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  1. Makes we wonder who the equivalent rebel commander is going to be? My money is on Yoda.
  2. Easiest way to avoid it is to give your leader a troop unit bubble.
  3. I like the 1.4FD. I plan to try 2 of them on a Hoth theme scenario table with Air Speeder, Luke, ATRT and Rebel Troopers. The Imperials can use anything currently released except bikes. The scenario is... destroy the rebel shield generator. Place a suitable shield generator model at the back of the rebel deployment zone but not in cover. The rebels get the majority of the barricades but must retreat a unit at the end of each turn starting on turn 4.
  4. These should have been released with the core set. For me this is too late as I have build, based and started painting and would not like to rip a lot of perfectly good bases off. Also I have a Hoth paint scheme.
  5. I have 2 of these and find they work best when equipped the same. 2 Flamers is fun. Just go full speed towards the enemy turn one with all your units. The troops and Luke are usually ignored and the flamers take the hits. Useful when you consider this is primarily an objective game; troop survival is essential and support units are expendable. If your opponent rolls badly then they are in for a world of hurt come turn 2. The Laser is my other option. 2 of these will drop an Airspeeder/ATST in 2 turns with minimal support. These are my default boys as they have good range and are more forgiving to use. The Rotary cannon seems like a waste. It does nothing a normal unit can do, so for similar points you are better off with more troops. Rather use the ATRT as a specialist weapon platform.
  6. You need 2 cores for the dice. The rest is just bonus. I have 2 cores and an extra dice pack and still do not have enough dice to roll at once if my flame-thrower ATRT attacks a full squad of troops!?
  7. I am also sensing, Chewbacca operative, possible Ewok unit, Imperial salamander rider, imperial probe droid.
  8. I would think a good combo is one outer rim smuggler and one padawan. That way you can add 1-2 weapons turn one and another 1-2 in turn 2. Redeploy is your friend.
  9. I would have preferred a system where players select the quantity of each ship card they need and order it as a bundle. Surely if the new cards are being printed in bulk it is irrelevant if they are packaged as pre-defined kits or as singles, like magic cards.
  10. I have had good success with the following list: Vader - Force Reflex, Sabre Throw Storm Troopers - extra trooper - DLT-19 - concussion grenades Storm Troopers - extra trooper - DLT-19 - concussion grenades Storm Troopers - extra trooper - HH-12 Storm Troopers - extra trooper - HH-12 Storm Troopers - Impact Grenades Z74-Z Speeder Bikes Z74-Z Speeder Bikes This is exactly 800pts. Vader is best with mass troops as he essentially makes them fearless if they keep in range of him. The 2 HH-12 units are enough to drop a T-47 or ATRT in a round with minimal backup required. The impact grenade unit are my infiltrators. They run up to a vehicle and give it love. Also a good distraction unit. In general I like to have a heavy weapon in each squad as it allows for split fire and more suppression on enemy troops. I put concussion grenades on the DLT-19 units as they can move and fire and when they get to range one, the troopers can exchange their crappy white dice for black dice. Always keep these guys moving. The HH-12 should find a good piece of cover and stay there so they can reload and shoot each turn. The bikes could benefit from long range comm links but so far I have been able to get good use out of them within Vader's command range. You will notice there is no ATST. This is intentional as I do not believe it is best to run with Vader. When Veers is released I will run 1-2 ATST with him and 2x HH-12 units for the three actions (reload, Aim and shoot) and snow troopers for filler.
  11. Most players like a game where they have a fair chance of winning or at least putting up a good fight. A casual player doesn't have either the time or resources to invest heavily in a game, whereas a highly competitive player will go all in. As a semi competitive player who has taken some time out, I know I am out of touch with the meta and will not therefore shell out hard earned cash to enter events where I will get owned. I would rather pick up casual games or play in a league to get up to date and then maybe enter an event. I am keen to see more team events, where players are randomly put into teams of 3 and the team wins or loses the tournament as a whole. That way players are encouraged to help one another with strategy, deck design, a few missing cards to optimize decks...etc. Hardcore single player events are ok, but should be limited to a few times a year, once the general community skill level warrants it.
  12. I enjoy the game, but the local scene has died down. There are still 3 stores that keep a candle burning but the circus has moved on. I learned the hard way to not buy the current set legendary cards as they will drop in value by 50-90% once the next set comes out. (There are a few exceptions, but not many). For me this price drop destroyed the long term value and incentive to buy the cards. I hope in the long term the Awakenings cards will increase in value like Magic alpha, but that will take years. Sadly I invested heavily in the first 3 sets and will not pump the same kind of money into cards going forward. I think it would help if FFG increased the Legendary guarantee per box from 6 to 8. I have since switched my focus to Legion. As a traditional wargamer I feel I get more bang for my buck if I have a big hunk of plastic in my hand rather than a few cards.
  13. Hi all I am wanting to pain a Hoth theme for both rebels and imperials. My imperial list will include Veers, 3x snow troopers and 2x ATST. The rebels will include Luke, 3x rebel troopers and 2x T47. The snow trooper models will help stick to theme but I am concerned about the rebels. The current rebel troopers allow for a white scheme to fit the echo base look. I am just concerned that FFG might release dedicated rebel snow troops like they are doing with the imperials and then I would have preferred to keep these original rebel troops more neutral in colour. Any thoughts if a snow theme is a wise idea for rebels?
  14. Can Vader move - then 'free sabre throw, then move and another 'free sabre throw?
  15. Has anyone been able to get any mileage out of old Finn? I am curious to try an Old Finn with the droid landing craft vehicle to get 1-2 droid character allies. I have always liked the theme of including villian vehicles and weapons but his character cost needs to come down 3 points for both one die and elite options. He seems to have been overlooked when character costs were re-balanced.
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