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  1. I was under the impression that the reason the TIEs (and the Executor) were bluish in TESB was special effects - with the actual models being grey but given a blue tint in post-production.
  2. Maybe they want to 3D-print their own ISDs to scale with it? It should be noted that the bridge is slightly oversized in that case. An ISD exactly to scale with the SSD would be 5.25 cm long, and have a bridge about 0.9 cm wide.
  3. Interestingly, the conning tower is proportionally bigger than on the "real Executor" prop. Real Executor prop: 277cm, tower with 4.2cm: ratio 65.95 This Executor: 62.4cm, tower width 1.4cm: ratio 44.57. Presumably this was because tower details would become unacceptably blurred if they made the tower any smaller.
  4. I think the actual prop (image from Star Wars Technical Commentaries) also has some degree of asymmetry, so it might be that they're replicating the original prop's traits:
  5. Yup - it's almost exactly as long as the YV-666 is. The J-type Star Skiff from Episode III might be a little more problematic - being very wide - wider than the YV-666 is long.
  6. That's not always going to be a practical possibility.
  7. The idea is that escort duty is more than just flying. If pirates attack the ship, the escorts will need to defend it. The handmaidens aren't just decoys. They're bodyguards. And this bodyguarding can include bodyguarding a ship that's under attack. With the queen needing to be able to do what the handmaidens do, when she happens to be in "handmaiden disguise". It can come in handy if one is captured.
  8. This ship is rather fast compared to the way it was depicted in Legends (when it was only marginally faster than an X-wing). White boost, white speed 5 - makes it close to TIE Interceptor in speed. I think, back when people were trying to homebrew stats for this ship - they went with a more X-wing-ish speed profile.
  9. Two two year terms as of the new Queen's Shadow novel. It's not clear if this is an absolute limit or a consecutive limit. A person who'd served as queen for one term, before Padme, runs for office after Padme leaves office, and wins.
  10. The original size was based on the movie props - the X-Wing, Y-Wing, and TIE fighter props were assumed to be to the same scale. A 56 cm long X-Wing model being 13.4m, would mean that a 38cm long TIE fighter model would be 9.09m (pretty close to the Databank's 8.99m figure). But according to Curtis Saxton, the movie props are not to scale with one another http://www.theforce.net/swtc/exhibit/scale.html the X-wings and Y-wings are 1/24 scale, but the TIE Fighters are 1/16 scale. This is probably the part of the reason why Rogue One shrunk the TIE fighter from 8.99m to 7.2m - because the change to 8.99m was a mistake. The most recent source - the Haynes TIE Fighter Owner's Workshop Manual, that came out this month - has rescaled lots of the other TIE ships (presumably using the TIE fighter's front viewport as the common reference point). So- the TIE Interceptor is now 7.7m long, Vader's TIE Advanced x1 is now 5.8m long, and so forth.
  11. Indeed. The regular Defender's warhead launchers (not used on the show) are "at the bottom of the cockpit module" - similar to the TIE Advanced v1. The Elite has three sets of warhead launchers - one in each wing. From the Haynes TIE Fighter Owner's Workshop Manual - the TIE Defender is Acceleration 4,280G, Speed 115 Megalight Per Hour, Atmosphere Speed 1680 kph. The Defender Elite is Acceleration 4,300G, Speed 120 Megalight Per Hour, Atmosphere Speed 1800 kph.
  12. What does having two dots instead of one mean on a pilot card? 1 dot is for characters, I know that much. Does it mean you can take up to two Handmaidens, but no more?
  13. Ironlord

    Lando’s Falcon

    It might even be "more fluffy" to use the Resistance Falcon model in a Rebel list in some circumstances - specifically, Jakku-era scenarios. Or the Rebel Falcon in Scum lists for scenarios set between Solo and ANH.
