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  1. Can you activate a system that you already did a mission in? i havent found anything clarifying this. i know it says that you cant activate a system that has a person in it but it also goes back and says that you cant move from a planet that has been activated not just with a person in it. thanks!
  2. interesting but I see those nebulons dying in droves, especially against the new wave, but I like the squadron heavy aspect im working on a set myself.
  3. I guess I would mean to say list building is the same, I understand mechanics have many differences.
  4. the reason im looking for a bit more is because the players we are demoing with are X-wing players so there are not that many differences between the 2 games. at least I feel
  5. Hey all so we are looking to make a demo day here soon but are looking into making 150 point fleets so we can kinda show off a little more than just the starter set, any ideas on a decent fleet for both rebels and empire that will allow a pretty balanced game while showing off the mechanics? for this we are only using Wave 1 ships and squadrons
  6. the max is 134, I was looking into perhaps doing something like that to get the AF but im really interested on how well a CR90 will help the fighters especially if they are going crazy with those bomber shots
  7. Hey all so after posting my question about Independence I decided to make a fleet out of it. +++ Independence (397pts) +++ CR90 Corvette B (47pts) [Overload Pulse (8pts)] MC80 Command Cruiser (150pts) [boosted Comms (4pts), Electronic Countermeasures (7pts), •Garm Bel Iblis (25pts), •Independence (8pts)] Nebulon-B Support Frigate (66pts) [•Adar Tallon (10pts), •Yavaris (5pts)] Squadrons (134pts) A-Wing Squadron (11pts) A-Wing Squadron (11pts) B-Wing Squadron (14pts) B-Wing Squadron (14pts) X-Wing Squadron (13pts) X-Wing Squadron (13pts) Y-Wing Squadron (10pts) Y-Wing Squadron (10pts) •Jan Ors (19pts) •Wedge Antilles (19pts) I have 1 really good Carrier and a secondary carrier in Yavaris. CR 90 is to help some harassment and can help the fighters take out their targets, However I would be interested to maybe finding the points for a naked AFIIB with Gallent Haven pretty sure just dropping wedge for another a wing will make that happen but I would lose the Nebulon. Thoughts?
  8. Hey all im looking into being Squadron Heavy and I really like the Independence for this im looking at making it look like this: MC80 Command Crusier 106 -Dodonna 20 -Electronic Countermeasures 7 -Expanded Hanger Bay 5 -Wing Commander 6 -Engine Techs 8 -Independence 8 -H9 Turbolasers 8 im thinking I am loading it up too much but I want to get yalls thoughts, obviously I want to have a bunch of B-wings here but I know ill need at least 2 other ships. but that is for another time
  9. Hey all so im getting back into list making and I came up with a list using the 2nd wave models, so here it goes. Total Points 397 AFIIB -General Dodonna -ECM MC30c - Assault Proton Torpedos MC30c - Assault Proton Torpedos Nebulon-B -Adar Tallon -Yavaris Han Solo 2x A-Wing 2x B-Wing 2x Y-Wing Objectives Advanced Gunnery Hyperspace Assault Superior Positions what do yall think? I would rather have 2 X-Wings than the A-Wings but points restrict this unless I can find the points else where. I expect Han to pick up a lot of the squadron control since he can get pretty crazy with his activations. bacically twice a turn as long as Adar is in range to switch him back. Bombers will do their thing as able while the MC30s pack most of the punch to the ships and hopefully the AF can tank a bunch. I am trying to have a nice sized fleet to allow for more over all activations to try and overwhelm my opponent hoping to take them out before they can overwhelm me since I lack almost any defensive tech. mostly worried about he ISD but if I can speed up the board enough to get a decent shot off before that front arc can get me I should be mostly alright.
  10. I like the list I would be interested to see how it plays out. being able to swarm is nice. biggest issue I see for the fighters is catching their targets. especially if they can get Yavaris dead.
  11. I like this idea, I would agree to having home one as it would be a big deal not making use of your ships especially if they are going to be destroyed. looks solid to me tho
  12. so as the title implies, they just seem to get shot down way to fast to be useful. im trying to make up lists using wave 2 but it seems close to if your not using the Mon Cal or Medium ships you can just about forget it. Ideas?
  13. i really like this list. do you think it will handle well vs a swarm of fighters? i know you had an initial plan but what if you saw a set of maxed out (points) of fighters?
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