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  1. I've been playing the 5x Omegas with Optics+Fanatical (I've been calling it "Fanoptical") and had excellent results, but I've got mixed feelings about Fanatical. It looks great on paper but there are many cases where it doesn't help: * You go from shielded to dead before getting to fire - this happens often because focus-fire is generally best practice anyway. * You fire with it active but don't roll any focus symbols. * You fire with it active but roll 2+ focus symbols so you spend your focus token anyway. In that third case I'm assuming actions are focus instead of evade, even when shieldless; evade is an option, but Fanatical alone is a bit weak for offensive mods. I've begun trying out Crackshot instead of evade, and I've only had a few games but it seems good so far. Optics gives good mods on the /sfs own red dice already, so messing with the target's green dice is what it wants more. It helps with offence more at the beginning of the game (the opposite of Fanatical) which I like, plus it turns the squad into a more credible jousting threat. It leaves a 5-point bid which doesn't help often at i3, but in some games it might.
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  3. Thanks for the info. I had already concluded that the crit markers weren't classed as red tokens for Rivas (because the section on tokens in the RRG specifies that red tokens are square, and the crits are hexagonal) but I hadn't seen that section of the rules that instructs their use.
  4. I recently looked up the rules reference on this subject because I wanted to check if they counted as red tokens (for Lt Rivas' ability), and as far as I can see, no rules text under attacks or damage instructs a player to place a crit token if there's a face-up damage card. So it seems that they're best-practice but not mandatory.
  5. Trying the squad out in a tournament, it wasn't a big surprise that it was effective - I expected that. What was a surprise was that it was much easier to fly than the standard 6-TIE Imperial Howlrunner swarm. It's a combination of not being locked into a formation with the range-1 bubble of Howlrunner, and also the ability of the /sfs to disengage while shooting behind them. Unlike an Imperial TIE swarm, obstacles ARE your friend for that reason. In one game I let most of the obstacles get piled on my side of the board and let the enemy (5-ship Imperial i4s) engage me there. The initial exchange was hairy but on the following rounds my opponent had no good choices because the obstacles left few paths (with the /fos in the way too), which enabled me to killbox the enemy with the /sfs as I fanned them out.
  6. Update - it worked very well, I went 4-0 and took 1st place out of a field of 14.
  7. I'm trying something similar in a local tournament today, but instead of doing full TIE/fo I'm using the newly discounted /sf as a swarmy option. I can't get Optics on all of them like this (unless I drop to 3x/sf and 3x/fo), but the Optics ships are the hardest ones to PS-kill and they're the ones with front and rear arcs (so they can fire with a focus while moving past enemies). I could swap out the /fo in my list for Zeta pilots to get everything initiative 2, but I like the i1 for blocking, and Rivas should be able to get a little more offence out of his 2 red dice. TIE/sf Fighter - Zeta Squadron Survivor - 36 Zeta Squadron Survivor - (32) Advanced Optics (4) TIE/sf Fighter - Zeta Squadron Survivor - 36 Zeta Squadron Survivor - (32) Advanced Optics (4) TIE/fo Fighter - Epsilon Squadron Cadet - 26 Epsilon Squadron Cadet - (26) TIE/fo Fighter - •Lieutenant Rivas - 28 •Lieutenant Rivas - Inconvenient Witness (28) TIE/sf Fighter - Zeta Squadron Survivor - 36 Zeta Squadron Survivor - (32) Advanced Optics (4) TIE/sf Fighter - Zeta Squadron Survivor - 36 Zeta Squadron Survivor - (32) Advanced Optics (4) Total: 198/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  8. None of the poll answers fit me. For me it's a combination of 3 things: 1 - I don't enjoy making massed weak attacks, half of them wasted on clean misses, to get a bit of damage through. 2 - Hard counters for swarms are hard. Luke, Norra, Boba - attacks just bounce off unless you're lucky (vs Luke) or get advantageous positioning despite lower initiative (vs Norra or Boba). Trajectory-simmed proton bombs - there's almost no way that ends well. 3 - there's so much table-cruft with all those extra tokens and dials, and when games go to time (which they usually do with a swarm) you're left scrambling to get your stuff together to get to the next table. Edit - OK make that 4 reasons, I just remembered another - close formation flying needs you to be very precise when executing moves. I'm one of the players whose formation starts nice and neat and ends up drifting out of sync 3-4 turns in.
