children playing regularly, the others are occasionally interested. One hardcore Rebel, the other 2/3 Scum and 1/3 Empire. Never interested in sequels, the ships are just boooooring colour inverts imho. Neither fond of the prequels execution. But possessing already 3 Rebel Arcs, I bought one Republic Arc, now I can have a gorgeous wingspan 4 Dragonfly wing for fun. Looked at the Jedi Aethersprite in store. Beautiful executed model, and good base for a ton of repaints. But I just do not like the ship, the design is totally impractical with a cockpit at the outermost and uppermost tip. And do not start me on the space banana with the amputated astros. So I guess it will stay at just that Arc. One child however is buying into CIS. So looks like we will having 4.25 factions (if not selling off Empire).
  2. Managarmr

    Are vulture droids broken? (Energy cell charges)

    Vultures are not going to like enemy cluster missiles. Neither concussions missiles. (but concussions needing to be shot as second atrack are a bit janky to use, and in the midgame clusterjam of ships dangerous for your own ships as well). As for their reload. 2nd edition has gotten a lot better with keywords, but they still sometimes express inconsistently. Would it not been better and easier to just use the Quinn Jast expression? Action: Gain 1 disarm token to recover 1 charge on this card.
  3. Managarmr

    Arcsarcsarcsarcsarcs.... ARCS!

    Oh, the creep is real. Compare also 5 Kihraxz < 5 Strikers/5 Tie Int <<<<< 5 Rz2 A wings. Kihraxz and Tie Int are in a bad spot, as they have the slot tax of double resp. triple mod slot, but nothing worth to put there. Tie Int at least has some hope with rerelease into Hyperspace, whereas the Kihraxz is just a sad panda. Yeah, the last sentence, so much this. As the guy who ran double Arc170s already in 1st edition, and iterations of double Arc + Uwing (the wingspan! squad)(before Leia) in 2nd, and also being the local medium base guy (currently running Sol Sixxa, Jostero and double M12L Kimogilas) I am absolutely going to test 4 Arcs. Behold the glorious wingspan of a 4 Dragonfly wing! I am not sure how many are actually going run this. While looking like the more point efficient ships among the otherwise rather expensive Republic stuff, and more resilient to being ionised and tractor-move, it is medium bases, thus not that easy to fly in formation. Also more susceptible to enemy bullseyes and stuff like Ahaav.
  4. Managarmr


    Fixed it for you Blabla-blubb.
  5. Managarmr

    Polish Aethersprite spoiler

    Nobody forces you to preorder. Wait until after release, and you know exactly what you are getting. --- That their final release article seems to come very late is a marketing fumble, agreed. However, them not publishing any point values is intentional and a good thing. It was quite detrimental to 1st edition that when a wave finally physically got released after a loooooooong journey on FFG's infamous "boat", points had been known for months. People had already played everything to death on Vassal, and for most waves already identified the strongest combos, thus cementing the meta already before ships physically on the board. And, thus boredom at release, and the forums cryin gimme more, more...accelerating the release rate and ultimately the power creep. I enjoy them not showing points. After all there is a reason why we have gift wrapping paper!
  6. Managarmr

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    For Empire, yes. But it is still a sensory slot, though, not too prevalent on most other ships. Not really a whole slew apart from Empire, but still helpful for the ones below as of now: Empire: 7 /1 in Hyperspace (Gunbloat, Lambda, Adv v1, Adv x1, Punisher, Defender, Phantom) Rebels: 4/1 (B-wing, E-wing, U-wing, VCX) Scum: 3/0(!) (IG2000, G1A, Starviper) First Order: 2/2 (TIE SF, Upsilon) Resistance: 1/1 (StarFortress ) As for the topic: Stygium Array, but especially Full Throttle are not good for the game, especially as you also can automate Juke by this. At least unlike 1st edition it is an action, and thus can be disturbed. But it is still easy mode free stuff. Same with Vader crew, just point and click your arc (not even bullseye). And a probably really unpopular one: Empire is one of the weakest StarWars films out there (not counting prequels here). Pretty much railroaded, no particular beginning and an open end. Show it anyone not knowing Star Wars franchise at all, as their first film, and they wont understand that much. Would be an interesting experiment, how they would rate the film.
  7. Managarmr

