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  1. The original core set's 6 asteroids (bases of acryl cut to size to the cardboard ones, foam sitting on acrylic stands, you can draw the stand out if a fighter is to fly over/crash into an asteroid; alternatively have the original cardboards lying on the table and just put the 3D ones on top) A special asteroid: Actually this topic might be the spark into my back I need in order to finish a set of quite unusal "asteroids", lying around here for months...have to finish painting on that ones.
  2. There is a Guavian Death Gang trooper in the trailer (which intrigues me!), so there could be something to this hypothesis. Their ship in TFA is just too blurry. But we could get one more criminal syndicate in X-wing's Scum faction! Addendum: There is a sequel era Hutt as well. So a very remote possibility of seeing some ST Hutt ship.
  3. That was my impression with 1.0 HotAc as well. The old AI has problems handling permanent rear arcs on a Rebel ship like the Arc, making it easy for the Arc pilot to have targets all the time, then add in the synergies, and the Empire side has problems. That I would expect to have an influence as well with the Auzitucks 180 arc which neither was existing when the AI was developed, on top of the 1.0 reinforce problem. The AI probably neither can handle the rear maneuvers and tractor shenanigans of the Quadjumper. One thing which weakens 1.0 Quad and 1.0 Arc170 somewhat in HotAc is that they are rather slow, so scenarios where the Rebels have to hit and run, fast over the map, they might have a problem.
  4. Another interesting thing with Nantex. It is primarily a mobile arc 2die-gun, only occasionally getting the 3die attack if lining up a bullseye. However, when doing final salvo, they most probably count as a 3die gun: "Final Salvo If both players have the same score at the end of a game, they must fire a Final Salvo to determine the winner. To fire a Final Salvo, each player adds together the highest printed, unmodified primary weapon value of each of their remaining ships"/ "If a game ends in mutual destruction, each player instead adds together the highest printed, unmodified primary weapon value of each of the ships in their squad and rolls attack dice equal to that number"
  5. Sponged rubber/foamed rubber from artist shop is what I use. Just clip to size with normal scissors, doesn't even need glue if you clip exactly right size (cheap and simple). If you don't want to have the hassle of measuring and clipping, you can use Escapadegaminggear.com (from Sweden) "grip insert" ones, they are amazing (ready to use, just peel off the paper from the glue side and stick in)
  6. I am intrigued! Any pictures of your maps?
  7. On a more serious note though: the opponent of Nantex has to think a bit what (s)he is doing. Because if there is a Nantex with gravitic deflection, tractoring someone by the own's Nantex in mirror matches, or tugboats, Ketsu and Proach in Scum hands or Thanison in FO hands can give the Nantex with deflection extra defense rerolls! Seevor! Not to forget Graz, getting 3die snapshot if positioned right.
  8. Do you really mean all talents? Wouldn' t that be 1st ed all over again? I. e. all the aces with EPTs are flown all the time *), while talent-slot-less aces and esp slot-less generics never see the table. *) As they now have their initiative, their ability and in addition get a talent for free! (in 1st ed the talents were so op (e.g. expertise) that everyone without talents was pretty worthless; the 2nd ed talents are not that strong, but pretty good if costing 0, esp stuff like Trick Shot!)
  9. Yeah that is really a BIG FAT slap into the face of Scum mains. Finally, finally a new Illicit (the slot that us supposed to be defining the faction) and again, a whole new faction, but not a single Scum ship gets it. Ok, the card is not that good. You better try this on a ship with many hitpoints, and even then with the "wrong" crit it can be game over. But still the slap! Having 2 in the pack is a really strange decision. As its basically only the Fireball which can equip it, and that ship actually should have been unique, as it is obe if a kind. There might be coming something we do not know yet.
  10. So what about : Finn in the pod with GA97 (Finn has shown himself to he somewhat of a 2.5gun, and being harder then he seems to be), Greer, Nien (or maybe Kare if wanting to move fancy and match Ini of Greer). And It's the Resistance brings Ben with Seismics and Protons. You still have room for other stuff (and if its just Heroic) on the 3 first ships. As said above, I do not have Resistance, so not sure what's the best option after Finn and Ben, you can fit 2 of the lower T70s, if not going for A and T70. The first group has to bait the enemy so that the Starfortress can smash into the flank and does damage, and being a lot of points coming late and taking time to chew up, maybe too much time before game ends. Not saying that this is a good build, but it could be an effective surprise if flown well, and hey, the thread asked after ideas.
  11. Maybe if he managed to get on a transport/shuttle. However, if he was evacuated inside of the dome, he would have died, wouldn't he?
  12. I do not fly Resistance, so not knowing the faction well, but could there be something in GA97 shenanigans? But the bomber's dial probably would still make it difficult to capitalise on deploying late, and GA97 is 8 pts as well.
  13. Managarmr

    Themed Card Packs

    Scarif! Although we got K2SO now, we still could get Antoc Merrick, fresh blood for the Reaper, Y-wings and Strikers, official rules for the shield gate. One can dream.
  14. Managarmr

    Snap Shot

    Mmmh. Depends really on the Snap shot cost, but finally a well flown Mining Guild Tie swarm could be hilarious: Bring the biggest rocks, take Seevor, Ahaav, Proach, Yushyn, Surveyor all with Snap + Torkil with Q'ra. (Or 2 Surveyors instead of Proach and Yushyn). Bit low on reds, but if they really bring the bullseyes with potential double tap and the area denial to bear.... If Snap shot really is ruled to forbid all dice mods, then it should be cheap, the MGTs are free to barrel roll as action, are cheap/expendable and have 3 greens. Or if you for some reason want to "hop through loops" and really really reload something on Quinn (not only munitions but even talents, afterburner etc) and still fire, than Yushyn alongside Quinn would with snap shot offer some forward protection outside from him being a points-pinata just offering to take Quinn's disarm token. Of course if it is more than 3 for Snap, than it is only a consideration on Seevor. Because 1-2 MGTs (maybe Ahaav if you expect larger bases or Huge ships) with Trick Shot (4pts) or naked are just better, instead of relying on maybe getting a double tap. Also, a beefy opponent might just decide to take it and plow through an unmodified 2 die attack, esp if still shielded (expected damage around 0.8, about 1/5 chance to be critted).
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