  9. No, it is a pretty big hit to the Juke Sigmas to be +4 total each. I've been experimenting for a while with replacing the non-Juke pilot from the 4 Sigmas with something else. I've tried 7th Sister (with good results) and double Academy Pilots (also surprisingly good despite popular wisdom that Academies are bad without Howlrunner). However - replacing 4 Phantoms with 3 + something else changes the way you fly quite drastically, because nothing else moves like the Phantom and part of the 4 Phantom's strength is the way it can crab-walk along a board edge and control engagement. 3 + other is more interesting in my opinion (which is why I've been doing it) but it's challenging (i.e. harder to win with).
  10. With the points changes making 7B Jedi more expensive and CLT cheaper, I've been thinking about how it's now viable to have 4 Jedi with CLT (without having to cut back to generics). The R2 point increase on the 'sprites still hurts though, especially for multiples, and it has limited value without 7B anyway because that means only 1 shield. Then I remembered that R5 exists and still isn't agility-scaled, and it's pretty good on evasive ships like this. It regens hull like R2 does shields (not bad on a ship with 3/1 hull/shield), at the cost of an action which is bearable for Jedi because FTC still allows them a reposition the same round, so it can do a similar job as R2 to disengage and recover. Crucially, a half-pointed Jedi who flees and removes all the damage cards with R5 is no longer half-pointed. It also can repair face-up ship crits, with no charge limit (like all ships with no blue hard turns, the crit that makes them higher difficulty is really bad). So here's a squad list that's all i4 to make flying 4 pocket aces a little easier. One of those is Barriss, and OK she's not very good in general, but she's (A) only 1 more base cost than a generic (B) initiative 4 matching the others and (C) has better ability synergy with CLT than 7B because those extra focus symbols will hopefully get added into friendly ship's attack dice results fairly often. "Use the Fours." Barriss Offee (39) R5 Astromech (4) Calibrated Laser Targeting (3) Ship total: 46 Half Points: 23 Threshold: 2 Luminara Unduli (43) R5 Astromech (4) Calibrated Laser Targeting (3) Ship total: 50 Half Points: 25 Threshold: 2 Saesee Tiin (43) R5 Astromech (4) Calibrated Laser Targeting (3) Ship total: 50 Half Points: 25 Threshold: 2 Mace Windu (45) R5 Astromech (4) Calibrated Laser Targeting (3) Ship total: 52 Half Points: 26 Threshold: 2 Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Republic&d=v8ZsZ200Z275XW6W200WY274XW6W200WY313XW6W200WY314XW6W200W&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= Edit: I could see this being really good against squads that move before them - it's easier to set up bullseyes and arc-dodge, and Saesee's ability works best with later activation. Does anyone with more jedi experience think it would still work against higher initiative? In theory it should be possible to make it hard to avoid bullseyes when you have four of them, but I haven't flown enough of these to tell.
  11. Ryad and Vessery got -2 cost, all the others -1. So most Juke Defenders are costing more (the Juke Onyx was 81).
  12. I just noticed that with the price drops on CLT and most jedi you'll be able to field any 4 named jedi (as long as none of those names is Anakin) all with CLT. That's a lot of bullseye arcs and a lot of Force charges on the table. By my count you could have all four of the i4s with CLT for 182 points allowing significant other upgrades (you could take R2s on Mace, Lumi and Saesee). If I had enough jedi fighters I'd give it a try.
  13. I hadn't thought of that - that is a nice perk. PS is starting to look like a steal for 3 points.
  14. Passive sensors activates "when you engage", not at the start of the engagement phase. That's potentially better in the rare case of an enemy moving before you engage (like Turr Phennir) but it also means that the calculate option for defence isn't available before your own attack.
  15. The HWK is an interesting call though. Palob + Moldy might like angled deflectors. He can already enter battle with a focus stack (plus any tokens he steals) and has two arcs to proc his ability with the title, so he has the action free to reinforce, and he really wants some protection against damage spikes because everyone hates Palob. Even there though, losing his one shield hurts. Crit vulnerability could be a real weakness because reinforce always lets one damage through and crits are cancelled last.
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