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  1. So first, I actually kinda liked The Last Jedi. I'm not here just bashing everything. I like pretty much all Star Wars content. But I have seen a lot of people say that Rey and Luke are the same in their journey to strength. Here is where I feel the differences lay. First movie Luke is introduced to the Force and a lightsaber but doesn't really use it or even fight Vader. First movie Rey is introduced to the Force and a lightsaber and wrecks Kylo, who even wounded still had training since he was a child. Second movie Luke has some training from Jedi Master Yoda and leaves early to fight Vader. He gets destroyed in the fight and loses an arm. Second movie Rey has some training from Jedi Master Luke and leaves to face Kylo and Snoke. She is able to fight alongside Kylo to destroy a bunch of elite guards and then use the Force in a big show to free the remaining resistance. Third movie Luke is finishing his training and finally manages to defeat Vader in a direct fight but only by tapping into his anger and nearly succumbing to the dark side. Third movie.......Not sure yet. But this is the key difference between the two. Rey was a badass in her first real lightsaber fight. Luke sucked until the last movie.
  2. Goooood. Now we only need a version using all the Edge of the Empire mechanics and our transformation to the awesome side will be complete.
  3. The C-Roc is absolutely OP. I can't find a good reason to prevent players from buying it over basically anything else.
  4. Well it's hard to say looking at the current known ones. A silhouette 9 Praetor II has 14,000 passengers while a silhouette 8 Secutor-Class Battlecarrier has 140,000 passengers. A silhouette 8 Imperial I has 9,700 passengers, a silhouette 9 MC80A has only 1,200, and a silhouette 9 Assertor-Class Command Dreadnought has 20,000. It seems all over the place. I can only guess the Secutor gets more because it's a carrier. You could say the passengers for a destroyer starts at 1200 to account for the MC80A but I don't see them being able to reach the 140,000 passengers of the Secutor with the current selection.
  5. I've started to mess with the set of rules and really like them so far. I wish they were in Oggdudes character creator to make using them easier but Oh well. I was trying to mess with the Destroyer build and can't find the default Encumbrance, Passengers, or Consumables. Has there been discussion about these?
  6. To quote the demon thing Panic, "If, if is good."
  7. The writer for the game is Chris Avellone. He wrote Knights of the Old Republic II Sith Lords and Fallout: New Vegas. If they let him do his thing this could be great.
  8. Palpatine has been confirmed. https://screenrant.com/star-wars-9-rise-skywalker-jj-abrams-palpatine-return/
  9. I had my players find some old hyperspace coordinates for Lehon and when they arrive they discovered that the planetary ion field thing was active again and crashed onto the planet. Since things like the infinite engine were able to grow from tiny fragments I decided that a lot of Rakatan technology probably had similar self repair systems so the planet is crawling with the old Star Forge droids. The players find a crashed Munificent and the inside is swarming with Separatist droid 'corpses' and the active Star Forge droids. They also find a single B1 battle droid with one arm taking shelter in the ruined bridge with the door sealed and running on emergency power. This B1's code glitched enough to give it proper sentience and it betrayed the droid crew mid flight. In the process it messed up the hyperdrive and caused the ship to hyperspace towards Lehon, being torn out by the planet's gravity well and then being knocked out by the ion field. After crashing B1 killed the rest on the bridge and then locked the room down as the Star Forge droids began attacking the ship and killing all the other droids and crew members. The party can rescue B1 if they want and have him as an ally before going to the Temple of the Ancients to deactivate the field and then using the spare parts of the Munificent to repair their ship and leave. My players turned the temple into a new home base for their growing merc organization.
  10. Is the drydock land-based? Like are they turning it into a base? You could use the Defiant Core Base setup from Strongholds of Resistance. You could also run a generic mission generator to give them some rebel-esque missions until they get the attention and interest of the Alliance.
  11. I was going over Fully Operational to make a custom capital ship but noticed something off about the hardpoints allowed on bigger ships, mostly that there's not enough. A Destroyer, which starts as silhouette 8, is supposed to be like an ISD but since each hardpoint is needed for a weapon there aren't nearly enough. Even a Victory-Class has 60 weapons on it. And that's not even including the hardpoints needed for the hyperdrive and shield. And there's not a good way to increase the hardpoint cap. Does anyone know a fix besides just overruling it?