  14. A case could be made that the newcanon is almost as bad. In Legends, Han was descended from a pretender to a throne. In newcanon he is rumoured to be descended from a prince: Newcanon http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Han_Solo Sometime after he became famous, it would be rumored by an Snivvian bounty hunter that Han was actually a descendant of the Prince-Admiral Jonashe Solo, a member of the ancient Corellian royalty. Legends http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Korol_Solo Korol Solo was a man of Corellian descent who lived on Duro during the decades before the Clone Wars, and who was sometimes identified as great-grandfather to Han Solo. Korol claimed to be the great-great-great-great-grandson of Corellia's king, Berethron e Solo, and thus the legitimate heir to the Corellian throne, but he was executed by public hanging—although not before he had fathered at least one son, the notorious pirate Dalla the Black, sometimes cited as Han Solo's grandfather.
  15. Fair enough - I thought at the time, that the Wiki was quoting from the official FAQ rather than creating its own.
  16. According to the FAQ, it doesn't, apparently: http://xwing-miniatures-second-edition.wikia.com/wiki/Arc FAQ Q: Can ships that only use or attacks use effects that require the ship to perform a attack? (i.e. Fearless, Outmaneuver) A: No. Note the differences between the requirement of Fearless: “While you perform a primary attack…” and Punishing One: “While you perform a primary attack, if the defender is in your …”
  17. A goddess from Mesopotamian mythology. D&D modified the concept into being a goddess of chromatic dragons, with 5 heads, one for each colour of dragon: red, blue, white, black, green. Looks like this:
  18. Yup. You can argue that the person who gave FFG that 9.6m length should have disregarded "canon" in favour of "props" (though even those arguments can be questioned, as here) : but you can't argue that the miniature itself isn't very close to the "canon figure". Interestingly, the 2.0 A-wing is much more "off" Miniature length: 35mm x 270 = 9.45m Canon length: 7.68m (The Last Jedi Incredible Cross Sections) Approx error 23%.
  19. The 1.0 A-Wing was sized to the official figure almost exactly. But the official figure doesn't quite match some of the props (though it does match the Rebels A-Wing scenes). 1/270 scale 1.0 A-Wing Official length: 9.6m. Model length 36mm. At 1/270 scale, scales up to 9.72m. Almost bang on. If anything, it's the 2.0 A-Wing that's more severely oversized, since the official length is 7.68m. 2.0 A-Wing Official length: 7.68m. Model length 35mm. At 1/270 scale, scales up to 9.45m. Rather more off.
  20. In the series, I think we see a TIE Advanced v1 connect to a Gozanti. in the last episode I think the TIE Defender though, doesn't really have a good way to link up, because above its top hatch, is its third wing pylon. I was focusing more on what's mechanically possible than what's legal.
  21. Same here. My collection is much larger - but 2 Core Sets, 2 each of Rebel, Scum, and Imperial kits (and 1 each of Resistance and First Order) means I can field at least half-decent spam lists of almost anything. For me, the conversion kits fit well with the size of my collection - it's hard to find any cases where I have more models than can comfortably fill out a 200 pt "spam list" and not enough dials/ship cards.
  22. In the Legendsverse at least, Boba (who has done the occasional job for Jabba since the Clone Wars) dislikes Han somewhat even before ANH. He does warn Han that Greedo's after him though, and tells him that Jabba's sent Greedo after him just as a hint to pay up "If Jabba really wanted you dead, you know who he'd hire."
  23. If you're going for First Order, a Force Awakens core set is worth keeping since you've got two TIE/fo's. Which are pretty good in 2.0. Add in a First Order Conversion kit, and you can now field those two TIE/fos without buying any more TIE/fo kits. You do need the 2.0 core set to properly play 2.0 (I think the Damage deck was changed). 1 TFA core set and 1 2.0 core set, means you've got extra asteroids, so you have more choice about which asteroids to use, and you've got extra dice (you really need more than just one core-set's worth of dice), and you've got extra templates (so if you accidentally break one, you've still got a spare). I'm told Slave One is pretty good - but it's not available to the Empire any more - so you'd need Scum & Villainy ships for it to go with.
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