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  1. Krennic is there to allow Jandon acquire a TL himself with his long range ability. The Jandon could held increase the punch. Rexler could have a TL, focus and a Evade for the first strike.
  2. Shuttle T-4a classe Lambda - •Coronel Jendon - 51 •Coronel Jendon - Piloto da Shuttle de Darth Vader (46) •Diretor Krennic (5) TIE/D Defender - •Rexler Brath - 88 •Rexler Brath - Líder Ônix (84) Finta (4) TIE/ca Punisher - •“Redline” - 61 •“Redline” - Viciado em Adrenalina (44) Simulador de Trajetória (3) Torpedos de Prótons (9) Bombas de Prótons (5) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder How about using the Lambda for support? Coordinating Rexler vast action bar?
  3. Colonel Jandon, Krennic Rexler Brath FCS, Juke Redline Proton Torpedoes, Cluster Missiles. Jandon and Krennic can give you TLs for all your ships and still leaves 149 points for your squad. The white coordinate can make high performance ships like the Defender harder to block.
  4. How about using Redline with the bare minimum? By using only a Proton Torpedo, Redline will cost 51 points and you could separate him from the rest of the squad, creating a manace one can't ignore.
  5. How about Coronel Jandon with Krennic Rexler with FCS, Juke and HLC Redline with Proton Torps
  6. Colonel Vessery with Juke Ved Foslo with FCS and Crackshot Redline with Proton Torpedos
  7. Can Saturation Salvo be used against ships with agility value 1? Do I need a minimum of two dice to use it?
  8. Defender, Phantom, Gunboat, Bomber and the Punisher.
  9. Imperial. I will miss Quickdraw, however. So many months of great service to the cause. I will have a proper squad for her.
  10. Cheaper TIE Phantoms; At all playable TIE Punishers.
  11. 1) The promised fixing of the Turrets. That alone justifies 2.0; 2) Playing with ships that never had a chance, like the Punisher;
  12. Gunboat. The aces could have been a little more interesting, but the overall ship fits all the criteria. TIE SF is a close second.
  13. What beats Phoenix these days? As a Lion loyalist, I find Phoenix almost unbeatable. I also play Crab for fun, they aren't doing that much better against Phoenix. How my fellow lions are doing against the honorable Phoenix? And the other clans, who is the Phoenix nemesis?
  14. Lore: Gunboat In Game: Its completely obsolete, but flying a TIE Phantom is so much fun Looks: TIE Defender Overall: Gunboat. Honorable Mention goes to Quickdraw and her TIE SF.
  15. How about a once per turn ability via title to discart a munitions token to inflict autodamage? An imperial Sabine for ordenance?
  16. So give her a modification that allows a kturn with a condition. One adiitinonal stress maybe?
  17. At the very least, the Upsilon needed a kturn of some sort. Maybe the Reaper box could bring some good crews, but most likely this ship is lost until X-Wing 2.0.
  18. Zero cost modification for the Upsilon that allows a 180 turn after a straight speed 3 maneuver and then receive 2 stress tokens.
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