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  1. It needs deluxe expansions reprinted.
  2. John79

    Mortar line of sight?

    Sounds like I possibly miss used Leia's bombardment card and the ATST possibly miss used his mortar.
  3. John79

    Proton Charge outside a building

    Thanks guys. I thought it could not wound my squad since there was no line of sight. Every hex and counter war game I have played has always come down to line of sight and a satchel charge isn't exactly artillery. I figured Legion was no different. Also, I noticed that I need to update my RRG book since I don't have that on page 13.
  4. John79

    Proton Charge outside a building

    In my last game I wanted to set a charge in a plaza and move the squad inside a building. Then during the next activation of this squad, I wanted to detonate. However, my opponent insisted that they would get no cover from being inside of a building with a featureless wall between the squad and the charge since they where within range 1 and the card read blast to ignore cover. The only entrance and window to this building where outside of range 1. Was this a correct ruling?
  5. John79

    Rules for Common Heights!

    I made the assumption that the average mini would be about 6 ft. tall and doors 32- 36 inches wide. However, I am using the 1:33.9 ratio everything in inches. I do have to add 1/4" of height to my buildings and structures because of the mini's pedestal. I think the Skywalker home I am building will look correct in scale. The digital model from photographs looks as should, but it is my first attempt at scale model from scratch. The dome is looking nice.
  6. John79

    Reference Pics for Terrain, Buildings, etc.

    Now, just draft it and start building that scale model. The 1/4" thick mini base, kind of throws things a bit. But I think the minor adjustment to the plans will work fine.
  7. John79

    First post of my legion collection

    Good looking setup you have there.
  8. John79

    Terrain Tutor looking for a nod

    I hope Mel and FF do well. I would like to see terrain kits for Legion.
  9. I was a bit dismayed when I first saw mall security guards released after Endor commandos and no Ewokes. A whole army of chuck norris build-a-bears might be awesome. Plus, boba fett and no other mos eisley scum? What about that one guy that squeaked into his com-link to tip off the empire or some iconic terrain pieces. I don't know if it's Disney, FF, or both, but I have never been extremely happy with there character lineup of an Star Wars product. They seem to always go for the more popular, $$$, characters.
  10. John79

    Game is Officially Dead...

    Wow! That stinks. I figured the merger was going to kill it. There is so much more that could be added to the game. I bought every single friggin pack. Lord how many $1,000s did I spend on it to only have it discontinued like it took a whole second to make the decision. They pumped cards out at first so fast I couldn't play the packs quick enough and I couldn't keep up with purchases, then it became a much more manageable pace, and now nothing. I would like to finish up my LoTR LCG. It's at least a coop, but it might be terminated before I can get much of it. Definitely no more collectible card games.
  11. John79

    Help with winning anything...

    sounds your experience has going better than what mine did. i found it difficult to win as a rebel. maybe after some skirmish i will play again. the skirmish taught us some about the hero characters and the empire. good luck!
  12. Having played once through the core campaign, i thought it funny that a developers article said we saw a hole where more health for a hero was needed for those imperial players that focus on one hero at a time. so we made a tanky hero that allows others to hide behind.
  13. John79

    Combat Icon Economy

    I think cost is determined with 1st being blast and tactical then number of pistol icons. lastly card text.
  14. Loyalty is gained and removed with diplomatic mission cards. Units do not have to be on the planet to keep loyalty unless it is subjugated. Then only one unit must be committed to the planet surface to keep subjugation. Loyalty is gained on a system loyal to the opponent with one loyalty token for everyone of that the opponent has placed in that system, plus one additional to make it loyal to you. So that they are canceled one-for-one to neutralize and then an additional loyalty marker would be placed to gain control of that system. If this is correct, I ask that this or a more organized easy to understand explanation about loyalty winning and subjugation be added to the official rules thread. During our first couple of play through we spent way to much time and effort trying to find simple explanations about this across several rule books in multiple places of each book.
  15. Yes it does help. I will have to try some of these strategies out. I have yet to try things like moving the rebel base. Thanks for the great reply.