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  1. JohnGarrison1870

    Artwork -- how do you feel about it?

    The art quality of the art is great, and a good fit for the theme and mechanics. The art style is a turn-off for me though. It suggests too casual a feel for what I want in a game.
  2. JohnGarrison1870

    Why is FFG doing a reprint of the Kylo and Rey Starter Sets

    If they were to end the game when the current cycle ends, they'd need to have a way to encourage people to buy up the remaining inventory. Keeping all of the starter decks available as long as possible might make a bit of sense. But I doubt it.
  3. JohnGarrison1870

    Arkham Horror LCG and Six-Week Schedules

    In addition to the point well made already about the competitive vs cooperative differences between the games, L5R also has more factions than AH, and with each player having multiple decks there are more cards needed in general. While choices are limited with just a core set of AH, the game is fully playable with even just a single core. The need for fast release isn't as pressing. Whereas my L5R friend has told me is that L5R isn't really a complete game until you get 2-3 cores and the first full cycle of packs. Even the weekly release schedule was far too slow, or so I've been told.
  4. JohnGarrison1870

    End of Netrunner

    One of the more prevalent theories about this in the Magic community is that Hasbro, in the face of the large revenue drop Magic has suffered recently, may be looking to go strong with a new IP. Many see taking back the rights to publish an Android card game as part of that plan. Sure, it could be Hasbro just wanted to kill a competing game that was clearly taking away players from Magic. But I think a Hasbro-produced card game is the more likely outcome. I fully expect them to release a new Android CCG in the next year or two. I find the idea that FFG decided not to renew the license to be absurd. (Unless we're talking about a case were Hasbro demanded a rediculously high sum, which I could see.)
  5. JohnGarrison1870

    No news is bad news?

    Hm. Having a print-on-demand disappear is concerning. Almost like they're not allowed to sell them any more... When such contracts end they are often allowed to continue to sell quantities on hand, which would be consistent with having the main box still available for purchase but not the POD packs. Not looking good.
  6. JohnGarrison1870

    gear capacity limit

    Heh. Oops. I must have been really tired. Carry on, don't mind me...
  7. JohnGarrison1870

    gear capacity limit

    Oh really? Legendary Gear does not count towards your hero's gear limit? Huh. That seems like a pretty big important rule that doesn't appear anywhere else. In fact, the Rules Reference seems to say otherwise, on page 10: "A hero can equip any number of his legendary gear cards following the normal equip restrictions..." Nowhere else in the Rules Reference, the Learn to Play booklet, or the official FAQ says anything to the contrary. If this is a new rule / errata, so be it. But I don't see this Dana Beltrami guy listed anywhere in the game's credits. Edit: Ug. I must have been really tired. No idea why I thought you said "does not". Sorry.
  8. JohnGarrison1870


    Sure could be. I wouldn't be too bothered if it was though, honestly. I think the game is great (although the locations could be more interesting and thematic), but I've never enjoyed the Warhammer setting. If GW pulls the license, I wouldn't be surprised if FFG decides the enthusiastic response over this game justifies doing the same sort of mechanics for a different intellectual property. My wish would be Lord of the Rings, but I'd be willing to give pretty much anything a try.
  9. JohnGarrison1870

    Warhammer Quest vs LOTR LCG

    Just chiming in to say that, for me too, Warhammer Quest ACG has killed LotR LCG for me. I adore the LotR theme, and they've done a great job with that game, but I have always abhorred deck building. And the game was very difficult for me, to the point of being too frustrating to be fun. Still, I continued to collect and play it because it is such a good game, and has great art, and is wonderful in many ways. But then I played WQ:ACG, and was enlightened. LotR LCG is a fantastic game, but I finally came to grips with the fact that it's too involved, time consuming, and frustrating for what I want in my gaming time. I simply don't have time for a "lifestyle game" like LotR LCG. (And honestly, even if I did, I would feel bad spending so much of a chunk of my life on one single thing, LotR LCG is such a massive time black hole. But to each their own.)
  10. JohnGarrison1870

    First impressions

    I agree more could be done to make the locations and overall progress feel more thematic. I think the core set had to address the need of providing a variety of generic locations and enemies however, to lay the foundation for a possible series of expansions, and this therefore forced them to cobble together locations and enemies for the core set adventures that might not really mesh smoothly with each other. If they release expansions with more quests and locations and enemies, I suspect it will become all the easier to create more appropriately thematic adventures.
  11. JohnGarrison1870

    How does nemesis spawning work ?

    The way I've always played it has been to spawn him engaged with the first hero, causing damage and moving to the shadows if the first hero is already maximally engaged. I assume I do this because I learned it from the rulebooks when I first got the game, but I'm away from home right now and can't check to be sure.
  12. JohnGarrison1870

    Actions/Legendary Fortunes of the new Heroes

    Except the sleeve indicators are always about the product that is in *this* package, not the game as a whole. Oh, duh. Yeah, the numbers are the numbers of those colored packages you need to have enough sleeves, not a size code. I knew that at one point, but it slipped my mind. It seems age is catching up with me.
  13. JohnGarrison1870

    The Siege of Annuminas - Gen Con 2016 Quest

    Hm. No mention in the announcement on the webpage, the GenCon page, or the confirmation email about an alternative art card. Perhaps there will be a surprise card, but it's probably more likely they learned their lesson from the big brouhaha of last year over Gimli and from here on will limit such cards to Fellowship events. Or maybe they're not going to do any alt art cards again. On one hand, it makes sense and would please many people to not have limited cards at relatively "small" events such as GenCon. On the other, I want more alt art cards to come out!
  14. JohnGarrison1870

    Actions/Legendary Fortunes of the new Heroes

    The cards look pretty nice, albeit darker inked than the core set cards. But that is standard for print-on-demand products. They are thicker than the regular cards, too. This doesn't make a difference with player cards and legendary gear cards, but it does give me pause. While the coloration isn't too eye-catching, and could be solved entirely with opaque sleeves, the thickness difference is significant enough to where any other types of cards (enemy, location, gear, equipment) would be easy to notice as being a PoD card. This isn't an issue in PoD products like Lord of the Rings quests, since the entire encounter deck is either non-PoD or entirely PoD. But in mixed decks it might be a problem. Likely not a huge one though. I honestly don't care much, but thought it was worth mentioning since the difference in thickness is easy to see and feel. Oh, and one last thing I noticed is the packaging listed the FFG card sleeve types as Green 1 and Yellow 1, instead of the G3 Y2 they should be. One little detail that slipped by QC.