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  1. I think your forgetting one thing. Use the silhouette only if there is a question of can he be seen and intended for miniatures like Luke. Not sure why LOS isn't just reduced to miniature's "body" and ignoring backpacks, rifles, sabers, pistols, antenna, and what ever else they carry. I do see the silhouette as including the things like Luke's light saber as being targeted and that's why he got taller.
  2. You can't place the mini in a cylinder and check for line of sight. Not all minis are within the base perimeter.
  3. Yep, I have been victim of the oh his rifle muzzle is showing, so I can blast him out of this galaxy nonsense. No more do you need to stand back and ask does that make sense. Just use the rectangle you cut from your frosty flakes box edge and compare.
  4. I don't like seeing businesses go out, but if you didn't put money into your coffers for bad times. I have to set aside money into savings for times such as when I get laid-off after oil went bust or a life event like a pandemic happens. For a company to rinse and repeat with employees is really irresponsible and bad business. Hopefully FFG is taking care of the employee and not just investor.
  5. Don't know if it's the digital render, but the poses look wooden. The guy on his knee and helmet off looks odd.
  6. I like Luke's green saber. I think Kylo's would end up cutting my leg off. Then I really would be pogo the lesser jedi.
  7. I wish they had a thematically complete army of what is already out there. My desert themed army of hoth troopers was looking good until I started to paint up the canon troops. It's kind of hard to disguise a thick parka, snow boots, and a furry hood as desert fatigues.
  8. I don't play Destiny, but it is sad that Destiny is on it's way out. I rushed to catch up to the latest in LCG version only to have it discontinued near the time I was up to the latest. I swore I wouldn't buy another FF collectible item again and I bought Legion.
  9. Lando and lobot as operatives would be perfect. An ewok army with c3po leading the way from his throne would be fun. A dashing han solo instead of blade runner's deckard even though I love blade runner. A jawa army would be fun too. The RA-7 protocol droid dishing out pain in the sand crawler could be leader. for fun a sand crawler droid army complete with bad motivators and old ben as the leader or RA-7 and Old ben as operative. Jabba and his entourage complete with pet rancor and sarlacc terrain pit. The spider monks could be something. A mad wampa operative running loose on the empire side. Army of sand people complete with banthas riders.
  10. I had one storm trooper come out a bit satin and it gave the illusion of plastic armor. I think it was because I used artist's titanium white to get my base coat white to perform better. It was an experiment and at the end of that evening's painting fever it turned out as envisioned. I used stark white to paint in the light reflections and a light grey blue for shadows. I only wish I could have jotted down some notes for repeat with the others, but I was too engrossed with the shading to stop.
  11. John79

    colours ideas?

    I am just taking a quick look at this, but I think vallejo's blonde, british uniform, or something between might be a start. Even scale75's birch might look really nice.
  12. I don't get to play a great deal of Legion, but I always thought that the 500pnt game was in the rule book and that it was the skirmish game. Now I can't find it anywhere and the learn to play guide doesn't mention it either.
  13. I think the new skirmish rules are pretty funny. It's exactly what I thought the test game would be and I guess they are not even printing a set of cards for it. Kind of half-assed isn't it.
  14. Not sure how many CFMs go through an airbrush, I wouldn't think it's a lot. I don't have an air brush, but in automotive painting you must sustain CFM for a good finish. Also I have always been told to get the VERY BEST drier you can afford when painting. It needs to be efficient and have capacity. A dedicated air hose. Your compressor should always have a blow off valve on it for safety. Pressure switches do fail.
  15. I guess it is a new faction even if it contains two new ones like the original base game. I had hoped that they dig further into the two factions currently available and do more characters and terrain pieces like corridors of cloud city, the death star, and other locations. Story is the unfolded events as we play. But more support would be cool. Specialty rules, and crazy objectives, maybe a force field has to be deactivated by x time or find mouse bot in the death star or rescue C3PO from melt down or hold out at the transport for x rounds to make repairs for a get-away.
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