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  1. I'm not convinced that Juke Sigmas would be a problem at 50 each if they were limited to 2. A big part of what made the quad phantoms so strong was two things: (1) greater control than most squads over when and where to engage, thanks to the ability of the whole squad to crab-walk around with decloaks, and (2) the multiplicative strength of Juke making each Juke card stronger than the last. The closest you can get to replicating the quad phantom strengths is probably Juke Rexler [or another defender with a talent slot] plus double Juke Sigmas - but that's already possible now with the 55-point Juke Sigmas, and I don't think that squad's seen any major success. In other words, Juke Sigmas are exactly the kind of case where limiting could be a useful control. It would be mechanically messy though because limited status is something meant to be on the card, plus there's no rules-structure in place to limit the number of a specific ship frame in play currently, only the number of a specific pilot.
  2. I'm behind removing struts. It's a card that gives a (conditional) free pass around core game mechanics. Hyperspace is light on core-mechanic-avoidance cards, e.g. changing your dialled move (no Seasoned Navigator), pre-maneuver movement (no Advanced Sensors or Supernatural Reflexes), dial-peeks (no Sense). There are some exceptions, but generally they're the most limited kinds, e.g. Sense out but Intelligence Agent in (one designated target only), Seasoned Navigator out but Ved Foslo in (a pilot ability which limits it to a specific ship with poor action economy). Slave-1 is a bit of an exception to the rule, but switching left/right is quite minor by itself, it's the power of Boba that elevates it. Ignoring obstacles is another class of core-mechanic-avoidance. Collision detector is absent from Hyperspace, as is Dash (by absence of his ship). Struts stand out to me because they're cheap and versatile and can be applied to all the fighters in the squad. That's the rub for me; a full swarm of vultures+hyenas pays 8 points total for struts on all of them - that's less than a lot of single upgrade cards - taking up the config slot which they don't use for anything else (i.e. there's no opportunity cost) and gets a major advantage in maneuvering compared to any other swarm.
  3. I don't think that Tycho would be OP in 2.0, assuming a suitable price. Look how good Jake's ability is, and he's not dominating, because of the limits of the A-Wing itself. The problem is that the devs don't seem to want anything able to stack up unlimited stress. Maybe a compromise could be a rewording of the pilot ability to "You may perform [Focus] and [Boost] actions while stressed", locking him out of barrel roll, lock and evade unless he de-stresses but still allowing focus>boost otherwise.
  4. That's already possible now, because the Fireball can take the contraband cloaking device illicit.
  5. I'm showing my age here but I remember having the original Kenner toy that's based on, way back in the 70s. I like how they've used the style of the old packaging!
  6. I've been thinking along the lines of 3 Imdaar and a Delta Defender. That's similar to your first list, but I feel like the Delta may make for harder target priority choices - it's bad to ignore the Imdaars (they get great action economy as long as they don't spend their evade) and it's also bad to ignore the Delta (it's going to be very hard to kill in the endgame and it's got 3 red dice and a good dial in the meantime). Whereas versus 3 Imdaar plus 2 Inquisitor, it seems like an easy choice to go for the Imdaar as they're easier to kill, hit harder, and are worth more points. The Delta option also is lower in points, so there's a bid and it helps win on points (either list is likely to go to time).
  7. Dasharr


    I found Backdraft a good fit into Kylo+Vonreg squads that want to substantially upgrade the aces or bid aggressively, because Backdraft can be threatening without needing SF Gunner or a missile. With only Optics and Fanatical he's a punchy 45 points.
  8. I already said in my first post in the thread that it might be for the best to change the costing despite the thematic loss. I'm not a theme-before-gameplay X-Winger. I'm just not a theme-is-irrelevant X-Winger either.
  9. What I meant by "perfect synergy" was that Boba gets the best benefit from Slave-1 because he's the highest initiative that can have it, and it isn't initiative scaled. Take that away and it'll still be synergistic but not as ideal as it is now. Slave-1 being such a no-brainer on Boba because of the current costing is highly thematic.
  10. I'd be sad to lose the thematics of Boba and Slave-1 being the perfect synergy that they are now (a dial-change ability on the highest-initiative pilot who can take it) but that does make sense.
  11. Dasharr

    Proud Tradition

    Although Proud tradition does improve the already-good synergy of Pattern Analyser with the linked rotate (edit: on the /sf). It allows red move > PA > lock action > linked rotate > gain stress > focus action in the perform action step. So lock+focus+rotate.
  12. Dasharr

    Proud Tradition

    The Passive/Proud/Pattern (3P?) combo doesn't work like that because the ship will be stressed while the Passive triggers during engagement. Passive grants a lock or calculate action when it triggers, and none of the cards allows that while stressed.
  13. Dasharr

    Proud Tradition

    I flew 5x Fanatical Optics Omega Experts a while back, and I think that squad would be a LOT better with PT than Fanatical. I'm not going to fly it because (A) I burned out on that archetype and (B) I'm not buying 5(!) TIE/ba expanansions for the cards, but it's a great combo. That /sf setup has the best time-on-target in the game, and PT allows every single attack to be at full strength. The card flip isn't a big threat there - red focuses on one of five identical pilots is about a worthwhile trade for the price the opponent pays, because the dial has decent enough blues for a rear-arc ship. I'd still be tempted to add one copy of PT on an /sf in a squad. Backdraft/PT/Optics seems good for 45 points - you can even use PT to s-loop on the approach to force the rear arc.
  14. The list being likely to go to time isn't a reason to ask for a speed-up, only the pace of play procedure is.
  15. Yes, but once the competitive season returns to extended, extended will be the norm again (like it has been since the last hyperspace trial season ended). We're just at a temporary peak-hyperspace right now with the new version of hyperspace only weeks old and the SOS season kicking off.
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