    Separatists or Republic

    No it is the As for the question. I myself was really strict against entering any of the new factions. I am already happy, that I never bought the blue core or any ST stuff. Leaving us in the family with only the original 3 factions. Buuuut still 85 ships - hey, I like painting and we like generics, and HotAC, ok So eldest child is interested in Separatists, mainly the Infiltrator. And I have 3 Arcs, and always wanted to have a generic Arc as well..... Guess I would have to sell some ships, but everyone in the family has a different faction as main. D a m n plastic crack.
  8. Managarmr

    The ARC-170 Preview We've been looking for!!

    This! Wolffee and Cody are beasts, agreed. R4-P44 with the fast moves on the dial being red might be helpful. Because being so slow was the achilles heel of the Arcs when I tried 2.0 rebel incarnations. But everything depends on points, of course.
  9. Managarmr

    Ahsoka and Cody form the Stream

    That was what I feared. But new factions have to sell I guess. Getting an extra defense die is huge versus the small cost of the potential risk of miscalculating (or being bumped) and thus crossing or landing on a cloud. Costs you only the action, no potential damage, no penalty on firing. Apart from players fielding Dash, Mining Guild TIEs or vultures, or players expecting swarms and wanting to brake them by sly obstacle placing (which is going to be difficult if the swarm opponent brings 3 beneficial obstacles) why would anyone field other things than the gas clouds? With these things improving defense at very small risk, this - enforces even more high Ini ace meta, because these can more effectively place themselves (more protected being in an unavoidable enemy arc by being behind cloud and maybe outmaneuvred their other target and self shooting unobstructed) -leads to more games going to time
  10. Managarmr

    Scum post points adjustment... now what?

    Yeah, I forgot, that he cannot yet. So ideally 3 to the front (maybe with predator, crack or marksman), and 5 to the side. One interesting ruling here: While rules reference says "Bullseye arc (bullseye symbol) This arc is found inside the (front arc symbol). If something is in a ship’s (bullseye) arc, it is also in its (front) arc", FFG has following ruling on it (their official thread): "Q: Does Kavil (Scum, BTL-A4 Y-wing) roll an additional attack die when attacking with a turret weapon when the turret arc indicator is set to his front arc? A: Yes. Additionally, note that Kavil would roll an additional attack die when performing an attack that specifies bullseye arc, even though the target is also by definition in his front arc." So FFG rules in Kavil's favour here. Torani is a bit a points-trap, isn't she? With the initial old 1.0 ed pilot ability she was nice (albeit the later ruling of "any" equals even "zero" ruined her totally), her 2.0 iteration seems not that good, as her pilot ability conflicts with the ship ability: "After you perform an attack, each enemy ship in your bullseye suffers 1 damage unless it removes 1 green token. Dead to Rights: While you perform an attack, if the defender is in your bullseye, defense dice cannot be modified using green tokens." So when she shoots in bullseye (trigger "while"), the defender cannot use the green token, so it is still there, when Torani's ability comes in play (trigger after). So the opponent just removes the token, which he could' nt use anyways. Only if the defender has no token at all, and when she manages to get the bullseye simultaneously, she procs damage and thus Jostero, if he is positioned correctly. That's why in my latest Jostero list iteration I have 2 Executioners with Marksman together with Sixxa in my list above (all are Initiative 3, which is an advantage, when trying too juggle 3 medium bases, 3 medium bases with thier wider berth can also used to block enemies so that they land on obstacles and maybe thus proc Jostero), instead of trying to squeeze Torani in, costing me points for bombs or shenanigans like Qi'ra on Sixxa. Torani would ideally like a token stripper first, so maybe e.g. Serissu with a Tractor, something an opponent might want to absolutely avoid, thus making way for Torani to proc. You loose firepower though in order to try proc Torani and Jostero. Might also hamper your flying too much, I felt after trials with Genesis Tractor+VTG Kavil+Sixxa+Jostero that it's better to have a points efficient hard hammering flank (smashed already twice defender lists) instead of forcibly trying Jostero to trigger, and thus landing in awkward lists and situations. But you might be a better pilot than me, I would absolutely be interested to hear how it is going. Probably fun. But feedback array is range zero, so you need to fly well and block a lot (and not bump your other ships as well) With Jostero the lynchpin here, the opponent will probably try to kill him first, and while 5hull+1shield behind 2greens (3 greens 1-2 times) doesn't die immediately, Kihraxz still fold fast if concentrated upon. Leaving you with a bunch of weak-2-dice low Ini Zetas.
  11. Managarmr

