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  1. It is also aggrevated by the fact that FFG still almost always puts the best pilot abilities on the highest Ini. The game would be much more fun, if you had to decide go either for aces I5-6, but then bland or actually no special pilot ability, or go aces I3-4 having some very cool pilot abilities or go generics.
  2. Managarmr

    What is hyperspace format?

    Crossword riddle: Known blogger, lately could have been more polite in responses. 4 letters. As he has been very vocal about how good Hyperspace is, would be interesting to have him earnestly name all the problems he can come up with.
  3. The gas clouds being purely beneficial would be pretty boring. Because apart from players fielding Dash, Mining Guild TIEs or vultures, or expecting swarms and wantung to brake them by sly obstacle placing (which is going to be difficult if the swarm opponent brings 3 beneficial obstacles) why would anyone field other things than the gas clouds? Also with these things improving defense, this - enforces even more high Ini ace meta, because these can more effectively place themselves (more protected being in an unavoidable enemy arc by being behind cloud and maybe outmaneuvred their other target and self shooting unobstructed) -leads to more games going to time! So imho the clouds better have a negative.
  4. Managarmr

    The obscure ships that wont ever see a re-release

    Pushing out too much too fast might also be financially unsound. People spend only so much money per month on gaming stuff, that amount is not infinite. That said, I have no idea what will be rereleased when. There is one ship though, which might actually be endangered, and that's the Rebel Arc170. Which would be a pity cause I love flying my repainted Rebel dragonflies.
  5. Managarmr

    The obscure ships that wont ever see a re-release

    Ghost had full 4 seasons of a cartoon series. Do not underestimate the appeal to younger Star Wars fans. They may like a contemporary cartoon more than some 40 year old films with (with today's eyes) partially crappy special effects, and can more identify with it, and want to fly it. Thus profit for FFG. FFG needs to hook up younger fans as well. Edit: Actually the Vcx100 is canon even in cinema. You see one Rogue One, and it is prominently mentioned in Solo.
  6. Managarmr

    Happy Friday

    Happy Friday! (Although work weekend for me) Sonny Bounder, actually getting the 4 crits together. That was glorious.
  7. Managarmr

    What is hyperspace format?

    Challenge taken Although I am not passionately disliking and are not vehemently against Hyperspace! I am more towards neutral, just quite astonished about FFG's ship selection. I see some of the problems (but also the Extended problems!), and mostly made reservations for circumstances, like "if FFG", "if my local club", "if players". If I came over as aggressive, I have to excuse. I try to answer earnest, hopefully some Hyperspace Halleluja adherents actually write about the problems. As Hyperspace looks now, according to the latest article (FFG seems unable to not announce unclear PR spin, we still not have a definite answer) -less cards and dials to remember for the players (esp. good for beginners) at a given point in time -less interactions (esp good for beginners. But also for the rest, you can easily hop into games, without first tryng to wrap your head around rules distributed over x ships and upgrades, and how that interacts with first player and flowcharts) -less broken interactions (so far)(although Tavson and other stuff (MGT) seems FFG again made mistakes with rules. That's however not what we want to discuss here!) -for the hardcore tournament adherents more easy to predict what you probably will meet -maybe that flying skill matters more than list combo skill - now we enter hot mined area here with that argument -Seasonwise shake up. Forcing the breakup of overdominant squads emerging and ruling supreme extended periods (if this is due to them being cheap (few models to buy) or inherently OP (undercosted and or broken) or Echo-chamber effect of pods/forums/blogs, plays no role here) instead of waiting for new products, FAQ or some really good answer emerging -more incentive to switch factions instead of being glued to one faction all the time- e.g. wanna bomb? Go resistance now (more profite for FFG, see even last argument) -switching factions can be an eye opener, flying things yourself shows weaknesses, and opens ways to overcome things you might see as nemesis or game breakers -FFG is a business. They need to sell ships. And as much as I dislike that beloved ships disappear (and I like to fly balanced theme ships, I refuse to fly the broken crap), I much rather see FFG selling new ships due to new balanced(!) ships coming, scenarios (still hoping (probably fruitless) for something like e.g Scarif season), paint schemes, different pilots, than FFG selling them due to powercreep (JM5K, Palp, late 1.0 Defenders anyone?). If FFG doesn't sell ships, the game dies, try to find players then (I have some350 Man o War ships....)
  8. Managarmr

    What is hyperspace format?

