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  1. I agree, and had a similar issue. I spent time, risk, and coins in order to try and get a magic rune item...only for it to give me benefits I already had! Quite disappointing, since anyone who didn't have those abilities wouldn't really be interested in doing the quests necessary to obtain the item in the first place. I suspect this aspect is intended to help smooth out the abilities in multi-player games. That is, to make it less likely that the group won't be able to do something just because the character/player with that needed ability was exhausted. Rather backward though, I agree. But since the mechanics of the game are so binary, there isn't really any other way to give one a feeling of progression.
  2. I own a small tabletop game store. Speaking to my contacts at the exclusive distributor for FFG (Alliance), the word is they've been told the books will be reprinted but FFG has given them no word on when that might be. As to the possibility of future new novellas, nothing at all has been said. It bears noting however, that FFG products have been experiencing shipping delays for United States releases. Some of the boats from China have faced weather problems, and apparently what with the various tariffs going on once the boats do arrive it's taking quite a bit longer than expected to clear their cargo through US customs. The second wave of X-wing 2nd edition miniatures were delayed almost two months because of this, for instance. So while it's great more copies of the novellas are showing up around the globe, that doesn't mean they will be imminently available in the USA. But who knows; products have shown up suddenly before, when no one knew to expect them. So one can hope.
  3. Counterpoints: 1. Having a sale is one thing. Trying to unload things at less than half the wholesale price is something else. For comparison, what would you call it if FFG were to lower the price of the Rebellion board game from $90 to $25? I'm not quite sure what that would be, but it's so much more than "just a regular sale" that it's reasonable to raise an eyebrow. Especially since one of the sets (Legacies) isn't going to be rotating. (Actually, I do know what this is called: Screwing over the retailers. Probably one of the reasons shops are dropping Destiny.) 2. Target and Amazon have been selling niche gamer products for years. But at any rate, most of those fire sellers on Amazon were/are game stores, not Amazon itself. Game stores are overloaded with the starter set, because people aren't buying it. I think this is more an issue with the two-player starter set not being a good fit for the game though (and having a poor cover design) rather than a negative against the game though. Plus, FFG and distribion were extremely aggressive with the release, and convinced stores to order way too much. 3. It's not enough for Destiny to have many thriving, dedicated communities. That fan base also needs to be big enough to justify keeping the game going from a business perspective. The fan base may be large enough, but so many people are reporting the game being dead in their areas it makes one wonder. 4. Expansion products take a long time to develop and manufacture. For many of FFG's other card games at least, principal development and playtesting of expansions is completed about 9 months prior to release. I wouldn't be surprised if the lead time is longer for Destiny, due to the need to manufacture the dice. Point being, the appearance of Convergence isn't much proof of anything. They could have decided back in the summer to cancel the game, and they would still have to go forward with completing and shipping Convergence. In addition, they may very well be contractually obligated to continue the game in some capacity. While that could mean the game technically exists in some form, they could dramatically scale back the print runs, etc. Despite all this, I don't think Destiny is going to die anytime soon. It's just the nature of FFG products to be over-hyped upon release, given an avalanche of expansions and events in the first two years, then to fade for a while before being either dropped or revised into a new edition after 5-7 years from original release.
  4. Physical products are getting astonishingly expensive to produce, all the moreso if one wishes to keep up FFG's famous quality of materials and art. This makes any overstock in a warehouse or slow-moving products on a store shelf deadly, for publishers, distributors and retailers alike. There are also big increases in shipping, storage, employee wages, etc. Physical products in general are going to only become more expensive with time (until we get Replicators). FFG's solution seems to be to have slim production runs. Far better to run out of copies and lose some sales than to overprint and have your revenue destroyed by dead product, or so they seem to be thinking. As a retailer selling their products, I can't fault them for this strategy. I have to sell about 3 copies of a game to see any return on investment. That might not be too hard to do if the store were only full of hot sellers, but half of the new games that come out struggle to sell even 1 copy. For every game like that, suddenly I need some other similarly-priced game sell 4-5 copies instead of just 3, not only make a profit on itself but to make up for the failure of the slower product. The end result is that the cult of the new is almost a requirement in this industry. "Evergreen" products are not really ever green. Most of them dwindle over the years, and they can't afford to sit on their laurels and let the hobby mellow. There always needs to be a push for the next hit game, even if it's at the expense of steady sales in an established game. They can't afford to wait for LotR to cool off before they start to think of what comes after it.