  12. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I might retool the encounter a bit to make it more viable. I'll also give them a chance to add in some additional espionage before the encounter to maybe sabotage the star destroyer and make it a more viable target.
  13. Well if the Empire was that good at capturing then the Rebellion wouldn't have survived more than maybe two months. But I also know the Liberator and Emancipator were star destroyers captured right after the battle of Endor. One was peacefully by Han Solo but the other they just blew out the engines and dragged it away. So the rebellion has managed to capture star destroyers before. Also this is 3 months before the battle of Endor and the campaign ends after the battle so they don't have time to steal another ship. Especially since I include hyperspace travel into their time. That's one thing I've been wondering is it seems like Ion cannons are the most worthless weapon in the game. It seems like all the money and time needed to refit a capital ship with ion cannons could instead by 5 y-wings and disable a whole Imperial fleet with them. It seems really unbalanced and I wish ion cannons felt like they were worth more than taking potshots at freighters.
  14. I really like the counter-boarding team. I hadn't considered any shuttle they still have. I'm also thinking a zero-g firefight in the disabled star destroyer's hangar would be fun and difficult. Thanks for the suggestions.
  15. I like the light cruiser idea. I was trying to guesstimate from what we've seen before in canon like in Rogue one where a few bombers disable a star destroyer. I figured an entire interdictor bombarding it with ion cannons would shut it down faster. And with around 46,000 people on board I didn't think the oxygen would last them days. I figured a few hours and ships can take a long time to cross large distances with lightspeed so they would have at least 5-7 hours before a major imperial force arrived.
  16. They are working with a rebel cell. They don't directly own the interdictor themselves but it's part of their cell's resources. They personally just have a custom cruiser. Once they get the star destroyer it's going to the rebel main fleet. They've currently spent a month getting the plans, recruiting, planning the attack, and devising the main strategy for taking it. Their current idea is to have a few ships use signal jammers so the Empire can't call for help and then come in fast and hard to blindside the star destroyer. Then they want to overwhelm it with ion weapons to shut down it's main power before a boarding party goes in to disable communications and life support long term. Then wait out the ship's crew as they suffocate. Then it's basically split the crew of the interdictor so they have enough to at least turn the star destroyer and jump out to a safe system. I like the tie waves and defending the interdictor. That was mostly my plan already. The rebooting problem is also a good idea I might use. Obligation wise I imagine it would give them quite a bit but I'm primarily using duty instead, since blame would mostly go to the rebellion as a whole.
  17. So I know there's a bit of uncertainty with Ion Cannons in spaceship combat and that combat between capital ships are more narrative than anything but how do you think an interdictor, with all of its weapons replaced with heavy ion cannons, would do against a victory class or even ISD? I'm running an upcoming session and the players have a few cruisers and other silhouette 5 and 6 ships with a single interdictor that's all ion cannons. They want to use it to capture another star destroyer without doing much damage and using the gravity well so it can't escape.
  18. I'm having a problem trying to use the new 2.3 build. When I tried manually installing it I could start it but the character generator would only show the small box in the middle for a while before closing and never bringing up the full generator. I then tried web install from Ogg's profile page and the installer says it can't install because it already exists on my dropbox. I deleted everything from my drop box, completely emptied it, but I'm still getting the same error message when trying the web install. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26990628/deploy/SWCharGen/SWCharGenLauncher.application
  19. You can download the images but as for adding them to the generator it takes manually entering them through the data editor but you can copy the stats from there if you want. I've also since added more vehicles if you look on the site. It has over 50 vehicles, I believe, for the Old Rpublic.
  20. Does anyone know a way to add a cap to a custom item type? Similar to how cybernetics work. I'm trying to add genetic modification such as the gene seeds from Warhammer and bioware from Shadowrun. I've added Genetic Modifications as an item type to choose from but can't figure out how to make them act like cybernetics with the cap.
  21. I made a bunch of Old Republic vehicles if you want to use them. http://beginnerrpg.com/star-wars-the-old-republic-vehicles/
  22. Doesn't sound like it. It's just been a long waiting game. Most of the announced books are all still in development. Though the announcement of the Dawn of Rebellion book gives me hope for an Old Republic or a Clone Wars book.
  23. Hey, whenever I try to print a vehicle or a character sheet that has a vehicle, if it has attachments, all it will give me is the second page that says attachments continued. It won't give me the first page with the ship's stats. Any idea how to fix this?
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