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  1. I have figured out that it has to do with ground vehicles. I added a second that's also a ground vehicle and it's crashing with that one too.
  2. I added a new vehicle to the generator but whenever I select it the thing crashes. I looked at the error report and couldn't find what was causing the issue.
  3. I've been messing around with the Old Republic ships and looking at the Centurion-class it only has 6 medium turbolasers and 6 point-defense laser cannons. With it being a little longer than a Venator-class Star Destroyer is the ship just bad? I mean, it can carry 96 fighters, 7000 soldiers, and runs for 5 years but is that worth the trade off in your opinion? Is this just a symptom of the Old Republic era technology? This seems like a large ship to have almost no weapons.
  4. A lot of people already post free resources here, including a lot of good campaign ideas and adventure hooks. I'm not sure what more could be done.
  5. I think they're going to add Jedi Master to it. At least I hope they will.
  6. Think you quoted the wrong person. Ebak was the one that commented about the V-19. I'm looking for more giant capital ships. I've statted them out myself over a year ago for my own use but I'm curious about the official stats.
  7. Well while I love getting the almighty Lucrehulk I desperately want my Providence and Recusant-classes. If we can get the Subjugator-class Malevolence with its mega ion cannon I will die of happiness. For the republic side I'm not sure what else I would really want. Maybe the ETA Actis. On the ground I would love to see the Juggernaut for the Republic and the Persuader tank for the Separatists. My guess is some of these were held off to be added to the next book.
  8. So first, I actually kinda liked The Last Jedi. I'm not here just bashing everything. I like pretty much all Star Wars content. But I have seen a lot of people say that Rey and Luke are the same in their journey to strength. Here is where I feel the differences lay. First movie Luke is introduced to the Force and a lightsaber but doesn't really use it or even fight Vader. First movie Rey is introduced to the Force and a lightsaber and wrecks Kylo, who even wounded still had training since he was a child. Second movie Luke has some training from Jedi Master Yoda and leaves early to fight Vader. He gets destroyed in the fight and loses an arm. Second movie Rey has some training from Jedi Master Luke and leaves to face Kylo and Snoke. She is able to fight alongside Kylo to destroy a bunch of elite guards and then use the Force in a big show to free the remaining resistance. Third movie Luke is finishing his training and finally manages to defeat Vader in a direct fight but only by tapping into his anger and nearly succumbing to the dark side. Third movie.......Not sure yet. But this is the key difference between the two. Rey was a badass in her first real lightsaber fight. Luke sucked until the last movie.
  9. Goooood. Now we only need a version using all the Edge of the Empire mechanics and our transformation to the awesome side will be complete.
  10. The C-Roc is absolutely OP. I can't find a good reason to prevent players from buying it over basically anything else.
  11. Well it's hard to say looking at the current known ones. A silhouette 9 Praetor II has 14,000 passengers while a silhouette 8 Secutor-Class Battlecarrier has 140,000 passengers. A silhouette 8 Imperial I has 9,700 passengers, a silhouette 9 MC80A has only 1,200, and a silhouette 9 Assertor-Class Command Dreadnought has 20,000. It seems all over the place. I can only guess the Secutor gets more because it's a carrier. You could say the passengers for a destroyer starts at 1200 to account for the MC80A but I don't see them being able to reach the 140,000 passengers of the Secutor with the current selection.
  12. I've started to mess with the set of rules and really like them so far. I wish they were in Oggdudes character creator to make using them easier but Oh well. I was trying to mess with the Destroyer build and can't find the default Encumbrance, Passengers, or Consumables. Has there been discussion about these?
  13. To quote the demon thing Panic, "If, if is good."
  14. The writer for the game is Chris Avellone. He wrote Knights of the Old Republic II Sith Lords and Fallout: New Vegas. If they let him do his thing this could be great.
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