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  1. Looking at just this shot, the uniform and equipment look a lot tackier than in ANH. Which I would totally be behind if it was set at the start of the rebellion, before there was proper equipment or anything. But so close to the battle of Yavin, it's weird it doesn't match up. I am going to assume it's a small rebel cell brought in to help get the plans off planet because it's all they had available. It looks the same quality to me, and will to most audiences. Like, short of pulling up a ton of stills of both uniforms and comparing them, the only difference I can see is this one is grey not orange. Like I'm not trying to be argumentative but I'm not seeing how these look any tackier. I like the mega shuttle. I'm guessing its meant to be a stealth shuttle of some kind. In space you would be flying primarily by sensors first and visuals second, so its design maybe engineered to create a profile that baffles star wars sensors. or maybe its an experimental design. Dude is the director of experimental weapons research. Maybe its the star wars equivalent of the osprey; absolute crap but they spent so much money on it they keep trying to fly em around anyway. There's also the huge 4 winged shuttle/transport from the first trailer which I guess is a troop or material transport.
  2. Hi Nunizillion. yes Its is a good idea to use a Varnish once the models have been painted. gives them a protection. you need to spray a heavy coat, I prefer to mist the coats on. 4-5 coats at most. and never spray in the cold ! keep everything warm, room temp warm. paint doesnt work very well below 15 degrees. sometimes I put the spray tins in a bowl or bucket of Hot water.......tap water hot, not boiling. There are many makes and finishes out there. I have found Humbrol Acrylic Varnish in Matt to be the best. Barry a) how do you paint your blaster smge/dark streaks b) what are you washing your minis with those look awesome
  3. Thanks for letting me know guys I figured it would be a good idea but I wanted to check first. I'm currently working on painting up a unified b wing squadron for epic scale games and I want some opinions; I did the sponge technique to apply paint scratches to my b wings because in my minds eye Star Wars always has that grungy damaged look. But I went to go look at the official models after I painted these guys and honestly they don't seems as weathered as I made my ships. Opinions? http://imgur.com/eROauHX http://imgur.com/WMrgkur
  4. do you guys varnish your painted x-wing minis or leave them as is?
  5. I hope it comes with the white and grey x-wing from the upcoming rogue one film.
  6. My friends and I have just started playing epic and I love it. it's a nice change of pace from vanilla x-wing. Almost makes me want to play some of the scenarios certain ships come with. Almost
  7. I would absolutely love a ground based expansion in the same vein as epic/cinematic play; a separate/additional rules set for fun thematic games of x-wing. I don't think it belongs in the base game however. Keep the base game straight forward and then have alternate modes of play like epic and 'ground assault'. star fighters interacting in and fighting above ground combat has been established both in the new cannon and in the old. TFA and the clone wars show depict fighters involved in ground assaults. Battlefront shows bombing runs on AT-ATs and assaulting enemy fortifications rogue squadron games and others show fighters participating in ground battles and atmo dogfights numerous old canon novels show star fighters taking place in ground battles As for AT-ATs shooting down fighters I seem to recall them shooting down fast, tiny, and nimble snow speeders quite handily in the empire strikes back. I doubt x-wings or y-wings would be moving much faster while in atmosphere at attack speeds. Certainly no depiction of them I have seen has shown that. I would imagine the AT-AT would have a front arc similar to the yv-666 to represent its swiveling head. TL;DR I certainly think it's plausible to have a cinematic ground-based expansion that isn't part of the base game, and I would certainly play the hell out of it.
  8. I would rather they update/support existing games with the occasional brand new game rather than just churning out new games at whatever rate you deem acceptable. There is an upper limit to the number of games they can actively support and I imagine there would be developer burnout if they had to maintain some sort of '5 new games a year'.
  9. I've never seen a LGS in any state I regularly visit (GA and MA) sell x-wing at anything less than MSRP to begin with so as far as my experience goes nothing will change on the brick and mortar front.
  10. I play scum with some rebels 1) most of the people I know either play imperials exclusively or so often as to not make much of a difference. 2) I like scum and rebels as factions more than the imperials anyway 3) money. it was easier to get 1 of everything way back in the early days, but now with a third faction, all these new big ships, 2 new sub factions, and wanting multiples of certain ships both for list building purposes and for flavor the game is starting to hit peak cost for me. I used to buy imperial stuff just to have it and any cards they came with but I just can't afford to do that any more. Thank goodness for the upgrade card secondary market.
  11. my wave seven bases are nice and snug, but the little peg that goes into my yv-666 popped right out so either little to no glue or poor quality glue. probably a tired little old lady at the end of her 12 hour shift wanting to go home.
  12. Point me to the discussion and I will gladly engage in it.
  13. This thread is not a discussion. You are going to remain entrenched in your position and we will be unable to convince you otherwise. we will remain entrenched in our position and nothing you say will convince us your opinion is fact. All that's going to happen here is you are going to refute everything we say, and other people are going refute and disagree with you. I think we can all save ourselves a lot of time by just acknowledging that and moving on. I don't say this to be malicious, but absolutely nothing has happened in 4 pages of back and forth arguing.
  14. I imagine rogue one will have some new rebel ships. there's even concept art for a new rebel drop ship
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