    Nib cost me the game

    In my experience that happens a lot more often than the nib-nubs clipping an object. You would beautifully execute a perfect maneuver, snuggly fitting base to base with a half millimeter in between, for that perfect formation or killshot. Only to bump the outmost part of one of the stupid nib-nubs.
  12. Managarmr

    Assembled Disassembling Pictures

    YV666: First step has been shown elsewhere (mostly for people wanting easier storage). You can just pull off the whole aft section after the curvature of the main hull. But you can dissamble further, as seen in the picture. The wing base sits on two thick pegs. In my model I needed quite a lot force to get it apart. For others there was so little glue on the pegs, that they just easily could broke off the small rectangle aft of the pegs by pushing with a sharp object, and then just lifting off. The wings can be lift off easily upwards, just a little squiggling after some time in the freezer. I actually think that the better solution for storage, juts magnetising the wings: The bottom part of the main hull sat rather loose in my model.
  13. Managarmr

    Terrifying Technology: Vulture preview

    I do not get it either why people here are so fond of them. They are not an attack, so the ship launching still can attack. They are not in system phase (unneccessary complication). They have a built in tragedy simulator, with not only straight, but even bank templates. Opponent can even choose if they are in front of or behind you. If you for some reason cannot get rid of them, it is an unavoidable crit(!) every round. In order to get rid of them, you either have to waste an attack (and hit(!), they have 3 green dice) or a reposition (if your ship can do it) or you ram them into an obstacle, eating a hit doing that. All the separatist player's ships are immune to them, like old 1.0 Nym (and only he, not everyone in his squad) was to his bombs. As low as 3-4pts suggested here, are you people serious? I do not think they are good for the game, even if they show themselves being gimmicky.
  14. Managarmr

    Scum post points adjustment... now what?

    Tested Drea and 2 IonYs with Proach and Seevor flanking through the asteroids. It is evil. One of my children flies a variant with the flank being Tractor+Jam IG-B. Kavil is also still a beast, remember that his ability even applies to the bullseye. Ion version in an ideal situation at range 1 with Vtg 4 forward and 5 to the side. Kihraxz are better than in 1st edition. They are harder to kill and the addition of 2Trolls is nice. It would however preferred if it kept the 5k, rather than the 4K! And still, feels a bit overcosted, as you can get 5 into 200pts, but for the same cost you can get 5 strikers, or mix of 5 amazing Resistance A wings. Played around a bit with Viktor, and then BT1 elsewhere in the list. But it is hard to proxy. Instead I am flying right now Sixxa (Skilled bombardier!, Seismic, Prox mine for that sweet wide area) with Jostero trailing (not that easy to proc him and not eat your own bomb, Sixxa makes it a lot easier). The other flank either Mining Ties or Ion Ys, or 2 Kimogilas. The M12L Killergorillas also got a lot better. Just the Executioner with Marksman, keep it lean. People are afraid of their bullseye, rightly so, and tend to fly suboptimally to avoid the eye.
  15. Managarmr

    Rebel ARC builds

    Norra is fun (as stated above). Ibtisam with Elusive and Chopper bot is the one of the cheapest regens out there (costs an action, but does not assign disarm). That said, Arc170s are really slow, and with one defense die, in my few tests they struggled both against ace lists (undercosted Resistance A wings probably make the problem worse) and beafy lists. But, I am not really a good pilot ;), and had 2 Arcs i my list. Maybe it is better to have just Norra. But that was before points adjustment. We have an efficience meta (better with more firing arcs instead of a few costly ships), but stuff like massed proton torps, barrage bombers and Punishers, Whisper-Vader, have mostly disappeared, and: Leia!