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  1. Either way it creates a large enough gap until new things come out that we can hopefully see it close to finished.
  2. Bright side of the line effectively ending is we can get a completed version of the generator now. Just gotta give Oggdude enough time to finish. Who knows, maybe all the quarantines will give him time.
  3. Those are some good mentions. I didn't think of them. I use Oggdude's character generator and it already has a lot of additional species so I didn't think of those.
  4. Admittedly that's kinda what my players and I use them as. They're just stat compilations for us. What are the new specs, what are the new vehicles, what are the new mechanics. We ignore pretty much everything else. But maybe it's because we're so inundated with Star Wars stuff from all of the Legends and Canon material that the sourcebooks just feel redundant when talking about it. For the Old Republic we use KOTOR, KOTOR II, SWTOR, Old Republic Encyclopedia, Deception novel and others, Wookiepedia. Clone Wars we use the show, Republic Commando books and game, Clone Wars game, Prequel movies, otehr novels and Wookiepedia. So we never really look at the source books. So different tastes or purposes I guess. I will definitely look into some of the other sourcebooks to see how they do things in that regard. Which is the best one in your opinion?
  5. Can't most people just get all of that from Wookiepedia for free? Other then specific encounters, adventures, and stats everything can be found there already. I just buy the books because they have the stats for what my players can use. We don't even read most of the flavor stuff in there. We just go off of what we know from all the games, movies, shows, and novels and use Wookiepedia to fill any gaps. Interesting that more people actually rely on the Sourcebooks for that. I guess I could focus on trying to compile information from the Old Republic Encyclopedia and Wookiepedia to make a more centered and flavorful list of things like factions and such. Only species I think I can add is the True Sith.
  6. So aside from vehicles, gear, and enemies what is really needed for a sourcebook? Also, how many of each is needed do you think? I already have 56 vehicles. I don't really have many items available since most are more or less the same as the modern weaponry. And I only have about 5 adversaries. I feel like after having made all of this for my own group I wanted to try and pull it all together and post it for the community. As for specializations I feel we already have a specialization for just about everything. But I wanted to hear from everyone else. Edit: I also have a large collection of other ships and gear statted out from other sources like Halo if anyone is interested. For Halo: 32 Vehicles, 7 Adversaries, 19 Weapons, 1 Armor, 2 Equipment, and 7 Species.
  7. What specifically would you want from an Old Republic book? If it's just the setting information the SWTOR Encyclopedia should do pretty well. That and Wookiepedia.
  8. We know that a providence-class carrier can't take on an Imperial-II star destroyer normally. But it does have the advantage of its 108 proton torpedo tubes. If those were all replaced with assault concussion missile launchers or stronger ordinance, could a providence sit at range and pelt the star destroyer with long-range missiles while its 120 vulture droids got rid of the tie fighters before escorting the hyena bombers to do bombing runs on the destroyer? Trying to figure out if this is a plausible tactic to let a providence win against a star destroyer. Note: I don't have Collapse of the Republic in front of me and so am relying on Wookiepedia stats for the Providence.
  9. I'm having a problem with only two of my characters. The generator works perfectly fine for me with literally anything else I do but when I select these characters they don't show up in the preview below and clicking them only gets me an error message saying "There was a problem loading the character." I've tried restarting, reinstalling, everything. I even tried to delete the character and I get this:
  10. So I tried to start the character generator after adding descriptions for the careers, weapons, vehicles, etc. in it and get this message. It does seem to load on the equipment and such fine. It just has this issue when it comes to the characters. I can click continue and look at gear, obligation, all of that. But I can't see any of my previous characters and selecting new character just brings up this message again.
  11. Thanks. I like that idea a lot.
  12. I like to look at it like the Spartan II program where there were a whole bunch of genetic modifications made to the children at a certain age and even then most of them didn't survive it. But all those alterations made them essentially non-human and sterile. Something like that but with splicing specific DNA protein generations from other organisms. Kind of like the idea of splicing starfish regeneration into humans. The player character is a shapeshifter so they're trying to use their own flexible DNA as a bonding agent to allow the different genes to work together. Also they have a good amount of resources and a blood-for-the-blood god culture instilled on the planet now. They also don't really care about sacrificing 1,000,000 soldiers to get 100,000 great ones out of it. I do agree about the years thing. I think I'm going to make it 2 years to develop the right process and then another two years before the first functioning ones come out but with only a 5%-10% success rate. It will take another 3 years to get that success rate to over 70%.
  13. With all the insanity that exists within Star Wars I feel that the concept itself isn't too crazy. I mean, looking at all the crazy cloning stuff in both the Clone Wars and the EU it wouldn't surprise me.
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