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  1. Not sure how many CFMs go through an airbrush, I wouldn't think it's a lot. I don't have an air brush, but in automotive painting you must sustain CFM for a good finish. Also I have always been told to get the VERY BEST drier you can afford when painting. It needs to be efficient and have capacity. A dedicated air hose. Your compressor should always have a blow off valve on it for safety. Pressure switches do fail.
  2. I guess it is a new faction even if it contains two new ones like the original base game. I had hoped that they dig further into the two factions currently available and do more characters and terrain pieces like corridors of cloud city, the death star, and other locations. Story is the unfolded events as we play. But more support would be cool. Specialty rules, and crazy objectives, maybe a force field has to be deactivated by x time or find mouse bot in the death star or rescue C3PO from melt down or hold out at the transport for x rounds to make repairs for a get-away.
  3. Looks like a reboot. I wish they would slow down and focus more on story, terrain, and just playing the game.
  4. So... will you be buying those $30 flush cut side cutters from Diamond tool? I think I have an equal amount in paint and tools as I do for the miniatures and I didn't just go wild with my purchases.
  5. Get a magnification visor and glue meant for scratch built models because it has a fine needle like tip and take your time gluing without distractions. Get it on your fingers? Then quit gluing until that dries or you use releasing agent to remove it. Last thing you want is glue all over the model. I have never found the instructions complicated at all. But if do get stumped, take a look at the back of the box. If I where the drafter of those instructions, I would have had an iso view of the finished model in the upper right. It's just a mouse click and I have never understood why placing an actual isometric view is soooo difficult.
  6. It also has the mexican! YES!!!
  7. Looks like you have to go to the show to get one. I can't say I will be there. Honestly, I thought Vader should have had a free action of invisible throat punch just for being so bad. It can't be blocked and your going to receive one wound. Instead, for 22 points, you get a guy with his own clout of Bad. That's gotta be worth something.
  8. John79

    Mortar line of sight?

    Sounds like I possibly miss used Leia's bombardment card and the ATST possibly miss used his mortar.
  9. Thanks guys. I thought it could not wound my squad since there was no line of sight. Every hex and counter war game I have played has always come down to line of sight and a satchel charge isn't exactly artillery. I figured Legion was no different. Also, I noticed that I need to update my RRG book since I don't have that on page 13.
  10. In my last game I wanted to set a charge in a plaza and move the squad inside a building. Then during the next activation of this squad, I wanted to detonate. However, my opponent insisted that they would get no cover from being inside of a building with a featureless wall between the squad and the charge since they where within range 1 and the card read blast to ignore cover. The only entrance and window to this building where outside of range 1. Was this a correct ruling?
  11. I made the assumption that the average mini would be about 6 ft. tall and doors 32- 36 inches wide. However, I am using the 1:33.9 ratio everything in inches. I do have to add 1/4" of height to my buildings and structures because of the mini's pedestal. I think the Skywalker home I am building will look correct in scale. The digital model from photographs looks as should, but it is my first attempt at scale model from scratch. The dome is looking nice.
  12. Now, just draft it and start building that scale model. The 1/4" thick mini base, kind of throws things a bit. But I think the minor adjustment to the plans will work fine.
  13. I hope Mel and FF do well. I would like to see terrain kits for Legion.
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