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    Jehovah Netto reacted to Blademaster72 in Imperial ideas   
    Rex wants a lock entering combat.  lock focus evade is strong and redline has 2 locks Jendon is great all the lambdas are fantastic. Cordinate is too good, redline has advanced sensors without taking advanced sensors.
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    Jehovah Netto got a reaction from Blademaster72 in Imperial ideas   
    Krennic is there to allow Jandon acquire a TL himself with his long range ability. 
    The Jandon could held increase the punch. Rexler could have a TL, focus and a Evade for the first strike. 
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    Jehovah Netto got a reaction from Blademaster72 in Imperial ideas   
    Shuttle T-4a classe Lambda - •Coronel Jendon - 51
        •Coronel Jendon - Piloto da Shuttle de Darth Vader (46)
            •Diretor Krennic (5)
    TIE/D Defender - •Rexler Brath - 88
        •Rexler Brath - Líder Ônix (84)
            Finta (4)
    TIE/ca Punisher - •“Redline” - 61
        •“Redline” - Viciado em Adrenalina (44)
            Simulador de Trajetória (3)
            Torpedos de Prótons (9)
            Bombas de Prótons (5)
    Total: 200/200

    View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
    How about using the Lambda for support? Coordinating Rexler vast action bar? 
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    Jehovah Netto reacted to HolySorcerer in X-Wing TMG 2.0 Feels Watered Down   
    Because it was those very things that made 1.0 cancer.  The entire point of 2.0 was to remove those elements.
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    Jehovah Netto reacted to ViscerothSWG in 2.0: As a rebel player, can I do anything to Jendon Bombers? (besides cry)   
    List composition, deployment, flying, choice of action, etc. There are a lot of variables that could affect your chance of winning. Need more specifics on what/how you flew, as just pasting a list that has beaten that squad won't help.
    But the best advice I can give is:

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    Jehovah Netto got a reaction from DXCrazytrain in Tie Punisher 2.0 Discussion Thread   
    How about using Redline with the bare minimum? 
    By using only a Proton Torpedo, Redline will cost 51 points and you could separate him from the rest of the squad, creating a manace one can't ignore. 
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    Jehovah Netto reacted to Biophysical in Rexler Brath: A Man for All Seasons   
    I've been fiddling around with similar squads.  I think there's something there, but I'm very unsure of what an optimal build looks like.
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    Jehovah Netto got a reaction from nitrobenz in Saturation Salvo against ships with "1" agility   
    I was referring to the 2nd edition card.
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    Jehovah Netto reacted to emeraldbeacon in Saturation Salvo against ships with "1" agility   
    Looking at the second edition version, I would expect this card to receive some errata/corrections to change the wording to read, "up to two defense dice."

