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  1. New preview: save the dream

    I use her also as a potential trigger for my scavenger reload. If I did not manage to kill an enemy that round, her being killed gives extra mileage of her cheap 12 points by reloading my other ship (s). And as we sidetrack Scyks here: Genesis Red has some useage, esp with a control cannon like Flechette or Ion. @thespaceinvader Quinn Jast fires potentially more than once, as he has reload. But is expensive, and my feeling was either dies too fast or is too long out of combat trying to reload.
  2. The Kashyyyk Aces Pack

    Weapons Engineer looks like a Gammorean. But basically you're right.
  3. Director Krennic

    Exactly this, because Moff shunting Krennic to prevent a crit should not remove the condition (if FFG rules similar to other conditions). So for 5+2pts not just a shield, but 2 shields, and unavoidable shield removing on your enemy.... But, you know Empire always gets "hosed", if you read this forum. It can never be good enough for some notorious people here.
  4. Mostly the latter. Quadjumper is a crit magnet and slow. Many reds as well, in order to use the tractor array you more or less need pattern analyzer as well, so you accumulate points fast. However, I like the ship and I'd really would like them have success on the table. One build I tried, was fun and surprisingly effective: Cad Bane + Bomblet (which gets damage boost by Cad). With Zuvio you can throw forward (but need barrel roll), with Sarco you survive longer, but points add up fast. Combining that Bomblet Quad with Cpt Jo(u)stero is something I plan to test next.
  5. Scum Corvette and??

    Hoping for the Mandalorian Corvette since 2 years ago. Wild Karde has the nice StarWars used look, but would once again be modified civilian craft suddenly beating military grade cruisers. And that vaccum cleaner resemblance just kills it for many people. Star Jewel is just not practical scale wise, FFG would have to shrink it a lot, and even then the spines would have to be made retractable. We also have Jabba in the game, would be strange to release his ride w/o him (or useless double) almost as an afterthought. And Jewel is bland. Plus, Scum is also mercenaries! A dedicated military cruiser type opens up a lot more scenario possibilities than a transport or a yacht (mostly just escort or ambush type scenarios - we have already the huge GR75 and the C-roc as well as many small freighters for these). Edit: should read corvettes instead of cruisers (albeit SW is a mess regarding ship type names), thanks @SEApocalypse
  6. Showcase: M3-A Interceptor "Scyk"

    The Hutt scheme really does not do the Scyks any favour. Repainted they look much better. Anyways, 2 of mine: Genesis Red's red ride. I wanted a little more flashy/gaudy style than the card art. As a crime lord he likes to show off with the golden bands. A Black Sun M3A
  7. Showcase: Kihraxz

    My Cpt Jo(u)stero
  8. Lighting and Repaints

    You did not by any chance take pics while dissasembling? If yes, pleasy post them in the "splitting" thread.
  9. Madeline of LightCraft's Miniature Repaint Thread

    OMG, I am unworthy. This YV! And painting on TIE wings is a real pain (I made mining TIEs), so this FO
  10. C-ROC Dimensions

    Size comparison
  11. Managarmr's creative corner

    Pretty funny, but guess what I did last week, and what was spoiled yesterday.... Work in progress, not yet totally finished (amongst other things lines round cockpit). But the X-wing was last year on a sell-out for some 4bucks, so I thought "why not" and bought one to paint up as partisan. Wave1 had rather bad production quality, plastic surface is rough in places, and I had to take off and align one of the cannons correctly (several of my X-wings both core and wave1 had this problem). Wing patterns is different from FFG's, but cockpit section is similar
  12. New preview: save the dream

    Salt, salt, salt There are quite some Rebel and Scum ships which would LOVE having access to LWF! @Boom Owl "I am 100% sure something in here will break (...) Vcx" Saw and a focus generator on VCX is going to be brutal!
  13. But an app which changes RULES back and forth and simultaneously having a cardboard versions can lead to very different games played. Making it difficult to switch between the 2. I'd like to see rather an app with a ban-list of forbidden combos (further advantage does not kill of janky B-tier in casual because some certain card is a problem at Waac tourney play and thus nerfed to the ground, making it completely unplayable for everyone). Apart from possible squad compositions with a ban app still the same games are played, with the same rules for everyone. And no need for smartbphine at home.