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  1. Yeah no problem, coming from a 40k background I like to keep my forces organized for their task at hands. Just remember to play the objective, and good luck in your tournament.
  2. I agree with @TobiWan Dropping the cannons for the rotary blasters will give you more bang for your buck. I would also try and fit in 10 points for another trooper, their black dice and extra wound will lengthen out your forces more than you think.
  3. Taylawlz

    how many

    Nah your limited to the upgrade slots on the left hand of the card. If there is a card that has multiple slots, such as Vader and Luke with their force powers. Then you may add more upgrades. They can’t be the same though.
  4. I’m thinking for now 4 troopers minimum is a good staple for starter armies and the more the better. Grappling hooks are great but, it’s all based on the terrain of your play space. Obviously if flat mat terrain with little to no buildings then you could cut the points. Great way to not needlessly die to your own dice if on a dense cityscape though. The laser cannon probably limits you the most in the list and I would consider swapping them out for rotary cannons. A majority of your problems will be dealing with troopers and enemy Luke/Vader and those pesky unarmored speeders. Flamer is an excellent choice and will work wonders for you in all scenarios. I personally would swap battle meditation with Jedi mind trick, Luke gets in close, and if you can suppress a full squad before shooting you, you’ll be able to better your Defense with their inability to do two actions. Cut long range comlinks and try and squeeze in some more trooper add-ons and possibly a another heavy weapon.
  5. Taylawlz

    Ghoul Question

    If the ghoul would take rads, it would instead heal the amount to its full health pool of 12. You can play however you want but the most balanced way is to play as intended, 12 health doesn’t last as long as you think.
  6. -Trash it, it is discarded and no longer in play -After all rerolls happen then you calculate hits and successes -keep using the fight action if not then you got to wait -if enemies adjacent they move in are aggressive they attack, if range and adjacent they attack, if in same space they attack.
  7. Fallout has always been a single player experience, I don't mind the lack of interaction with other players since I get enough interaction with my other board games like TI4. It is fun when everyone loses though.
  8. Maneuvering Jets has the exact same wording as Shields Holding. The card just refers assigning hits not that specific part of the phase. Retreat is the final step during space combat.
  9. when its unexplored, as long as the distance is shortest to its destination (usually a fellow player) then yes they will quickly traverse the unexplored tile and treat it as 1 space
  10. So you cannot willingly as an action attack a chit/enemy in your space that you share. If you run into a aggressive enemy, one that attacks when you/they enter a space then you may still use your rifle to the fullest in the same space.
  11. That would be nice. Not many playable archetypes left to pick from though that have a semi neutral representation other than maybe a rogue synth?
  12. Other than the component limitation for the health tracker And special tracker, what limitations are there that stop this from being a 5 player game? my playgroup is going to be 5 for our first run.
  13. Cards are sleeves, rules are read, and the ships are ready to wreak havoc upon the enemy! Cannot wait to play with the group this weekend! Who else is in the same boat? Hoping that one guy doesn’t bail.
  14. My cousin works for the Disney XD technical crew, he told me kanan dies from Ezra in call of the spectre
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