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    Jehovah Netto reacted to evcameron in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0   
    u/raithosu over on Reddit has done the hard work of porting YASB over to Xwing 2.0. The builder is probably 90% done, there are still some glitches and some info that doesn't show, but it's very useable right now.
    https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
    Here is his commentary from Reddit, if you do find any issues I'd recommend posting in the reddit thread.
    Hi everyone, with /u/geordanr deciding not to do a 2.0 version of YASB, I decided to take it on myself, as it's the best list builder. I decided to make a new one instead of submitting updates for the old one since people are still using 1.0. The conversion isn't perfect, but its servicable enough now that you can actually use it to build lists without too much trouble. It's a work in progress so if you catch any bugs outside of the known issues please post it here! I had a bunch of PTL'ers help identify bugs but theres only so many eyeballs. It's just me working on stuff right now mainly. Shoutouts to the PTL who have helped convert all the ships and upgrades to 2.0
    Known Issues:
    Some icons dont show up, like target locks, force icons, and some single turret arcs
    Combo actions dont show the second part as red
    Charge stats are not in the files yet
    Cost requirements on variable upgrades are set at the lowest value but calculate correctly
    Secondary Weapons don't have the special arc visually showing yet in the attack stat
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    Jehovah Netto reacted to Commander Kaine in Whining is annoying, but it solves problems   
    Listen folks
    I get it. It's annoying to hear about someone's favorite ship not being up to their standards, be it the most well known ship in the universe, or a lovely overweight bomber. 
    It's also crappy to hear that one of your favorite cards or combos is overpowered, especially when you put in effort into practicing with it, or you just really like the flavor of the K-Wing (hey... I'm not gonna judge) or something. 
    It is also annoying to listen to these things all the time, over and over again. 
    It would be foolish to disregard these threads, posts and comments in their capacity to induce the change we see today. If everybody just "shuts up and gits good", FFG would hardly see the level of dissatisfaction with some mechanics like turrets, high PS alpha strikes, bombs etc. 
    I'm not saying that every change in 2.0 was induced by us whining. But I'm also sure that without it, not everything we like about 2.0 would be manifested as it is today. 
    Being thankful that FFG listens, while claiming that the posts they listened to are ruining X-Wing is a bit harsh I feel. 
    So I don't know. Hug a whiner today. Or at least  don't deny that their dissatisfaction had a role to play in us receiving the version of the game most of us wanted. 
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    Jehovah Netto reacted to L5RBr in Honor/Dishonor   
    I really dont see kage as an answer to any Lion issues, for 4 cost he has 2 cost stats and his ability is something maybe I would like to see in a holding. The only way I see him as a good 4 cost character is If they launch some really strong duels, but I have the impression devs were thinking something like "If Lion could keep 1-1 bid they will be in a good advantage" With the actual cardpool I would not run It even without the "more honorable" restriction.
    But back on topic Im not claiming honor victory to be easier, but at least honor techs need to be usefull and punish opponents for having less honor, like a card that gives you +2pol or +4 If you have higher honor, or like I've said stealing honor instead of gaining 1 honor or drawing a card.
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    Jehovah Netto reacted to GM81 Protocol Droid in Honor/Dishonor   
    Another problem for honor running clans is there are not as many equivalents to fuel it as there are for dishonoring. They also tend to be more expensive in multiple ways. Watch Commander is a 1 cost attachment that gives +1/+1 and can be used an unlimited number of times per turn. Honored Blade is a 1 cost attachment with +2/+0, the Restricted trait,  and can only be used once per turn on winning a conflict. There is nothing really equivalent to Backhanded Compliment or Levy among the Crane and Lion. Guard Duty is 1 cost, Keeper only, and telegraphs itself. Test of Courage costs 1 and requires a lower bid, it is nice when it works can be hard to pull off.
    Way of the Chrysanthemum does make a first conflict honor victory theoretically possible in Lion, and first turn for Crane (first conflict if splashing Lion). However it requires giving your opponent a lot of advantage over you and all of the stars to align. Mostly I like to use it as a threat, or to buffer card advantage. Personally I would rather have had more cards that give a small help towards conflict victory and a smaller honor gain.
    Pride is a double edged sword. Generally a player needs to be bidding low for honor victories which makes conflicts harder to win.
    Some future Crane and Lion characters I think will help with all of this, by locking bids low, allowing ignoring defense, ect.
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    Jehovah Netto reacted to L5RBr in Honor/Dishonor   
    I've reduced to drawing cards but the same applies to playing any cards that have honor cost like you can easily play 2 assassinations against uni, dragon or Lion, while against another decks this could cost you the game for sure..
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    Jehovah Netto reacted to L5RBr in Honor/Dishonor   
    I recently readed Joe's article about what he believes to be the main reason for scorpion and crab domination in koteis, the ability to trade strategy between breaking provinces or victory for dishonor.
    At the same time the developers have sometimes said that victory by honor is the least interactive of the game, and so they did not give so much emphasis to it, which I totally agree.
    But I see a certain dilemma: I find the card-buying / honor-transfer system great, but while some clans can more effectively punish opponents who buy many cards, their mechanics of dishonor either stealing honor or discarding their opponent's cards, and for other clans it is very difficult to take advantage of this.
    Today as Lion player, but I see this problem mainly in other clans like Dragon and Unicorn, in case my opponent wants to buy many cards I have little to take advantage from this, in the case of the lion there are still a few cards like obstinate recruit, but nothing like threatening the opponent to lose the game, which is the case of dishonor.
    Of course there is the way of chrysanthemum, which is a fragile card and nothing comparable to the pool of cards that make the dishonor system work.
    My point is: If victory by honor is uninteresting for the good of the game, then I think it would be plausible that all clans need to have honor stealing mechanics (instead of honoring a character or gaining 1 honor after winning a conflict), to leave the game more democratic.
    What do you think about it?
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    Jehovah Netto reacted to Larky Bobble in 2.0 Defenders   
    There is only one question regarding the Defender...
    Will they rerelease it with Vader as its pilot?
    Then it will be truly feared, and cost the same as Han with Luke!
    Speaking of whom... Luke (gunner) sucks vs defenders, doesn't he, compared to 1.0 Han and Luke against similar defenders? No second shot is going to make it hard to get much damage down, irrespective of arc swings.
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    Jehovah Netto reacted to Vineheart01 in There is a lack of threads about the best ships on the front page   
    All praise the mighty GUNBOAT!
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    Jehovah Netto got a reaction from GrimmyV in Hey FFG why not just let us know the content in the conversion boxes are and your reasoning behind that.   
    You can never have too many gunboats.
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    Jehovah Netto reacted to Wintersong in Fanmade cards while we speculate   
    I will start by declaring that I made these just for fun/speculation. I do not claim any ownership over any of them (IP, art or even ability concepts). They are not balanced because we do not know the rules and it is not my intention. They are just fun/wishes/speculations about what we could potentially see in the game at some point. No real card images to create some clans and neutrals yet, my photoshop is functional at best, my wording is lacking and I use a demo font for the words so the numbers are different font.
    Enjoy, or suffer, them for what they are. Feel free to offer your own cards, speculations,... But in the end, just have some little fun.

