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  1. Thanks for that Kjeld, that was exactly as I understood it and I have since had further clarification that that is correct Cheers
  2. The Westmarch Garb says that Before you suffer Facedown Damage you may prevent 1 of that. My question is at what point is the "suffering" considered ? so for example when you are instructed to take damage (face up) but the card is then placed facedown because the card instructs you to flip it facedown can that be prevented by the Garb ? or is it only when you are instructed to take facedown damage that it can prevented. I come from a card playing background so I assumed that if you took damage that you then had to read then you were "suffering" face up damage even if the card immediately instructed you to flip it facedown so the Westmarch Garb would not prevent the damage but other players had said that you were suffering facedown damage. I can see both points and know that board games tend to be a little bit less precise in their wording so hope someone could clarify. Thanks in advance
  3. The first figure that I really noticed it on was Nanok but then got Shards of Everdark and they are all big, having said that I prefer them as I also like to paint and there is more detail and they are a little more of an action style. On the game board they aren't so much larger that they look odd but if you were asked to pick these figure out of line up with out already knowing then I suspect you would get 5 out of 5. I'm not sure why Nanok was the only 1 from that set in this style but I'm guess that he was the first to be remodeled this way. I think the painters will be very happy, the vast majority will probably just comment that they are nicer looking and a few might complain that they are styled different. It only seems to be the heroes though as I can't see any scale change with the monsters although again they are more detailed.
  4. Just dropping by to say that after a few hours of play over 2 days and being very near to the end (i think), I can give this a massive thumbs up, it has bought some new and very welcome elements to the game and we have found that it flows very well and is very intuitive to use. We have encountered different monsters and different perils on the 2nd playthrough (we restarted) even though we changed no settings so it does have a good randomiser. The perils are good and increase the difficulty nicely, I can imagine that they would cause problems for a badly set up party which I think is how it should be. Even the treasure chests are fun and seem to have been thought out well, I won't give spoilers but anyone who has made a start will know what I mean on the first chest . I seem to have had a larger amount of Bilehall things than I might have expected but I guess that is just luck of the draw and you are only going to get them if you have inputted bilehall as part of your collection. At the moment it looks like we will win but it could still throw up a big surprise. I hope that the full campaign's are as good/better but most importantly sensibly priced.
  5. You paint far quicker than me but they are nice and I think I will be using your suggestion as a reference, I don't like the Elementals though just a bit gaudy for my taste.
  6. Thanks for the help so far particularly Arviss who sent in his own paint jobs and are closer to what I had in mind, the bright blue ones weren't really what I was thinking of even though the actual painting is good, please keep the Dragons coming but I think I got a couple of good examples of Skarn now.
  7. I played the heroes in this campaign/scenario and found the grand finale to be quite a disappointment as I killed the dragon on my 2nd turn with characters to spare. The OL did nothing wrong (well nothing actually) it was just wayyyyyy too easy, even if I hadn't had good dice rolls he would never have made it to the end of turn 3. We still enjoyed the campaign as a whole but since the finale only lasted about 15 mins it was definitely a letdown as we had set aside 3hours in the hope that it might be an epic.
  8. Hi, I'm a reasonable figure painter but I have no natural artistic talent so I'm looking for good pictures of well painted Crypt Dragons and Skarn that I can more or less copy. I have managed to find pics of most of the other figures that I have painted but I'm having difficulty with these, particularly the Crypts which are from the Hero and Monster pack not Descent 1. I have found 1 or 2 pics but they were very basic so any help appreciated. Thanks
  9. I'm a hero player at the moment and the monsters that give me the biggest problems are below in no real order and I can't immediately remember why but I'm sure the OL players will know, I pick my heroes semi randomly, a luck dip of 1 from each catergory, so this could also have a bearing Sorcerors - for their sorcery ability, I always seem to take heavy damage. Rat swarms - this could have been due to the scenario but they were good delayers and did some high damage and kept reappearing. Bandits - seemed to be good all rounders Ironbound - hard to get past Shadow dragons - particularly early on. big blockers and I think that it was these that have eaten a hero on a couple of occasions taking him out of play for a few turns as they eat and then run away with the hero Kobolds - Just so many to get by makes it very difficult to concentrate on the mission. There are stil a few monsters that I have yet to fight but these I remember as being annoying.
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