  5. One of the side effects of trying to be a full-fledged competitive CCG right out of the gate. It takes years for a game to develop to the point where tournaments and a mature meta really makes sense. Many CCGs have fallen by the wayside before they built up enough to properly have that chance, yet FFG is attempting to reach that height just because they feel like they should be able to. Perhaps one day Destiny will grow enough and have a deep enough player base to become a stable, well-supported and widely-played CCG. But it certainly isn't there now, and FFG risks shooting themselves in the foot if they try to push it to that level before it's ready.
  6. Or at least, no basis you're comfortable acknowledging. The potential for bias in conclusions goes both ways. Perhaps you would not accept anything other than an official announcement as valid evidence. But it's reasonable to speculate given the info we have. Clearance selling product that is only 6 months old (Legacies) is a weird move. The sale also includes the first set though, so it could simply be that they overstocked the first set (to compensate for the release shortage) and also overstocked the first set of the second cycle to prevent a repeat shortage fiasco. So the sale could be an entirely innocent attempt to move excess stock. Or maybe not. Also it's odd that they're reprinting old starters (confirmed to me by an FFG sales rep; it's not a listing error), despite them supposedly rotating out in a few months. A reprint is not a casual endeavor and I struggle to see how it makes sense unless they're doing it to help sell overstocked first cycle stuff. But perhaps it's an innocent restocking order and a relatively small reprint. Or maybe not. They're also pushing draft format recently, in an attempt to move that produce and more boosters to go with it. Apparently the warehouses have far too many copies of that sitting around. the 2-player starter set can frequently be seen on fire clearance on Amazon for $9.99. That's nearly half what the distributor is trying to sell it to stores for. This tells me many stores have way too much of it and it's simply not selling. There's also my personal experience (for what it's worth) and the visits I've made to every shop in a 150 mile radius, where piles of Destiny product sits gathering dust, events for it have been abandoned by the player base, and the store owners universally tell me "it's a good game, but FFG really oversold it and hosed us on this one". Given how the warehouses are overstocked (despite how FFG products generally run out frequently), and all the above points, I think it's reasonable to be concerned for the future of the game. Perhaps it won't end, but it would take years of steady growth to reach the anticipated heights of yesteryear. I'll admit I'm biased against the game though. I'd prefer to hear it's closing down. I'm sick of hearing so many people ooh and ah over it but rarely ever buying it, so many people requesting events for it but then never attending, etc. The experience in my little corner of the world may not apply universally though.
  7. Well, after another 5 games and having won all 5 of them without the doom track even getting half full in any game, I'm starting to feel a bit disappointed with Unseen Forces. Although the variety of locations seems like it'd be nice, if I'm not going to be getting much of a challenge by staying within the museum those seem like rather a waste. :/ And although the blessed/curse mechanic seems somewhat interesting, I'm not quite sure how much it enriches the game. Oh well. At least I'll still have the extra small cards, investigators, and elder gods to spice the game up as I continue with other expansions.
  8. Well, I see them ramping up the adverts, sales, and press releases. But I don't see them saying anything about the next cycle, which in theory should be 3-4 months away. Of course that could be because they don't want to take the thunder away from the most recent release. But if we don't hear anything about block 3 within the next month I'd be extremely worried. I agree completely with your last paragraph though. It's a fun game, but the release schedule is overwhelming for something that is not destined to be as deep or gangbusters as Magic/Pokemon/Yugioh. My hope is that they scale back their expectations for what Destiny can become, and accept its fate as a more casual game with a more modest release schedule.
  9. I suspect they're reprinting them because starter boxes drive sales, and they have a lot of warehouse pallets full of expansions they need to convince people to buy. The fact that they're reprinting them actually makes me think it's even mroe likely they're going to slow down the output (if not end it entirely). Why reprint old starters when a new cycle is supposedly going to start in 3 months? Wouldn't it be better to announce the new starters that are coming? On the other hand, perhaps they are reprinting them precisely because a new cycle is about to start. I don't recall exactly, but I bet they reprinted them when the white box cycle began. So all of this is just conjecture.