    Totally not real L5R LCG cards

    If the powers that be consider those innocent images dangerous, just let me know. 
    Some tweaked cards due to feedback and some new ones: here

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    Jehovah Netto reacted to GrimmyV in Hey FFG why not just let us know the content in the conversion boxes are and your reasoning behind that.   
    FFG owes you nothing.  NOTHING.
    because they gave us the most beautiful and glorious ship that’s ever graced the spaceways: GUNBOAT!  With the release of the Alpha-class xG-1 Starwing Assault GUNBOAT FFG has been absolved of all past, present and future wrongdoings.
    except only putting 3 GUNBOATS in the conversion kit.  WTF FFG do you not love us anymore?  You have to know that every player bought at least 5 GUNBOATS as soon as possible.  
    In conclusion: GUNBOAT
    Um, ok no one is stopping you.  Proxy away!  Take that FFG, you will get none of my precious gaming dollars! (Or insert random currency here). For me, I think it’s excellent that buying a conversion kit saves me from spending hundreds or thousands on ‘new’ ships merely to replace my existing collection.
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    Jehovah Netto reacted to Arma Quattro in XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread   
    It almost felt like hearing 'assault gunboats group Nu, this is assault gunboat group Rho, initiating attack run!"
    If only we had the correct soundtrack playing thru the speakers...
    next time we should ask Alex Davy. ?
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    Jehovah Netto reacted to Commander Kaine in What IS "Rebel Bias"?   
    It really depends on the upgrades, and how well they work together to create the faction identities. Also pricing... 
    I have a secret fear that 5 X-wings are still possible in 2.0
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    Jehovah Netto reacted to ficklegreendice in What IS "Rebel Bias"?   
    Honestly, though,  far more excited about 2.0 imperials than rebels
    Rebel unboxing was kinda...dull. even the Ewing superbuff is just a nifty xwing with long range scanners 
    But empire? Oh man, the possibilities
    The sexy Palp/Vader/Inquisitor/Sloane/cienna crews
    The amazing Stygium array rework of the phantom
    The superbuffed bomber, punisher, lambda, defender, and xg-1 title
    Meanwhile my favorite rebel ship got...a medium base? Red barrel roll?
    And what? 4 dice vcx and yt2400? Yawn. 4 dice ain't nothing you can't price around
    What you can't price around I've already gone over and wasn't in the unboxing, so we just have to hope it impacts as painlessly as possible
    But otherwise? Not feeling the bias 
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    Jehovah Netto reacted to Commander Kaine in What IS "Rebel Bias"?   
    Some of you have poked fun at my 102% serious claim of Rebel Bias, and with the advent of 2nd edition, I feel the need to explain what do I exactly mean by this term. 

