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  1. ThreeD6

    Aus Open - Voting Now Open

    Final stage of the voting is being conducted via the Aus Open Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/831023017074088/
  2. ThreeD6

    Aus Open - Voting Now Open

    Ok People time for "Other Guy" Build Submissions Please email what you think the best builds are to ausopen@w-up.com.au Reminder the 9 Pilots are Echo Turr Phennir Pure Sabacc 4-Lom Dalan Oberos (Kimogila) Prince Xizor Arvel Crynyd Norra Wexley Kyle Katarn
  3. Help us out fellow X-Wing Players, We the community get to decide the ships our Top 8 will be forced to play with in the finals This years Theme is "The Other Guys" PS 6 & 7 ships The bonus is all the 8's & 9's don't get to play Vote here https://www.w-up.com.au/ausopen/#vote
  4. ThreeD6

    Aus Open 2018

    Today is the last day for early bird tickets
  5. ThreeD6

    Aus Open 2018

    Early Bird tickets close on Monday https://www.w-up.com.au/store/event-tickets.html
  6. ThreeD6

    Aus Open 2018

    Don't forget to vote in the polls once they open, and tune in live on twitch as well
  7. ThreeD6

    Aus Open 2018

    The Aus Open is back for 2018 Biggest non FFG Event in Aus Awesome Prizes and awesome fun (licensed venue) Ad - YouTube Link Website - Website Link Facebook Event - Facebook Event Link Facebook Group - Facebook Group Link