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  1. Action: As the Dark Trooper in the case begins to stir, Mek-Nik activates the restraining bolt after attaching attaching it to the marked area. Maneuver: Grabbing the missile launcher out of the crate and slinging it over his shoulder he looks at the Droid and says: Bonus Maneuver (2 advantage) "Oh frack!" as he realizes the droid is going to self destruct & tries to drop to the floor before it does.
  2. Are we down to 4 players? I don't want to post before someone else gets a chance
  3. Difficulty applying a restraining bolt? (I believe it's a mechanics skill check)
  4. Mek-Nic picks up one of the restraining bolts and looks it over. "It looks like it's roughly a stock bolt with a higher output and a larger power cell. It came with the droids so I assume that the Empire thinks that they are going to work. I would like to check on the packaged droids before trying to put one on one trying to kill me." Standing at the edge of one of the unopened crates he asks, "Any objections?"
  5. Running through incoming invoices, Mek-Nik finds some with a lot of paperwork attached. "Um, we may have a problem. Those aren't stormtroopers, they are advanced combat droids. Looks like they came with missile launchers & assault cannons, though I can't confirm what they are armed with now." {flip destiny point} "Oh, now that's interesting. There's supposed to be a restraining bolt each for them - given the paperwork attached to them, they are a serious bit of kit - I see at least 2 documents flagged classified - though that could be the same document twice. Turning the tables & using their own combat droid against them sounds like my kind of mayhem."
  6. Thoughts: 1) I have video access behind the blast door - what is there? 2) are there blast doors I can close that would trap the dark troopers in the hallway they are in while leaving us free to get back down to the main corridor? 3) are there possibly shipping crates for the dark troopers - or manifests that would clue us to their droid nature? 4) what is in the hangar we are in that we can use/scavenge?
  7. Yeah, we need either those or some heavy firepower, cause our light raiding equipment isn't going to cut it. I wouldn't object to some left over explosives from carving this base out of the mountain. I figure we'll be searching the hangar after other people catch up and we know what's an IR is.
  8. PC's require a Daunting Discipline check even for the basic Restrainers, so thats probably what these guys would be looking at. it may not stop them for long, but it would slow them down. They are military, they might not have the circuitry that a restraining bolt requires. They may have a special ones, but if I was making a military droid, I sure wouldn't make it possible to disable with a stock item you can pick up in any city for a handful of credits.
  9. I'm Banking the threat for something to happen. Banking threat is a house rule I have. Fine by me, any other house rules we may want to know about? On a side note I just bothered to look up a Dark Trooper, oh wow, those guys are monsters! I'm intrigued by them. OOC I wish we had a couple of 35 credit restraining bolts! but not to worry, deal with them we will. I doubt military droids can be harnessed with a stock restraining bolt. One thought I had was to spin the shuttle around & engage the landing clamps; when they run up the hall, open up the ion drive & blow them away. Not really helpful with no shuttle.
  10. Mek-Nik ran a few commands on the system controller in the room. A few seconds later he gave a low whistle and the overhead popped up with security footage from beyond the blast door. Take control of launch doors: 2eP+2eA+2eD 7 successes, 2 threat With a thunk, the security locks on the launch doors engaged. "Best I can do, nobody else is opening the doors, but I may have tripped an alarm. Hopefully the comm systems still down."
  11. Good thing we already cut the alarms: Take control of launch doors: 2eP+2eA+2eD 7 successes, 2 threat Still going to cause trouble I suppose.
  12. Any security system or other way to peek on the other side of the blast door without opening it? Can I lock down the launch doors to keep anybody but us from opening them?
  13. Is there a computer system in here that I can check to see when the shuttle left & where it's going?
  14. As a note, I don't think I have a weapon that can actually hurt them. My blade breaker has a base of 3 & the pistol is a base of 5. - With no combat skills, I'm not likely to do more than 6 with the pistol - figure a 4 soak so 2 pts on a good day.
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