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  1. Yeah, this would totally be my face too if I got to sit in an X-wing in full gear.
  2. Wave 9... Wait a second. 9 divided by 3 is 3. Wave eight had Hera and Lothal Rebel. H and L. HL3. Half Life 3 Confirmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, this post is about as ridiculous in it's grasping as the hl3 meme..
  3. Wow, I knew he drew fire but I didn't realize he went down that quick. Any recommended upgrade for Biggs to round out at an even 100 points? I could just trade BB-8 over to him I guess
  4. Just looking for some feedback on my current Rebel build. Seems interesting but I haven't tried it yet. I don't have a huge collection and I can't add ANYTHING to the build I don't own. On the rebels side, I currently have both core sets, Rebel Aces, Millennium Falcon, Z-95 Headhunter, and YT-2400 expansions. For upgrades, on the overall collection I have Imperial Aces, TIE Defender, TIE Phantom, and Slave I expansions. Squad Build: X-wing: Biggs Darlighter, R2-D2 (29) T-70 X-wing: Poe Dameron, Push the Limit, BB-8 (36) B-wing: Blue Squadron Pilot (22) Z-95 Headhunter: Tala Squadron Pilot (13) Total: 100/100 Thoughts? Concerns? Better builds based on my collection shown above?
  5. Riptide

    Rebel Veterans

    Based on the meta, it will include a T-70 black and gold x-wing just because fans have been asking for it and an e-wing. The imperials have got their mega-fighter love with the defender builds, it's time that the Rebels get the same with the E-wing. My guess would be that the xwing will be a t-70 miniature, but the upgrades will influence the earlier t-65 as well and bring it back into the spotlight. And I would speculate that it will be a Resistance Veterans, with Resistance E-wings.
  6. I can't wait! I have loved the defender ever since the ol' days of the TIE Fighter video game. I still believe the ship is good in its current state, but I think that this will make it the powerhouse deserving of its legacy.
  7. Not really EU but I would love to see some Homeworld inspired painting with the bright yellows, oranges, and reds. A light grey base pallet. I think it would look pretty cool on Star Wars ships. Not sure if you are familiar with the game but do a search or two and you'll see what I mean. Oh and I can't forget it's love of stripes on ships.
  8. Riptide

    Poe, BB-8, and PTL

    Was thinking of running that Poe build along with Biggs and R2D2 to get the protection and shield regen. Only problem is Poe is probably hard to keep up with.
  9. I'm just curious if this article is still accurate or if there has been any errata. It's been awhile since I've played X-wing. http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2015/10/star-wars-x-wing-academy-pushing-the-limit-with-bb-8.html In a nutshell it basically says with this combo you can execute 3 actions off a green maneuver with no stress. Is this actually the case? I did some searching and I couldn't find confirmation of this on the forums, but if this has been asked before I'm sorry and will remove the post if you can reference it. Thanks and have a great day!
  10. Personally, I'd go with the Engine Upgrade. Positioning could give you a definitive advantage over homing missiles. I do love the T.I.E.2. but the ability to boost is too great to ignore. Both are good options, but the former is the one I'd choose.
  11. So, while designing I came up with an a question that I can't seem to answer, so I'd like to refer it to all of you, the prospective players. If you are not familiar with The Heroes of the Aturi Cluster I highly suggest you check it out. In it, each player takes on a 'Hero' character in a co-operative game to fight AI Imperials. While Ashes of Rebellion has no intention of being a co-op, the idea of having each player make a 'hero' that is up gradable has come to mind. In order to reduce an overly complicated Strategic level, this may mean less focus on the Salvage portion previously discussed (although it may exist in some fashion or another, as I really like the idea of 'hiring' scum mercenaries), and more of a focus on pilot upgrades to each faction's hero player. As an X-wing gamer, would you prefer (1) stock pilots with a deep strategic level economy or (2) a customized, up gradable hero pilot flying along stock pilots with a lighter strategic level? Please note, I am not trying to make one sound better than the other, as each are enticing; however, I have a feeling that juggling what I call 'strategic level economy' to buy ships, upgrade ships, buy mercenaries, AND upgrade a custom pilot all together might become too tedious. Then again, I could be wrong. Again, this is all a work in progress, so any feedback is not only encouraged, but highly appreciated. Thank you all, and fly casual.