    Grab some popcorn! See the same profile pics, same arguments, same team-likes, but Moaaaarrrr hyperbole
  9. Managarmr

    What ships should see changes to their upgrade bars?

    At least as in remove extremely hypermobile small base carrier. Could be okay on something like TIE aggressor.
  10. Managarmr

    What ships should see changes to their upgrade bars?

    Isn't Vader crew being so good the main reason for not seeing him as pilot? Otherwise agreeing, talent and force on Vader is too much. We already have far too many instances of high(est) ini and amazing ability. That's imho pretty much the reason the mod slot was explicitly removed from the Fang. However that could easily solved by just giving Fenn only no mod slot (he likes his fighter as it is, no dirty mechanics modding his baby). Not sure if a mod would brake the other pilots. For diversity within the faction I would however like that they keep it as is, no mods at all on Fangs. Scum definitely needs at least one more gunner carrier, Scurrg is a good candidate (weakest of all dedicated bombers). And please not only on Y+ large bases. A nice thing could be to give the generic Findsman a force slot. Some incentive for using G1A, and not forcing people to play the Shadowcaster (stupid large bases). Overcosted as they are, would people really sink more points into them?
  11. Managarmr

    It isn’t Guardians of the Republic.

    Hopefully better than the last. So please be civil. Looks like the heated discussion just maybe was one of the reasons for this news article. "With the Hyperspace game mode, players gain more ways to play X-Wing—additional game modes that receive the full support of Organized Play." So, hopefully this reads as "full support for Hyperspace" as well as "full support for Extended". Guess we will see. But why can't they just say clearly what they intent, this still sounds like a lot of PR marketing spin speech.
  12. Managarmr

    Ships that are not in a good place if you ignore 1 pilot

    G1A. It still has the B-wing syndrome, just dies fast and hard when concentrated upon. The dial got even more red (it is the most red in the game) and only 4Lom actually draws an advantage from this. So if points on 4Lom go up the ship will be as seldomly seen as in 1.0
  13. Managarmr

    People are Excited about Fortressing?

    As possible counters Tobias Beckett also gains a little bit value, as maybe Boba crew (but 4 is a lot, and makes a juicy target once the ships sits there on its own, trying to deny an area to the vultures). The thing with Seismic charges is you still have to move by closely to the sitting vultures. Unless you have tragedy simulator (which imho should have stayed in 1.0 and be gone, but that's another story), which only certain ships can do. Commuting right now, so I cannot measure. Can the Vultures move off with their 2 straight before the charge blows and clear themselves? That would be a mind game, fly-off because a bomb might be dropped, or stay put and hail the bomber trying to pass by with cross-fire?
  14. Managarmr

    Current meta - fill me in

    https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing-second-edition/ Go down to support, open "Points List", choose Generic updates and the lists of your faction(s). For "Extended" format e everything is allowed. For "Hyperspace" format everything which has "Yes" in the last xolumn "Hyperspace legal". Field is right diverse. Hyperspace is relatively new, and not settled yet. In Extended many lists viable. Large ships slightly weaker than 1.0. Some OP combos like Boba in certain configs, Whisper esp with Vader, TIE Bombers, Redline, Alpha strike proton torp aces. But a point change is announced for 28/01, so I would just fly what you like.
  15. Managarmr

    GSP Appreciation/Discussion Thread

    At first look at the thread's designation, I thought "Ooh, someone might have found a good strategy/list for the overcosted generic Rebel A Wings" :) Enjoying listening to Gold Squadron! And special thanks to Dion for promoting the M3A in the second lastest episode!