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  1. Managarmr

    Pilots who you fear won't survive the 2.0 upgrade

    Arc170 Brayleeeeen Hwk290 Rebel Roark Kihraxz Cpt Jo(u)stero M3A Scyk Sunny (!), Genesis Red. TIE Adv Juno TIE l/n Backstabber, Scourge TIE Int Turr Phennir X T65 Tarn Mison Y Scum viable Drea w R4B11 That said, correctly priced Quinn Jast and Mj Rhymer would be cool. But not highest priority fir me.
  2. Managarmr

    Scum in 2.0

    Being away for a year you probably missed the Vaksai, giving it a push, esp as missile platform with GC. Also, Viktor Hel! He is really fun to fly w Vaksai and Stealth device. 2.0 Kihraxz looses 5K, but gets 2Talon. Also 3 straight blue now, and one more hull. So looks good, so far. Talonbane now gets bonus against secondaries as well, that was his problem, him being released with TLT in the same wave. And we got to keep Viktor One bummer for me is that the Scyk dial and the Kihraxz dial are now quite different, I like to fly a loose band of those (E.g Talonbane, Viktor, Genesis and Sunny). Will be slightly more difficult in the future. Overall I really hope that this time we will get good Scum small snubfighters, not just stupid big bases.
  3. Managarmr

    "Caption Rex"

    The difference to FFG, though, I am not a native speaker.
  4. Managarmr

    "Caption Rex"

    So as the ship pilot probably is spelled Captain Rex on the pilot card, in the current iteration you will always be supressed, cause you never can attack Caption Rex Do FFG ever proof read? Reminds of the text garble on the Jam token reference card ("remove of its 1 tokens"). Or even worse, the C-Roc blunder.
  5. Managarmr

    Take Action - 2.0 article

    Old R3 was sooo trash. Would be interesting what the designer of the card thought! New R3 with baked in weapons engineer, who can acquire both locks simultaneously, saving you a turn, is definitely interesting. Question is the point cost, though. Also if there are going to be other benefits from having target locks other than rerolls on attack. Old weapons engineer is interesting in Epic. And for 100/6 I have used WE and M9G8 together both on Arc170 and the Sheathepede as support. Question is if WE and M9G8 still exist in 2.0?
  6. Managarmr

    Bullseye Arc Discussion

    Very curious what they have done with the two named M12L/Kimogila pilots. With 2.0 flying being harder due to overall less reposition opportunities and the (deserved) nerf to barrel rolls, it is going to be more difficult to trigger the Bullseye. Hopefully it is worth it with the named ones.
  7. Managarmr

    Dace Bonearm 2.0

    Being ionised seems less bad in 2.0 though. So not sure if Dace is worth it, in 1.0 he did additional damage.
  8. Managarmr


    Which was worsened by FFG's tendency to pack all the amazing pilot feats onto the pilot cards of the highest PS pilots. Instead of having really good stuff/abilties at PS 4-6, and the PS 8-9 mostly being just 8-9.
  9. Managarmr

    Old factions vs New factions

    Easy for me. I will keep to Empire, Alliance and Scum. Never bought anýthing from sequel era apart from 2 Quadjumpers (the second for painting/modding). I was tempted to buy a newer core for the damage deck only, but did not want the inverted colour scheme ships, and was always hoping for another starter set (in vain....) And I actually some 1.5 years ago predicted a faction split once they have some more sequel ships, so one more reason there already for me to not get FO or Resistance ships. The 2 sequel era factions will be suffering from the delay of their conversion set. FO has somewhat enough ships to be viable. Resistance however, has a really low ship count. We will see how it fares, risk for it being dropped hard, at least for several months.
  10. Good analysis. And I share your scepticism. Esp with FFG's track record so far on balancing. However, we still do not know much about the app. It could, in addition to the tuning by -point costs -upgrade slots on ships even contain another level of tuning by a few list restrictions to avoid problematic "supersynergies". Like e.g. if you have Nym, you cannot have Dengar as well, if you have Miranda no Dash,... (whatever, these are only illustrations).
  11. Managarmr

    Scum got nerfed hard

    As the totally overpowered W8 G1A, W10 Quadjumper, W12 Kimogila clearly show. They absolutely rule the competitive scene. Nym mostly shows up as Rebel. Fang fighters shone rather short time, and mostly Fenn only. Almost all Scum small ships always mostly (some actually totally) sucked in the game. Latest with Mindlink nerf they disappeared. There are a few good large base ships (Brobots, the totally broken JM5K, Lancer). And its pretty funny, Scum was definitely not fairing well the last few months - some 15-20% list participation, abysmal low number getting wins in Swiss, or beware cut. STILL NO WHINING HERE. 2.0 announced, within 2 days we had some 5 Imperial whining threads: "I see no video with TIEs winning", "the advanced is bad and DOA" "Vader is not getting what he deserves" blabla. All pretty unsubstantiated, as we then even knew lees than now. We have now this thread with the OP having similarly unsubstantiated assumptions (the vital and crucial points values and number of upgrade slots are still UNKNOWN), and it gets the full hate. With lots of likes on the hate posts from well known Imperial whiners. Man, FFG did the S&V faction such a disservice with the stupid JM5K. People, let the past die! The other Sum ships do not deserve such a hate.
  12. Managarmr


    Having all 3 factions, but having 6 Kihraxzes as well, and 6 Scyks. You know I like repainting Now they really can reposition (BR, t-roll), however loosing the 5K (hurts Talonbane), and the alternative K-turns. Upgrading of both the Scyk and the Kihraxz dial in quite different directions however, means they are far more difficult to field together. I really like mixing 1.0 Kihraxzes (BSA, Viktor!) and some Scyks (Mangler, Ion, Sunny!)
  13. Managarmr

    So I heard you like Lambdas...

    The question is, why would FFG still do this? I mean, with the app you can just forbid R4 on a JMK5, or cost it like 50pts? If they already now have to refrain to those stupid restrictions (small ship only) to just avoid one super combo, why having 2.0 and the app at all?
  14. Managarmr

    An idea for Veteran Instincts 2.0

    Sooo, if they keep Torkil Mux, he could be like the post above in the 2nd edition iteration. If Roark is still there, I hope Torkil is there as well. Both are fun and bring Hwks to the table.
  15. Problem is you will run fast out of players for 1.0. Yes you could play 1.0 at home. But for me as an example, 2 of my kids go to the local club where they're converting to 2.0, so we would have to have 2 different rulesets in parallel. That's a recipe for desaster, esp with kids playing. FFG also in a smart way saved themselves the hassle of having to find new ships. Because a lot of pilots disappear (most ships will have 4 pilots, that's quite a downgrade, as some ships have lots of different pilots). And no, not only the crappy pilots will disappear, but also a lot of middle ground ones, which are fun in non-hard-core-tourney-play or casual stuff. FFG will certainly release new cool pilots for existing ships, forcing you to buy the again x-th piece of a model you already have lots of 1.0 models of, in order to get these shiny (rereleased) pilots. It's also a bitter pill, that Epic is discontinued in 2.0 for at least a year, probably much longer (or even forever?). For my collection I would have to invest almost 48% of original value again to have all playable for the members of family who play. I guess I have to convert slowly.