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  1. Hello all! This is a rather odd question. I recently saw a video about making DnD (monster) tokens out of MTG cards: I thought this idea was brilliant. I am planning on playing Adventures in Middle Earth or The One Ring RPG with some friends. Now I thought I could the same trick as the video above, only with LOTR LCG cards. However, I am not planning on spending huge amounts of money to buy these cards and then to ''destroy'' them for another purpose. Is there somebody on this forum who might have an (cheap) solution for this? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Amazing dude! Do you the city cards done yet, with new shops?
  3. What we do is the following: - Play with a maximum of 2 corner boards. (So people don't get too spread out) - At the start of the game, you may gain a free point strength/craft. (Just to speed up the level/grinding process at the beginning) - In order to trophies in, it has to be the same or higher as your current value. (f.e. if you have craft 5, and your throphy is 5 or more you can hand it to gain a craft point). - Lower the Sentinels strength to 7 instead of 9. (IMHO, strength 9 is way too strong, people will therefore stick way too long in outer region and corner boards) - What we sometimes like to do is only have 1 Talisman in the game, this encourages people once they have the Talisman to go for the Inner region. (Also encourages PVP, which doesn't reduce gametime though) - You always get to choose two characters, this gives the player some sort of control on who they want to be plus what stats they want to play with. Hope this helps! Curious to see what other are doing . Edit: I now see that others proposed somewhat similar tips
  4. I really like the idea! However, the font etc. doesn't really fit with that of Talisman.
  5. I am looking to have them printed via 3Dhubs. However, what material should I select? What material did you use?
  6. Amazing Jon, great work! (It's me, Thomas from FB )
  7. Thanks . Where does it say so about the Toad, couldn't find it on the card or in the manual. The False Grail says that you must take it and can only be exchanged at the Castle?
  8. So saturday we played a game of Talisman and were left with a few questions: 1. Can a Toad gain or pickup objects? 2. If you are transformed into a Toad on the city, and when it's your turn you move space. Then on your second turn, can you move back to the city and pick up the items? If not, what you should on the city? 3. If there are items on the city, and you pick them up, do you still have to roll for the city? 4. When you emerge from the dark lord and you lose and land on the crags, do you have to roll for the crags? 5. Can you sell the False Grail at the Alchemist? Thanks in advance!
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