  12. My primary idea was for an escalation in squad points. If Winner (A) won against Loser (B), then the next mission would see A with 100 squad points vs B with 110. If A won again, it would become 100 sq vs 120 on the next round. This would continue until it was 100 vs 150 (the max at the scale), allowing for a definitive advantage vs the winning player. Missions are separated into a 1 to 5 category, depending upon the offset. This would be thematic in being that A is moving deeper into enemy territory and encountering more resistance. It's a sliding scale as well, so it player B has lost three matches against A, they can get 130 points. They win the match, and next turn they would get 120 points instead. It is still a work in progress but this is the general idea.
  13. Thanks bcons, thats what I'm going for. This is the part I'm working on right now. I'm really trying to develop a system that will allow for a losing player to have a moment of glory. It's either going to be a counter to the Salvage system or simply a matter of making the missions more difficult for the aggressor (winner) as if they are moving into enemy territory and meeting more resistance. At the current moment, I'm looking into developing harder missions for the 'attacker' (the winning player) but if you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them.
  14. Ashes of Rebellion (or AoR for short) is a one on one campaign for the X-wing Miniatures Game set in the final years of the Galactic Civil war, after the second Death Star's destruction. The game is designed to offer a break from the endless 100pt v 100pt Tournament Style game play that X-wing is known for and to add an additional strategic layer to the already great tactical game play. The second Death Star has been destroyed, the Empire is in disarray, and the newly found Republic is gaining ground. Do you lift up the banner and save the mighty union of the Empire before it crumbles or look to a new government that promotes democracy and peace? The war has reached a tipping point. No longer is the band of freedom fighters a small menace to the Empire, it is a highly coordinated war machine. Only the bravery and skill of your pilots will gain the upper hand. Who will win the war for the future of two ways of life? Preface: X-wing is one of those games that I just can't get enough of. The rush of one on one combat in a table top game that is balanced and absolutely a blast to play or watch is second to none. Moving those little pieces of plastic glory around the table made me fall in love with board gaming all over again. I have played a lot of games at my FLGS but there has been something lacking. It seems to be a repeat game each time and I have lost my urge to go out to play. I enjoyed playing the in-box missions with my fiance more than going out and checking out what everyone else had going on. The missions give variety to the mundane 'just shoot everyone' philosophy and allow for more interesting squad builds to suit the mission. With this philosophy I decided to start working on a grand campaign of missions to allow players more variety, a strategic level, and honestly more fun from the X-wing game. Missions are intended to be dynamic and changing each time to allow a greater variety of options to the player. The result of those missions will offer players advantages in future missions. The AoR campaign will offer a reward system called Salvage, that will benefit you based on the ships you destroyed during the previous missions. Salvage will offer the player a new strategic level to worry about. As this is all very early in development, any advice or comments are completely appreciated and encouraged. Please keep in mind here that everything I am discussing is a work in progress and is subject to change. Core Objective: To create an ongoing 1v1 campaign with an Imperial and Rebel player that will offer variety other than the simple Tournament style play. Players will be able to gain benefits from wins to help in future battles and help their side ultimately win the war. Using the campaign's Salvage system, ships will be able to 'break the rules' by retrofitting existing ships, purchasing new ships, or hiring Scum mercenaries to fight along side them. Trying to keep all types of players in mind, the campaign will focus on limiting overall mission design to assume that each faction can A) construct a squadron of at least 150 points per faction (without the use of one large base ship from their collection), B) can provide at least one single Large ship per faction (in addition to their squad total), C) the group has at least two core sets combined between the two, and D) the group has availability to print components provided by the campaign. After release, if the desire is high enough, a future supplement featuring Epic style battles with huge ships and larger engagements will be added to fill out the existing campaign. Victory points will be awarded for missions completed Mission Types: AoR will provide at least 6 different types of missions for their squadrons to carry out. Escort – In an Escort mission, the objective is for one team to protect a ship until it is able to leave the field of battle. The opponents will be trying to destroy or mis-direct that ship. Assault – In an Assault mission, the primary objective is to destroy or interact with some key object. Assault missions are straight forward with one team attacking and one defending. Skirmish – In a Skirmish, the point is to simply eliminate the opposing force. This is the traditional tournament style game play. With any luck, we will unbalance it enough that it will make things interesting. Capture – In a Capture mission there will be an object that one team must take and bring to another point. Kind of like capture the flag or king of the hill. Command – Control multiple points on the map. This is a conquest based game play where each point on the map is a critical objective and the position