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  1. This. Also: Dev1: So, what next up. OK, G1A. Mmmm....*long pause*.... what about let's make it a medium base and make the dial even worse? Dev2: Cool, soooo many reds. Perfect to let 4Lom pass off the stress again. But what do the other pilots do? Dev1: *shrugs* We print it anyway that way.
  2. My YV mod. It actually has engine lightning. All engine exhausts drilled out (which was a real pain on the ones right under the roof edge in the main hull) and filled with hot glue. 1 yellow LED is sitting in then"key" of the main hull, which connects to the whole aft part. See middle of pic below, the connector "key". I did not glue it back, for easy storage I can just pull the aft section off. I hollowed out the back, so it illimuminates it quite well from the LED sitting in the connector key. 2 yellow LEDs in the main hull (3 in order to not need a resistor and thus saving battery power). Unfortunately I managed to drop it in the gaming club, so lightning is not working right now 😕
  3. Some weeks ago I finished this Hera look alike one: That was before the leak of the new squadron packs. As I am not totally content with it I might strip it, depending on what is in the packs. Still, it looks nice together with my Phoenix one:
  4. Are you sure that they give living birth (mother->child)? Maybe they reproduce by division/segmentation, and its just right before division into 2 normal sized ones? Yeah reprint strategy of FFG is a bit strange, esp for the Ghost and its shuttles, which is newer canon, and expected to reappear (unlike other stuff from obscure 20year old games where they might decide against). Give me some new A-wing pilots and preferable points down on the existing non-Jake Rz1 (or other ships like RZ2 up). Although I am covered concerning the assumed colour schemes :) - And please no /d with double attack, that was cancer.
  5. Interesting. Some points: -I would make it charge based, as Moralo Eval, so you can use the fleeing to reserve and coming back at most 2 times. Otherwise it gets stupid. Already being able to deploy almost anywhere at the start is pretty powerful - Boba Fett deploys more conditioned, costs 4pts *) Fleeing more than once could already be too much, as Moralo is kept in check by having a big base and an unwieldy dial and zero advanced turn around mameuvers. Which does not apply to the nimble small ships. "Once" could be easily accomplished by not having the turn back over again option on the card. -Start of the round might need to be specified more, is it beginning of planning phase? This would also make more clear what happens if there are several hyperdrive rings (different ships and players), who places in which order. -Docked side must make clear that the ship's original dial is not assigned, only the ring's dial? -We do not know the Nimbus V dial yet, but the Ring's dial could be an improvement. -Not sure if Jedi ships with force users like Delta7 and the Actis2 should get access to a red stop. - *) 4pts + less conditioned starting point (Boba can be made useless by opponent's deployment as there is no starting point which fulfills all requirements) 3 hull upgrades at 0agi are 6pts, but see next 2 bullet points Moralo Eval pays a lot for his ability, 2 times flee (no abnormal starting pos), he is 4 more than Bossk (who has the powerful always gets to apply direct hit on a crit), or 14 more for that ability and 2 Ini. -your docked ship is attacked. Which gets first destroyed, you or the ring, or can you choose? Can you emergency deploy from your ring (powerful in the right instance)? -your docked ship is attacked. Which agility value is used for your defense? I assume the docked ship's one? Which probably requires having different costs for the docking ring, if the Nimbus has 2 agi. 3 Hull upgrades at 0agi 6pts, at 2agi 15pts, at an Aethersprite's 3agi 21pts.
  6. In case you have problems meeting or finding players, or even just to train basic flying, you can try this: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/5/29/flying-solo-1/ A brand new attempt from FFG to have an officially sanctioned Solo play. There are player made AIs for solo play availabe as well.
  7. As Scyk was named. The Scyk is at a first look 10.7% cheaper in 2nd ed, but the dial got worse. It lost 2 blue maneuvers, 2banks are white now. Only 4 blues now on an "Interceptor". So not really discounted. I had surprising fun with this last week at the local club, wanted to try a Kestal iteration. She is still not good, but as a casual ace hunter toolbox, the list was better than I expected. Fifth Brother (42) Passive Sensors (3) Homing Missiles (5) Ship total: 50 Half Points: 25 Threshold: 2 Lieutenant Kestal (31) Ion Cannon Turret (5) Barrage Rockets (8) Ship total: 44 Half Points: 22 Threshold: 3 Major Rhymer (37) Cluster Missiles (5) Seismic Charges (3) Ship total: 45 Half Points: 23 Threshold: 3 Soontir Fel (53) Shield Upgrade (8) Ship total: 61 Half Points: 31 Threshold: 2 Total: 200 Passive on 5th brother for having the lock against the big orange numbers. You can argue about barrage, but I tried it without, it was a lot less punchy, and opponent was much more willing to just joust Kestal off the board when she had only the piddly 2 dice primary. And she anyways wants to focus all the time. You can argue about shield upgrade as well but in two of my games Soontir totally blanked (cannot avoid every arc) and was only saved by the shield. Maybe leave off Seismic for bit, but you should learn flying second player as well.
  8. All the Scyk bashing. For one list flown by an absolutely amazing pilot. The damage dealers in the lists are the Fangs. Which went down in points last update, whole 3 points. If the Scyks go up by more than a point, they are where they were before, non existing. I tried autoblaster swarms already in October, under the old points regime. Your damage output was ridiculously low, as you had too few bodies and few meaningful attacks. Apart from the rather bad dial, single action, no boost. Cannon prices did go up to the same degree for the introduction of double tap B-wings, and the introduction of pseudo front arc Jumpmasters, Nom Lumb is a total bargain blocker. You see Dengar again.
  9. I find it fascinating that podcasts keep repeating what astounding, friendly and welcoming community the X-wing players are. Then you see this pie throwing over several threads, platforms and media. Quite fascinating from an evolutionary ethology viewpoint as well, tribalism in the age of internet.
  10. FFG designs their own game. And while I am not fond of the influx of ships with good to excellent dials and the ability to fire in several directions (Rz2, TIE sf), they are tolerable if they are fairly costed. (Btw the 104th Arc is undercosted as well, but at least it flies like a brick). However, Zizi is not fairly costed, as the overabundance corroborates. Every time something is nearing autoinclude level, or is actually an autoinclude for certain ships or pilots, which applies for optics, then it deserves a hard look. Especially as FFG does not separate casual and hardcore tournament costs. But some posters here will defend all Rz2s to the bitter end.
  11. 2nd ed was supposed to be about flying, preplanning and paying for actions. Rz2 with that dial still shooting backwards can be frustrating. Also, do not fall again for the fallacy annoying+[not-overly-powerful]=totally OK. Also pretty telling that Zizi is in 128 of 315 Resistance squads, isn't it?
  12. Sooo, the points are still on the boat? Or are they already unloaded? So maybe, visiting Target gives you early point access? Actually, personally I do not mind waiting a bit longer (albeit some things need to get increases). However, 1) getting to know that there is a delay so late was a real bummer, esp if they just before announced points are certainly coming monday. 2) Local club lost massive amount of players, stopping altogether or moving to Legions. So, as they still do not support Epic in the app, some shake up would be welcome, to raise interest again.
  13. As named above, Double C-Rocs. They are pretty cheap, just Ion battery. 63 pts for 16hp and 2 attacks per round, of which one does crit and ion, up to range 4.
  14. Are you sure that it should not be a negative value instead?
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