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  1. Managarmr

    How do you avoid buying every faction..?

    Control, control, you must learn control! – Yoda And as @player3137305 already remarked: diminishing returns. Storage, time needed organising stuff, time needed choosing, time needed to get it from the heap, but especially: time available for play is retricted. The more ships you have the more seldomly the individual ships get fielded. Proxy first before buying, lend stuff, to see if you really like flying it. The grass on the other side (faction) might look greener, but isn't necessarily greener. As for new power cards not available for your faction yet: proxy and lend. Do not fall into the trap of buying all, 7 factions is a hilarious amount of money. My gut feeling is that only 1 Mining Tie per squad will be useful. More as a support/harass role...as they due to the special ability (ignore asteroids while moving) probably cost more than the Empire TIE ln, but still hit like a wet noodle.
  2. Managarmr

    I Fly Rebels and I Suck At 2.0 X-Wing...

    What I tested concerning rebels: Ibtisam Chopper Elusive, Norra Juke Jyn R3, Magva Tactical Officer with flanking Sabine Tie Trick Shot. 3 Medium bases with hit points, rear arcs, Magva debuffing, cheap regen on Ibtisam. I do not like flying K-wings myself, so I have not tested it, but one of them with barrage rockets forward and arc pointed sideways covers a huge area.
  3. Managarmr

    More cannons required

    With FFG and their app only operating via point value adjustments, and not willing to via the app ban a certain combo of Pilot A+equipment B while C is in the squad, I highly doubt that we get a stress cannon back. Admiral Sloane very likely closed the design window of weaponised stress via a generic upgrade, like cannons, which Empire has access to.
  4. Managarmr

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    These kind if statements are why I asked for citation on your "70% of all pilots need a point increase". The G1A dial actually got worse! It is only good for 4Lom, because it is now the reddest dial in the whole game. If you increase 4Lom without decreasing Zuckuss and the Findsman by a tiny bit, you wont see any G1As on the table. FFG made a huge mistake with that ships design and the pilots abilities, with that dial only 4Lom works, as he profits from all the stress (unless Sloane is in the vicinity). It is good that Mist Hunter title no longer forces you to buy a Tractor-beam on a 3die att ship (where you seldomly use it, thus wasting points) but it still is not free.
  5. Managarmr

    Extra-Large Ships

    There is an easy solution though. You put the maneuver template chosen in front of the model. Then you put a marker at the template's far end. The marker (provided in the hypothetical ship pack with the XL size 100mm base) has a slot for the template's end, and 2 slots for the little pegs of ship-templates. You remove the maneuver template, and move the ship forward so that it fits snugly in the peg slots of the marker. This way you have eliminated the "jump" made by the base, as suddenly the base does not contribute anything to distance flown. Thus the XL ship is actually slower than the rest.
  6. Managarmr

    Deadly Speed - Resistance A-Wing article

    Especially if being shot at by Admiral Sloane and company. He neither likes to be near Thaneston.
  7. Managarmr

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    Citation needed for "70%". This. Increasing 70% over the board very probably leads to an uninteresting 2-3-ship-squadron meta. I actually like that we can have mini-swarms and swarms. Increasing all pilot's cost skews towards squads containg very few aces and/or comboships - we are back at pure Ace/Combowing.
  8. Managarmr

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    Partly this is local meta and local echo-chamber dependent as well. Look at the Mynock Open, very few Quads up at top tables there, instead a ton of Redlines, and Whispers, esp. Cloak&Choke&Whispers (a lot more at that single tournament data point than at this single tournament data point, but relatively few Wedges overall). Redline and some Whisper combos (not necessarily the pilot herself) should definitely go up as well, if the Quads go up. However, I would prefer FFG waits until Kylo+friends and Push-the-limit-Poe+friends comes out, and looks what happens then. Or at least is very conservative with price increases, instead of making ships unplayable by points hikes (some of the point increase suggestions here are ridiculous(ly salt driven)).
  9. Managarmr

    What happened to epic?

    On the other hand, we paid an awful lot of money for models. Which are now only decoration pieces.
  10. Managarmr

    How many of wave 3 + clone wars are you getting

    Not with FFG still exclusively focussing on 400/6 deathmatch as the only format. For scenario/mission/campaign play this would be nice.
  11. Managarmr

    Clone Wars!

    No. Yes, they would all have the same starting point (though this statement is valid only assuming perfect cloning, not clear if that is so) BUT they do duty in different war theaters and functions. One clone might only do patrull duty, not learning much. Others are constantly in the heat of battle, that gives them more experience. Many are hardened and are absolute top, others might develop psychological problems or bad habits, or behaviour defects due to old wounds (e.g. the older Richthofen was not the same after his bad head wounding, many of WW1 and WW2 aces sooner or later died due to problems coupled to untreated post traumatic stress syndrom effects).
  12. Managarmr

    How many of wave 3 + clone wars are you getting

    None. Diminishing returns. The more ships you have, the less playtime the individual models get. I already have too many. Having (reluctantly) converted all 3 OT factions, there are soo many ships and squadrons I haven't had the chance to test in their 2.0 iteration. I might buy some later second hand from people getting out, but I will absolutely pass right now.
  13. Managarmr

    Clone Wars!

    First thought upon seeing article's table content "Wait, do we have 8 factions now, with Sith as their own" She is even in Rebels, or rather her corpse is. You forgot "Do a witty remark" He has some pretty hilarious dry humour lines in Clone Wars.
  14. Managarmr

    Tie/FO preview article

    Meh. There was a reason why Glitterstim was one use in 1.0. Not a fan of Commander Glitterstim having 2 charges. She actually can use her ability consecutive to ensure killing off her target, not caring about 2 stress if the target is thus removed. Longshot can be a mean sniper, also with trickshot (if there is a talent slot), suddenly the chassis is up to 4 reds. Granted, the defender gets more greens, but old Zuckuss pilot was still worth it (apart from having an overcosted chassis in 1.0), as the probabilities are shifted towards red. If Static gets any tech retaining locks or foci, or getting shared foci or target locks, she can to be pretty mean as well, esp to finish off already damaged stuff. Or Dormitz+Hyperspace Tracking, and let her scream forward. Not that good against shielded enemies or in the boring 400/6 format, but in other instances....
  15. Foam rubber, clipped to size. Then there are professionals having these on sale as well.