of your fighters will matter. Multi-stage – A multistage mission is the most complicated of all and may include parts of each other mission type over the course of the battle or even over multiple missions. Continuity: One question posed is that given the current time line, can you use pilots that have deceased or pilots that have not been born yet, or ships that have not been created yet. The answer is yes. X-wing is a game designed around versatility and limiting certain ships or pilots will definitely hinder game play. In terms of the ships, all of those included in the galactic civil war would still be viable during this time period. Using ships outside of this scope (ie. Force Awakens releases) can be considered early prototypes. Pilots that have either died during the course of the films or that have not been born yet are allowed and it is encouraged that players create a new name for the pilot. It will not only breathe new life into the world, but allow players a chance to make a new character. For all intents and purposes of the gameplay, all statistics remain the same for that particular pilot; however, each 'crew' card that shares a title with that is now renamed to the new pilot as well. X-wing is about tactical combat and has not been tarnished so far in tournaments by having Darth Vader fight Poe Dameron, so this campaign should not be treated any differently. The New Order is in development now and could be producing new technology. Components: Mission Book – The mission book will list all of the branching missions during the campaign and try to progress everything to culmination. Fleet Sheet – The fleet sheet keeps track of your ships, salvage points, and victory points. Retrofit Cards – Retrofitting is one of the most powerful aspects of the AoR campaign, allowing you to use Salvage points to 'add' new components onto an existing ship. Want to increase your attack dice by 1 using the 'Enhanced Cannons' addition? Sure! But just remember that it may come with side effects and an increased squad cost. Event Cards - Events will offer an ever changing galaxy and complicate matters for each side by offering optional secondary objectives to each mission. Fleet: At the beginning of the campaign, each player will designate a 100pt 'Starting Squadron'. This will remain the same during the course of the campaign. During the campaign, players will be able to purchase new ships to add to their fleet. They may also lose ships from their fleet as well. All ships lost must be repurchased; however, the Starting Squadron ships are permanent can can not all ever be lost. Any pilots from these ships may be used as long as they are not 'injured'. Injury: So your X-wing blew up, you're not going to be in the best of shape. Pilots in AoR have to deal with injury. When a ship is destroyed, that pilot must make an injury roll. The pilot has ejected from their ship but may have sustained injuries from the event. They may range anywhere from superficial, allowing the pilot to continue on the next mission, to severe, immobilizing the pilot for the foreseeable future. Injury may last for one or many missions and can effect which pilots you bring into battle on your next sortie. For all intents and purposes of the campaign, no pilot may be permanently killed for the sake of game play. Salvage: Salvage is a key mechanic introduced in AoR. Each ship you damage or kill leaves behind debris that can be used to enhance your cause. Salvage will be the key economic for the campaign, being a war of attrition. Salvage can be used to: Buy Retrofits (powerful enhancement upgrades) Hire Mercenaries (Add Scum ships to the mix) Recruit (Add Squad points to next mission) Sabotage (Reduce Enemy Squad points to next mission) Purchase new Fleet ships (add new ship options to your fleet) Speed Recovery (Get an injured pilot back into the action) Set Engagements (Choose a different next mission) Convert (Convert Salvage into Victory points) First Retrofit Victory: Each player is working towards victory points. Victory is the overall objective of the game. Accumulate enough Victory points and you win the game. Victory can be gained by winning missions or converting salvage into Victory points. Because of this, it is possible (however, less likely) that a player who has lost a majority of their matches could still come out on top. First Post Remarks: So I spilled a lot of ideas out here and while some may be vague I do have an idea in mind on how to implement everything. The mission building and balancing will be the hardest part but getting the ball rolling is the first step (which I hopefully accomplished with this post). Unfortunately, I am alone in my efforts currently. I have some great ideas for a well-rounded campaign here, but I need your help. In the coming months, I will try to release some card art, rules, and ideas that will need to be play tested, balanced, and picked apart. If you are interested in this campaign, please give me a shout-out on here. If not, please at least tell me why. This project's future defiantly depends on you, as I wont proceed if it is a worthless endevour. I thank you all for reading this far and hope this might be something that you are looking forward to. May the force be with you! FAQ: (Will edit upon further comments) Community: So here it is, the call out to all you pilots out there! Do you have a mission out there on X-wing Mission Control? Do you have a great idea for an X-wing mission? By all means, say so now! Creating balanced missions for an entire campaign is difficult, so if yours is up-to-snuff, then post it! Any missions posted may be implemented into the grand campaign. I really need help on this, as it's a one person operation. I want to provide the most variety available so you help is key! Fly casual my friends, and thank you!
  15. I personally can not wait to fly two defenders. What are you all complaining about?
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