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  1. I am glad that expertise is gone. It was one of the signs, 1ed was so-unfun and partly broken in the end. Even at 4pts it was an auto-include. However going into the EPT slot it further enforced ace- and combowing, rendering most pilots, esp EPT less pilots useless. Easy mode passive modifier, no choices involved apart from "avoid stress". Uncounterable by blocking, jamming, token stealing. Enabling fully modded shots even when repositioning. Extremely strong in combo with other "focus result on die" supplying sources. 2ed is about choices, good flying, and mods are rare. Even generics can pull their weight and are (expected to be) fielded. Expertise runs directly counter to these ideas. Hopefully it never comes back. Knowing FFG though...somehow they have to sell the Clone Wars era stuff even to people disliking this time period of Star Wars. I am really hoping I am just overly pessimistic
  2. Managarmr

    9/13/18 cost change thoughts

    As for the OP's list. Damage output is low as already pointed out. And, while its some hitpoints to chew through it is also 4 fat bases, which will have problems to fly around without crashing into other and obstacles while simultaneously trying to concentrate their fire. Depends, FFG clearly wants to see ships die, so they cannot be too cheap. But the Kihraxzes couldn't agree more with you. A chassis worse than the X-wing, can equip up to 3 mods. Right, duh, not much you want to put on a Kihraxz with the current pricing and the rule that you cannot have the same upgrade more than once.
  3. But FFG knew that 2nd ed was coming. Maybe, just maybe not choose a card which belongs to a faction which is unsupported in early 2.0 (leading to a card w/o function and ability to field unless playing at home)?
  4. Managarmr

    The Empire betrayed at Coruscant

    This. The imperial whining here sometimes.... Also: The other thread about the rules-hole when two opponents with Boba crew are going against each other. Boba can be a liability actually.
  5. Managarmr

    Assembled Disassembling Pictures

    Pics on the first page (Force Majeure). It is a massive block, with the cockpit stuck in, and the "shells" stuck in above. So, you would need a saw. This is on my (far too long) project list as well. Be careful with the fins, they break off easily while working with the model.
  6. Managarmr

    Scum Falcon and Conversion Kits

    Why? I neither have any Falcon (not liking fat freighters being faster and more maneuvrable than military fighters, I refrain from buying most large bases, I mostly fly snubfighters), but quite substantial fleets of all 3 OT factions. I was never interested in mixing timelines, so I never got ST stuff apart from 2 Quadjumpers. No Poe or Rey flying with rebels. I also was all the time fully expecting a faction split - which serves me fine*) now, as I do not have to pay for 2 more conversion kits. *) mostly: FFG still has not explained how the .... one is supposed to get the Tech cards for a Quadjumper, if you are Scum only, or multifaction but not playing ST timeline factions, so much for "you need not to buy crossfaction"...cause I seriously doubt that you get lots of Tech cards with the 2.0 rerelease of the Quad!
  7. Managarmr

    Purrgils as Obstacles?

    Neebray Mantas.
  8. Managarmr

    Articles up for Wave 2!

    Interesting. I already own 2 Mining Ties (scratch builds) So just paint over old 1.0dials and I could field 3 casually (probably would need to proxy a pilot card as well). Not that glad about their ability. Ignoring obstacles is just as lame as old Dash. Probably they are quite expensive. -Have to squint a bit more and process the Resistance/FO info. Having most ships of all 3 OT factions but none of these 2 ST factions' ships I am naturally not that excited. -The real question though: Do scum players really need to buy a Resistance or FO kit (10 Tech cards) to have the Tech cards for the Quadjumper? (Or wait for the Quad re-release and then having another ship model?)
  9. Managarmr

    Are players in your gaming club staying with 1.0?

    Local club mostly converting as of now (non-US we still have to wait until sept-okt), several are quite enthusiastic as we are fed up with a lot of the 1.0c r a p. Not that many players showing up, playing HotAc and strange lists. The pity is that Epic will be dysfunctional for along time
  10. Managarmr

    2 observations regarding the 2.0 pdf

    Actually I would have preferred they had not yet released the pdf yet. Again, lots of "this is DOA/garbage, " this is the best", "poor Empire" flooding the forum. And people are going to play most of the stuff to death on Vassal...so when the non GenCon and non US people finally have the dials and stuff in hand, the meta is more or less shaped and a lot of excitement gone. Alas, here we are. Is this really the final form of the pdf? A) No version number or dates on the sheets (or I am blind). FFG has done already at least one revision, but you can only tell when comparing fine details B) Graded costing was promised. There is a little bit of this. Eg base size deoendency, extra overhead for IN6 and force. But I had hoped to see - just one example with arbitrary point value, this is not a Genius discussion - Genius "0*", where * means either like 12ts when on Nym, or non deployable when Nym is the pilot. I really hope the app can do this. Would enable design space, and also avoid some of the strange point costs, overly complicated card restrictions on the cards themselves and heavy handed nerfs killing innocent by standing cards like back in the JM5K desaster. So is this just a precursor for GenCon, or is going to look like this, curious indeed.
  11. Managarmr

    XwingV2 jousting values

    This does not consider dials, or does it? As e.g. the G1A ends up high, but the ship has a quite horrible dial.
  12. Managarmr

    2nd Edition Pilots - Winners & Losers: Scum Edition

    The cost difference between Fenn and Talonbane is much more reasonable now. Also TC - finally! - working against secondaries helps him a lot. I still do not see the worth of 3 mod slots, regarding which choices we have to fill these slots with. The old Vaksai feeled it worth to take the "variable toolbox" approach.
  13. Managarmr

    2.0 Points Values & Slots

    @Brianish and @dadocollin But we do not have enough cargo Chute tokens to be able to use that? Inertial dampeners are cheap too, but probably not worth a Jabba, esp as more ships now have stop, and people are prepared for it. Jabba even in 2.0 doubtful if he is worth it. @thespaceinvader Maul at 13? We do not even have dark force powers. Very strange pricing. -Robot Squad of Guri+IG88+4Lom for calculate fun at 181points. Could be viable! -Marauder only 3pts... -Kihraxz slightly cheaper, but no discount on mods, and boring mods. Sad panda instead.
  14. Managarmr

    2.0 Points Values & Slots

    Forum about to explode NOW Grab some popcorn. And beware of incoming saltstorms. Esp from some vocal minority of a certain faction
  15. Managarmr

    Secrets of the Lost SKU

    Gand Findsmen and BoShek. BoShek does not really have a widely known ship, though. (Or does he in some obscure Legends stuff?) Having some force users on the G1A would have been cool, more options. We do not really know that much yet, but outside of 4-Lom the G1A seems quite meh. Edit. Points just out as I wrote the post. Nobody is going to read this., as it is going to be flushed from the first page immediately. Only force user is Ventress. Pretty boring!