  10. Yup. Meetups, release parties, tournaments. Generally something twice a month. Attendance used to be respectable, averaging 9-12. Sales were...fine. But as you said, not everything has to be Magic. I'm not sure why, but after the release of Legacies attendance started to drop. By the time Way of the Force was released, average attendance had become 4-5...and only 2 people showed up to the release event. When I ask players why they cooled on Destiny, the most common reply (aside from "I've just been busy") is that they don't find the game engaging enough for them to want to play frequently. I'm not surprised. It takes a pretty special game to become someone's new hobby, which is basically what a CCG has to be to have staying power. There's no shame in a CCG fading. I don't think it'd be a "failure" if Destiny ended in the near future. Short lives seem to be the rule for collectable games, even good ones. Your post seems to imply that for a game to succeed a game store needs to do all the heavy lifting. Supporting a game is one thing, but frankly if a game dies without having stores running constant events for it, it doesn't deserve stores running events for it. A game has to carry itself to some extent.
  11. As an LGS owner, it appears to me that FFG doesn't quite understand the commitment required to produce a collectable card game. Also, the game is relatively light. I agree with the sentiment that it probably would have been better as an LCG. I just don't see how they can expect to keep churning out expansions at the rate they've suggested while keeping the game fresh and interesting. Many players I've heard from feel they've alreadly lost the momentum. Some asides: The aggressive release schedule of FFG products and expansions in general is also overwhelming. Not only to me as an LGS owner, being constantly assaulted with "the next new thing" coming out, but even customers who are primarily into a single game are getting exhausted by how much they have to keep up with. More than one has commented to me that some days their hobby feels like work. Prices continue to rise as well. Unfortunately the MSRP doesn't necessarily rise with it, squeezing retailers all the more. And although Asmodee North America's recent minimum advertised price policies (MAPs) are very helpful to preserve brand value and help protect retailers from online discounters, MAPs also prevent retailers from unloading slow-moving product. This shifts the risk off of the publisher (and a bit off the distributor as well) and onto the retailer. A little bit of risk is understandable, but in the hobby game trade roughly half of new games are essentially dead upon release. So what with too much stuff coming out, quickly falling public interest, and MAP policies, preordering new products has become a major risk for retailers. Hopefully they will notice the massive drop-off in preorders as retailers start to get wise to this scheme, and ANA will change their strategy. I still have nearly all of my stock from the last Destiny release. Despite a lot of excitement in my community in the first year, the past nine months have seen abysmal sales. Trusting my gut, I recently took the risk of not ordering any of the most recent expansion, and although it's only been out for two days not a single person has asked about it. And despite trying to demo Keyforge at my store interest has been very weak on that as well. I might only have a couple token copies on the shelf come release time. Going forward, I'm going to be less and less likely to preorder anything. It's just become too much of a risk. I'm hoping this is just a little rough adjustment period, due to both the recent Asmodee takeover and the relatively high IP turnover recently (what with a higher than usual number of product lines ending and new ones beginning). So I'm hopeful things will start to stabilize soon. But I'm going to wait and see rather than just trust in the future, I'm afraid.
  12. I suspect you're correct about the Prequel-era theme of the next set. That would coincide well with the Prequel-era wave of X-Wing ships (and Armada too?) being released in the first quarter next year, as well as the new Separatist sourcebook for the RPG. As for what characters the starters might focus on, the Boba Fett starter shows us they won't necessarily be main characters. I'd bet on an Anakin/Obiwan deck though. (Quigon/Obiwan would be awesome, but I kinda doubt they'd go for that.) The other might be Maul/Grevious or something. I can't see them using both Sith apprentices (i.e. a Maul/Dooku deck), and for marketing purproses if they only feature one I'd bet they prefer to use Maul. Who knows though.
  13. I have the core set and Unseen Forces expansion, and am loving it! But I'm a bit concerned about my high win rate. I see from the stats in this forum that the win rate seems to be about 73%, but in the 20 games I've played so far I've only lost twice. I'm starting to think I'm overlooking something. I've only played "true solo" thus far, with only a single investigator. I suppose that slows down the Mythos deck and Midnight events, but it also slows down what I can accomplish per day with just a single investigator, so I'm not sure how much of a difference that might be making. So I'm wondering, what are some of the most common errors people make in playing that makes it too easy? I've gone over the rulebook again and don't seem to be missing anything. Maybe I've just been really lucky so far...or am just awesome at risk assessment.
  14. Yes, and that's a plus for this game. I wasn't trying to bash it. After playing some demo games I do think it's a very solid, clever game, despite not being the style of game mechanics that I personally prefer. I suspect it will perform okay as a product, though I am not sure how well the non-collectable nature of it will translate into steady sales. It's a strong foray into this new world of "unique" games though, so I wish it well.
  15. The art quality of the art is great, and a good fit for the theme and mechanics. The art style is a turn-off for me though. It suggests too casual a feel for what I want in a game.
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