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  1. Hello guys, I have a small question to ask, and I think it's quite simple, but I don't understand well the game rules in order to figure it out by myself: after a player enter the dragon chamber, and finishes looting the treasure, what is he suppose to do next ? returning to the tower from which he enters the dungeon ? or he can go to any tower of his choice ? or he just have to exit the dragon chamber, and declare that he finished the dungeon, immediately being discarded from the game board, and wait until all players finished the dungeon as well ? Also, another minor question: for the 1st player turn, he always have to advance the sun token or only when he has status cards that he must resolve ? in his status phase. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey guys, I'm new to this game and this hobby, and I need your help/advice,if possible: I want to know if after we use a potion or a spell card, we have to discard it or can we keep it for future use? so that we can activate it again. And 2nd question : during a battle, Geralt can use all the potions he has activated (let's say he has 3 activated potions) ? and Triss can only use 1 spell per fight (regarding how many she has activated)? Thanks in advance!
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