    Now, as you have pointed it out, rebels sometimes get shafted, and other factions are sometimes great. How could I still see rebel bias everywhere, when there are clearly examples of great imperial and scum ships? Well... here is the explanation, you've been all waiting for. This little piece is about 1.0, mostly because we know more about it. Also, there is maybe 1.5% chance of the designers actually abandoning their wrongful practices, but don't get your hopes up. 
    Contrary to what you might think, Rebel bias doesn't actually mean that ALL rebel ships are supremely overpowered. It means, that certain notions of balance, lore accuracy, and design principles are often abandoned when creating rebel content. This is done in comparison to imperial content, which is very conservative. 
    "Now hold up" I hear you say. "Isn't that the same?"
    No. Not at all. But first, let me insert a disclaimer here, because I have a feeling you will mention this otherwise. I don't think that every rebel ship is the result of this process. There are exceptions. 
    Rebel bias means that when designing ships, the devs rather err on the strong side with rebel ships... Now if you think I am some crazy person, think about it for a second. 
    This phenomenon is not unknown by wargamers. In EVERY edition of Warhammer, spacemarines were viable. They might not have been the best, but they weren't atrocious. It's because they are the mascot faction. Most of their IP revolves around space marines, they manufacture most of the figures for that faction. It would be financially unwise for them to make them unplayable. Their most recognizable product, is always viable. Maybe not the best, but just to be safe, they cannot be bad. 
    Star Wars, as I'm sure will come as a surprise to noone, is a bit skewed towards some factions. In a given time period, the main guys are always the Rebellion, Republic or the Resistance. (ReReRe... Haven't even noticed that before)

    This translates to X-Wing very well. Now I'm going to give you an example, and just to beat on a dead horse, i'm going to illustrate my point with the Punisher and the K-Wing. Why? Because they were released at the same time, and they are supposed to fill a similar role. 
    I can believe that the K-Wing was supposed to be stronger by a tiny bit in design, and this is represented by the point cost difference. However, one does not need to be a rocket engineer to realize the difference between them is a tad larger than what the point cost lets you to believe. Many of my peers will say that this is just sheer incompetence, and that the Punisher was just THAT much weaker because the designers are THAT bad. 

    PWT. Turret slot. Crew slot. Slam.
    Front arc. Double missile slot. System slot. Boost. 
    Sure enough, looks quite similar. They have the same amount of stuff... but the stuff is much better on the rebel side. So much better than pretty much everyone can immediately realize how uneven this comparison is. Just looking at an arc coverage, the K-Wing covers 4 times the area of the Punisher, while being more mobile. (A frequent problem with 1.0 design). Rebel crew slots are also famously powerful. Plus regeneration on Miranda... Now ask yourself the question... Do you think that anyone seriously believed that the Punisher is worth just a single point less? Now, if yes, what makes you think these people are even able to create any semblance of balance, lacking such fundamental understanding of game mechanics? This is a BIG difference. 
    Why? Why does such a big difference between power even exist? How could they not see it? 
    Or was it that they were aware of the discrepancy between the ships, but they choose to under cost the K-Wing on purpose, to err on the side of the heroes? 
    If you doubt that, think about the TIE aggressor. Why didn't it get an EPT on the second generic? Well, I guess they were afraid of the TLT-Ruthlessness combo... But do you think that the same people who wouldn't be concerned by releasing miranda, would be by a relatively weak synergy? Consider that in the same wave they made several lapses in judgement, again, erring on the side of rebel power. 

    Star Wars lacks nuance, and this can be seen in how the fiction treats its factions. There is a reason why they call a tanky rebel list Plot armor. There is more rebel crew, because there are more rebel characters. Simple is that. There are things inherent to the universe that favor rebels, and the designers in 1.0 didn't do a good job of balancing these factors. They have been enhancing this effect, especially by being careful with SOME cards, and not others. 
    Do you ever feel when you are flipping through imperial cards that these are ALMOST good? They just have a bit too many restrictions. If you wanna have fun, go and read imperial only upgrades and abilities, and compare them with similar abilities from others. 2.0 Wedge vs Soontir is a very good example of this, and a reason why I am worried about 2.0.
    Luke Gunner is also suspect. 
    If you have above average perception abilities, you might notice how both Wedge and Luke are rebel characters. 
    so, I don't know what is your explanation to these things... Can they just be this blind, as to create blunders like the Punisher, without even realizing what are they doing? I seriously doubt it. To me it doesn't seem so far fetched, when you look at certain Rebel crew cards... They are way more efficient than most other crews, and they are well known characters... Is it an accident that the famous quasi protagonist of a TV show called Rebels, is a meta defining card with insane value? 

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    Jehovah Netto reacted to ficklegreendice in PSA: so they nerfed your favourite ship   
    Luke gunner is a problem that definitely makes you right to question the designer's abilities to assess...anything. it literally directly contradicts their own design intentions and makes no goddamn sense. jacking up points cost on it only makes one wonder more why they bothered introducing it in the first place
    but gunner Luke is also the only problem of that magnitude. Everything else seems a-okay and very well justified
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